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  1. Game won't load up

    And another evening of staring at water.... Anyone looking into this? Are we supposed to just hope this goes away?
  2. Game won't load up

    @Keenan reboot the login server. Hamster is dying...
  3. Game won't load up

    Experiencing the same thing... The forums are really laggy too.
  4. Sermons at Xanadu

    [22:10:43] Levin [22:10:25] Faith increased by 0.0385 to 100.0000 Add another to your list. Thanks for the meals, hospitality and listening to all my preaching! xD \o
  5. restarts?

    It's back up, get in here Q army!
  6. SOLD highend Vyn Priest

    Edz, Where are you and Dano heading to next? Nice priest bump.
  7. Remove meditation path-up cooldown on epic

    +1 And if not, at least reduce the number you multiply the level by from 15 to 7 to get the timers cut in half. This would allow someone with 91+ meditating to get to level 13 in 1/2 the time.