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  1. im not too sure about this, it will make leveling fight skill a tad to easy.
  2. also remember to add the skill gain nerf to all other skills if more than 2 people has touched an item being used.
  3. they should just ban all group activities tbh, i mean, making a road becomes much easier with multiple accounts so remove that.
  4. they are going to have fun soon.
  5. i was wondering what was going on.
  6. to be honest, i was at first using it as an excuse to grind more, but when i actually was over at the freedom side, i talked with people more than i grinded, like james said earlier in the thread, i think this is actually healthy for creating more connections between players, and might make me actually set up proper on the PvE server aswell.
  7. its not so much the spells, but the damage reductions that come with them, 10% overall physical damage reduction is quite alot, then add in 10% of each damage type and it stacks quite high.
  8. Perhaps do like they do on EVE online, everything is open to attack at all times, but when they "reinforce" a structure, it cant be attacked for X amount of time, perhaps we can use something of the same here? like it gets raided, drained (then after 2-3 hours you cant attack any buildings/terraform as enemy for X amount of time, so people have time to rebuild?
  9. i would love an indication to show how many people are in range/counting towards sermon when you start it, but other than that, its good.
  10. Bix hands down, he just... does everything.
  11. Rite of Death

    it cant even be used on freedom can it? EDIT: Libila is now available as a deity on Freedom servers. The following Libila spells have been disabled on PvE Freedom servers: Corrupt (previously Fungus) Zombie Infestation Land of the Dead Rite of Death 
  12. Rite of Death

    Actually Rite of death is strong, you can have priest alts back at your deed casting it during combat (if you have made lib influence where the battle is that is). This spell was used very effectivly on Epic to make a big push once, we got ALL enemies into hurting status which allowed us to get a fair amount of kills.
  13. they are supposed to reset every "scenario", if it didnt that is a bug. god damnit gary, you where a second before me.