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  1. ''Stay cool-headed in all kinds of situations! This is a very rare and interesting version of the item.'' ''You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'aged h.ll'.'' This is a rare version of this year's new Christmas mob drop. Starting Bid : 1s Min increase: 50c No Buyout No Private Bids Snipe Protection: 30 minutes
  2. It was lovely meeting you yesterday Ayuna, Ill be sure to get one setup at Journeys End soon
  3. One of my favourite aspects of wurm, is its building mechanic. I absolutely love putting together new building designs on deed planner and then building them into the game, and there truly is a lot you can do with the different parts we have available. However, one area I find sorely lacking is roof types/design. There is very little you can do to change the look of a roof, and often I find myself having to drastically change a plan ive made so the roof doesn't look goofy! Im rubbish with adding images to forum posts, so ill let you guys do a quick search, but I think adding new roofing types like Lean-to, Saltbox, Pitched, Gambrel, Clerestory designs would be awesome! As well as this, being able to add the option of havings Dormers attached to certain roof types would also be fantastic! I understand that there are much more important things that need to be implemented into the game and right now there is little importance put on new artwork etc. but im just putting my 2 cents in about what I think would be great to add in the future!
  4. Both High and Low QL. Happy to buy handfuls of gems or bulk gems! Please send me a PM here or ingame!
  5. I was wondering how chopped vegetables stack up against other means of acquiring faith on my priests. As well as this, what skills are used besides farming that affects the outcome of the chopped veggie QL. At the moment, im using cloth squares, but will be wanting to supply other priests types shortly and was thinking veggies may be the way to go?
  6. My condolences to you Kraegar and to Charles' Family. Rest in Peace.
  7. Is it possible to get any effect from dying seryll armour now? Ive seen images of the old model where the tree crest was golden, but now it is just red. None of my dyes seem to change the armour at all!
  8. Thanks for the great ideas everyone!
  9. I like both of your ideas. I know she has a rare forge already, but not sure what kind of rare smithing tools she alreadyuses at the moment! Though I'm sure its unlikely she is carrying around a full rare toolset! Might have to take a leap of faith on the tool to choose! I also like the old unique ideas, especially now that the stuff can be placed on surfaces like forges to decorate! I might have a look at the different things available to purchase on the unique front too....
  10. Good Evening Everyone :), I have a neighbour that lives very close to me who has been such a huge help to me over the last couple of years since I've moved in, named Sageruby. Later this week she is due to finally reach lv 90 WS which is an insane achievement to me! I wanted to gift her something special as a congratulations but ive been absolutely stumped on what would be a fitting gift. Do any of you lovely folks have any nice ideas on what I could get her?
  11. can close

    Congratz! What about Knight Errant?