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  1. I'm sorry to hear that... I hope you recover soon. see you online!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm still alive and my village is growing. I was wondering if you would agree to post the location of your village, so we can add them on the online map and get an idea of the position of all (or almost) the players. I start : Player: Acchiappacoda, Village: Radek Location: E14
  3. Small update, after another hour of play (more or less) I found enough material to build, following Vedurin's survival tips, my first tools and the deed stacke. It was so exciting to look for material and try to create tools a few meters from animals ready to kill you in horrible ways, hidden in the trees (not that it made any difference, but it created more the feeling of really being there), move a few steps, constantly check around you, always ready to run away at the first sign of danger. Small steps, do not take too many risks, slowly, quietly, calmly. Knowing that if I died I would lose everything and have to start over ... ...but I did it. Now I have my own little village and my faithful bodyguard called "KillThatDamnAnimal" ( well, that's how I call him) I had to create my village of 5x5 and then enlarge it a bit due to the monsters nearby. For now I'm going very slowly and can't wait to get back online again ... see you. ps.: thanks to the very friendly and helpfull comunity
  4. Hi! I played only few hours but I have already been squashed by a troll, eaten by a crocodile, poisoned by a spider, mauled by a bear, bitten by a beetle, chased by a wolf, drowned and turned into an omelette by falling off a cliff ... ... and this not just once... ...and not one thing at a time .... ... exciting !!! Having said that I must admit that perhaps there are a little too many "adversaries" around and a little too few rocks and woods to collect (in almost two hours I found two rocks and no branches). But it's still only two hours and I haven't had so much fun playing Wurm in a long time. Thank you Vedurin, I love this server!!! See you later on line !!
  5. Beautiful, huge village with mega friendly villagers. I love it!!
  6. Really nice "little" village, easy to find lots of space and friendly people. I love it. ?
  7. Hi, I'm an italian Player looking for a new little village. I'm not a very active player (I could even disappear for a few days) and I have no fixed schedule to connect. I'm looking for a place to build a small house (if possible) and contribute to the village's growth by collecting and working. If anyone is interested contact me in game. Skua on Celebrity
  8. Hi guys, I just visited your village and it looked great (except for all the trolls who wander around). I am Italian, so we'll probably have different playing time. but I hope to find you online and been able to help. see you online. ps my name in game is Cucciolo.