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  1. Hey, does anyone know whether or not hedges are despawned buy a rift or is it just trees?
  2. Mead

    Ahh thankyou! I must now obtain that recipe!
  3. Mead

    Its getting close to Christmas and there is only one thing I would like to get his year. Craft-able MEAD! We can already ferment wine, we already have honey - so where is the mead at :D.
  4. Thanks for bringing that thread up Belacane but already spoke to the owner - only taking euros not silver. Thanks again though!
  5. I'm looking at buying a Drake Hide set with a budget of 50s. PM me on the forums or in-game if you have any for sale!
  6. Today, I lost an old friend who has been with me through most of my characters life in Wurm. Its not much, but here is a small memorial for a horse who gave me so much and took so little in return. Rest in peace, Swiftgage.
  7. +1 This would be awesome! Another useful item that could further the usefulness of leatherworking
  8. Now, I don't know much about fancy priest stuff but I don't think the overhaul has to be so complicated. As a new player, the main issue I see is the unbalanced spell lists that make some gods almost obsolete. Why don't we just split the gods into groups or 'Pantheons'? Many faiths in history have worshiped a whole array of gods all at once such as in greek and norse mythology. We could have a light and dark side (Or something similar). Each group could have their own set of shared spells (Which can be linked with other priest in the same god group) and each individual god have either a unique spell or a special trait for their priests.
  9. Thank-you for the replies. I think i will focus on getting my farming skill up for now in that case, and i will make an alt to become my priest. I suppose i can decide between veggies and cloth later down the road, when my farming is higher :).
  10. Hey guys, Im very interested in creating a Fo priest. I understand that this takes a lot of time and dedication to get anything back from priests, but id like to think im here for the long haul :). One of my concerns is favour restoration. I understand that you can sacrifice certain items at an altar to restore favour, but what is best and what kind of skill levels will i need to get decent items to sacrifice? I here that making cordage rope is good, but you need some ridiculous level in rope-making for it to be good enough. I hear that you can make toys or something similair, but not sure what these are to be honest. I also here that you can chop vegetables and sacrifice them, but im not 100% sure of that. If that is the case, what skill would i need to raise to quality of vegetables chopped? Thanks, Journey
  11. Just a simple suggestion to adding new roofing choices that allow us to place roofing that slants in one or two directions, rather than 4. This would give players a lot more design choices.
  12. ...