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  1. Beautiful, huge village with mega friendly villagers. I love it!!
  2. looking for village

    Really nice "little" village, easy to find lots of space and friendly people. I love it.
  3. looking for village

    Hi, I'm an italian Player looking for a new little village. I'm not a very active player (I could even disappear for a few days) and I have no fixed schedule to connect. I'm looking for a place to build a small house (if possible) and contribute to the village's growth by collecting and working. If anyone is interested contact me in game. Skua on Celebrity
  4. Italian wurm community

    me. CUCCIOLO on Celebration
  5. Hi guys, I just visited your village and it looked great (except for all the trolls who wander around). I am Italian, so we'll probably have different playing time. but I hope to find you online and been able to help. see you online. ps my name in game is Cucciolo.