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  1. Coming Soon: The Fox and Hellhound Inn & Tavern!

    Yes in fact there was, thank you Thorin for your assistance!
  2. Coming soon to the Isle of Wonders on Xanadu (G18), the Fox and Hellhound Inn & Tavern! Featuring: 24 Rooms - 4 sq. tiles each, single and double beds! Outdoor Biergarten Shore & Highway Access Fresh Fish Daily, Affinity Foods, Beverages, & More! Thanks to a brand-new partnership with the genius behind Weird Wonders, The Fox and Hellhound will soon be a reality! We hope that travellers from all over Xanadu will come to our Grand Opening, currently slated for late November. Each of our 4 sq. tile rooms will be furnished with single or double canopy beds, a large chest, wardrobe, alchemist's cupboard, as well as miscellaneous furniture, decorations, etc. We will be updating this post from time to time with photos, news, and anything else that might be of interest to the community. We welcome any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or other comments, so please don't hold back! Current Status The site has been cleared. Initial design plans for the site have been completed and approved, and we are preparing the materials and resources that will be needed for a project of this size. We expect to have the first floor Planned soon. There is ample parking space available as well as space for mooring ships & boats. Below are some teaser pictures of the design. Please note that plans may change along the way, this is still early stage development. View from the highway running through the Isle of Wonders View of the front entrance, from the road branching off of the main highway. The Biergarten and side of the main building. Taken from the perspective of the driveway/parking lot and right next to the southern shore of the island. This is the current (basic) plan for each of the 3 floors with rooms. Green walls are doors. The smaller 1x3 room at the bottom of the image is currently planned for staff use, leaving 8 rooms per floor that will be available to rent, 4 singles and 4 doubles. Interior design pictures coming soon. We are very much looking forward to serving the fine Wurmians of Xanadu and beyond!
  3. Xanadu Community Map

    Exodus Prime : [4657, -2731]
  4. Looking for a location to build an Inn

    That is very near one of the areas we are currently scouting, actually. The next time we head out that way I'll try to drop by your deed and take a look around the area. I'm pretty set on being in a fairly open area and directly next to a shore. Thanks for the offer, and perhaps we'll do some business in the future! - Perihelion
  5. Aroma''s little shop Wts

    Best. Pizza. Ever. They arrived hot and ready just minutes after ordering, and my 10kg Affinity pizzas easily weighed in at nearly 11kg each. A few bites and I had 11 HOURS. They arrived wrapped, so I keep them in my larder and they might well last me several seasons. A++++, definitely recommend!
  6. Looking for a location to build an Inn

    Quick Update: After being contacted by a potential supplier, I have begun making contacts wherever I can, which is helping with this preliminary planning stage immensely. With a response this rapid, I feel much more confident that my brother and I can make this dream a reality, as well as offering all of you a comfortable place to eat, drink, and be merry By Nahjo's grace, - Perihelion
  7. Looking for a location to build an Inn

    Wow folks, all righty then! My first instinct, and due to a suggestion from another Wurmian, is to be easily accessible to Summerholt/NEXA, a highway, and the coast. If there are any active breweries/wineries in the area, as well as farms, please give me a buzz! We will certainly be wanting to develop relationships with suppliers, so I'm happy to get that process started now. One thing that I want to note is that I am an extremely active player and I would very likely be tending bar or cooking for a large portion of each and every day. I want to talk to people, get to know the Wurmians who travel these amazingly beautiful lands such as Kadmint. That is ultimately my dream here in Wurm Thanks again for everyone's input, and please feel free to keep it coming! We are still a ways from completing the Corbita, so we're probably looking at a few weeks before we set off for whatever location we wind up choosing, but we're making great progress! By Nahjo's grace, - Perihelion
  8. Looking for a location to build an Inn

    Greetings Xanaduians! My brother AJWhitewolf and I are currently working towards opening an Inn of our own, and we are looking for the right location. We are still very new, we have been around for just a few months. In that time, we established a campsite (Peri's Camping) just east of Greymead which, when we moved on, we opened up to the public and which is now home to other new Wurmians working their way through their first steps. We then moved into the mountains to the north of Greymead, near to the shore, and we have established our first actual Settlement, Exodus Prime, which is so named because we consider it our staging area for a long, and permanent, exit from the Greymead area. We have thoroughly enjoyed the relative peace and quiet of the Wilderness, but we're just about ready to embark on our quest to make our mark on the land of Xanadu. Our Corbita is nearly finished, our skills are generally high enough that we can live just about anywhere, and we feel that we have enough know-how to at least be able to get started. What we don't have, unfortunately, is very much area knowledge beyond those surrounding Greymead, and we don't know very much about where the most active settlements are, where the most road traffic happens, that sort of thing, so I just figured, why not ask? We imagine that our ideal location would be somewhere in between two or more very active areas, right off of the highway, where travellers can rest, buy a drink and a plate of chips, and relax for a little while. We also would prefer to have easy access to one or more breweries so that we can open up some business relationships and be able to offer a variety of options to our patrons. Alternatively, if there are any settlements which need an Inn and have the patronage to support one, we're open to that as well. If anyone has any information which can help us find our perfect spot, please don't hesitate to let me know! You can reply here or PM me in-game, I'm on almost every day.