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  1. If you could pick your villager, who would it be?

    Bix hands down, he just... does everything.
  2. Rite of Death

    it cant even be used on freedom can it? EDIT: Libila is now available as a deity on Freedom servers. The following Libila spells have been disabled on PvE Freedom servers: Corrupt (previously Fungus) Zombie Infestation Land of the Dead Rite of Death 
  3. Rite of Death

    Actually Rite of death is strong, you can have priest alts back at your deed casting it during combat (if you have made lib influence where the battle is that is). This spell was used very effectivly on Epic to make a big push once, we got ALL enemies into hurting status which allowed us to get a fair amount of kills.
  4. they are supposed to reset every "scenario", if it didnt that is a bug. god damnit gary, you where a second before me.
  5. The State of Raiding

    "Lemme just plant 30+ deeds on a pvp server that you cant remove so there is no pvp anymore" is what i heard there.
  6. The State of Raiding

    Fair? you talking about fairness? ok, then lets talk fairness commie. if group A is 500x better than group B, then ofc they should win in every possible way... right? or should group B be buffed up to group A's standard by giving them free everything? if so, why does group A even pay for this game as their work is for nothing? Edit: The point that changed all of raiding (except when the defending side is incompetent) is when they removed the ability to remove part of the longhouses (also the point when EMR couldnt remove any more deeds, so yes, EMR had it ezmode when they removed Sparta)
  7. Rite Spell Improvements

    Yea, i think its just the difference in how good they are, the vyn one is too good compared to the other ones, i dont know about nerfing the vyn one but more so to bring the others up to vyns standard in other ways. (Rite of death excluded, but its a pvp spell that has to be timed with a great attack on enemies at the same time as its casted, we did this once on epic and it was a great sight) I am not sure how to bring the others up to Vyns rite. Perhaps make them give 50% more of the stats they give? (as it is now they give what .1 or 0.01?, so make the non vyn/rite of death ones give 0.15 or 0.015(whichever it is)) Or the Fo one doubles all Farm/forestry yields for all followers for a set amount of time (say an hour) with a max cap on it so you dont get like 40 from a single field. Mag one give better quality ores? Edit: i think the timers are fine if the other spells are brought up abit, make them a thing for the community to come and accomplish something together.
  8. The State of Raiding

    you didnt repair a wall from 47 damage to 0 damage in 1 repair, i cant do that with a 100ql brick on a 100 masonry toon, you knew full well what you where doing.
  9. PVP meditation balance

    Remove Sotg, lower damage output overall by a little to compensate (for pvp), then all of a sudden all paths are viable. (PoL for that extra healing, PoK for that stat gain (doesnt really do anything in pvp right there and then, but preparing is also a part of pvp), Power for that extra stam, hate for that spell immunity and damage bonus (lol))
  10. Hauling an altar

    the issue was that you could make whichever altar you had the dominant influence anywhere you wanted, this is a problem on both pve and pvp. On pve some people wants certain faith in a region/place and tries hard to keep it that way. On pvp you could get the faith of your choosing in a place and have a bonus to your spell casting.
  11. Valrei International. 040

    its faster up to a certain point, then it slows down, due to difficulty, with the proposed change so its more like WU this will ofc change. as it is now, getting to 70 is faster overall on epic, to 90 almost the same, after 90, ill rather do that on freedom than on epic since its so much faster.
  12. Valrei International. 040

    Remove the Epic portals from Epic starter deeds, closest an Epic portal can be made is 250 tiles from said starter deed perhaps? This way they need to make sure they have a way out before ###### around atleast.
  13. Valrei International. 040

    Well, we will just copy over some Crusader accounts and i think we will be set.