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  1. I'm putting this on my calendar right now! I can do some Carp/Fine Carp, but will also gladly stream anything that I can, especially on the weekends. Will probably bring my priest as well, may or may not be able to sermon but will want to be a listener at least. Looking forward to it! -= Perihelion
  2. I'll be streaming the progress that I've made on the campground tonight, starting in just under an hour. I hope you will join me or catch the VOD! I'll try to get some pictures as well to do a more official update. I'm making a lot of progress! - Perihelion
  3. Be sure to catch tonight's super special stream! I'll be braving the Puzzle King's Labyrinth to bring home my very own Puzzle King's Crystal Ball! Also, as this is my last scheduled stream before Christmas, I'm doing my first ever livestream giveaways to give some much-deserved love to my viewers! I hope you'll drop by and say hello - Perihelion, Peri's Haven, Xanadu
  4. My streaming schedule is currently 3 nights a week, with open weekends - Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 9:00pm Central and ending whenever I make myself go to bed I work on current projects, visit friends and alliance mates, and frequently voice chat with fellow streamers and players. Be sure to follow if you want notifications when I go live! You can also see archived videos of my streams at Drop by! - Perihelion Peri's Haven, Xanadu
  5. You are all cordially invited! Please join me on Sunday starting at 4:00pm CST as I livestream the final hours of the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018! We have had a spectacular week, so let's close out the event with a huge party! We'll polish off the last of the delicious beverages, chat about the amazing moments we've all experienced this year, and give Shrimpiie and his staff some well-deserved applause and appreciation! Any other streamers who wish to join us on Discord while livestreaming are more than welcome! Even if you've already left Blackmoor, come and give us your favorite memories from this, or any of Shrimpiie's Christmas Impalongs!
  6. Perihelion Lightweight Will Die Quickly lol
  7. Congrats to all the Scavenger Hunt winners from last night! A special congrats to Madnath for winning the exact wrong wagon lol
  8. Thanks so much for the great feedback! I hadn't thought about the paving issue, that's a great point and I'll be sure to get rid of the gravel and get some grass planted. As for the gates and locks, yeah it's all off-deed so it sounds like that should be okay. After making my post(s) yesterday, I went back and re-read through all of your previous comments, and I agree Ayes, I will be setting the beds to free, not Rentable. I want to encourage people to come and stay, especially new players. Thanks so much for the encouragement! - Perihelion
  9. Campsites 1 and 2, my test builds and rough template for the campsites. Each is 3x3 tiles with access to a single 1x1 building (outside of the 3x3) each, which will each contain a rentable bed. A 1x3 strip is paved with gravel, starting at the fence gate. I figure campers can attach gate locks if they wish to secure their site. And the view from the road, before adding the rest of the outer walls: And this is the rest of the large open area I have already cleared:
  10. So, a quick update on my progress here... I have found a location in H24 which, if not ideal, has turned out to be a terrific location for me. I am currently working to connect to the Highway system, as well as developing the actual campground itself. The Campground is located just west of my deed, on top of a mountain (more or less), on a peninsula near Summerholt and the NEXA Marketplace and Sanctuary. I will have easy access for boats as well as Highway access. Pics coming soon, waiting for daytime on Xanadu
  11. Hey all, I read in the release notes that statue fragments would no longer be classified as "container" fragments, but I started and completed 2 reports last night, and sifting through the cache fragments that I recovered, I had 2 statue fragments identify from "unidentified container fragments". Just thought you should know. [15:10:24] You carefully start brushing away bits of dirt and rock from the unidentified container fragment. [15:10:31] You successfully identify the fragment as a statue of hell horse fragment [1/93]. [15:10:35] You carefully start brushing away bits of dirt and rock from the unidentified container fragment. [15:10:42] You successfully identify the fragment as a statue of unicorn fragment [1/80]. Let me know if there is anything that I can provide to help! - Perihelion, Xanadu
  12. Some great stuff guys! I will be doing some exploration and mapping in my immediate surroundings, think I have a good area between my deed and my neighbor's that will work well for this. I'll have to do some testing in DeedPlanner with the 1x1 structure idea, I might be able to integrate rent-able beds into the actual campground area if I did it that way rather than having to build a Motel-style building (super cheap probably, maybe a copper or something). I'll try to get some planning pictures up here soon and see what you guys think! - Peri
  13. +1, and I'd be good with either option, they both have their merits.
  14. And the winner is Niki! Please PM me your character name and I will COD the item to you as soon as possible. Thanks!