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  1. Thank you It allows me to share not-most popular opinions without losing friends over it and potentially treated like I'm "literally Hitler". Even the harmless opinion in this thread could've cost me 2-3 "friends", believe it or not
  2. Big +1 If any change are to be made, this is the best suggestion in this thread. It avoids the scenario where the people actively (ab)using the alt farming advantage would have an edge over people who never went for this alt farming method so they could grind faster on Freedom, while still allowing those who did to make use of their dozens of affinities by grinding on Chaos/Epic instead. In addition, it would allow new people to get more affinities and have a chance to minmax just as much as those before them, and play on Chaos/Epic to make full use of it. Right now a fair amount of resistance to the original idea is from people who would be on the losing end of potential minmax opportunities. Iberis' suggestion here would avoid that altogether. It'll likely get a lot of backlash from some who farmed their affinities and feel like they wasted their money on them (including those who'd be fine with OP's change now that they have obtained enough affinities to have their big advantage anyway), but much like the old source crystal exploit for channeling (which didn't get fixed for way too long) causing the prices to be in the several silver range, it's clear that alt farming is an abuse and not to be expected to stay like it is indefinitely.
  3. Valrei International. 041

    As a fellow Freedom player with more than 1 skill at 100 (and several 99+ skills), I understand your concern of your skills losing perceived value when comparable skills that were easier obtained join the Freedom cluster. To some extent. Consider the following: Account buying, exploits (source crystals for well over a year, anyone?), bug abuse, windows of opportunity and things like pan filling businesses already exist. There are people who simply buy their way to 100 hot food cooking for example, people who buy a character with 99.999+ in a skill and finish it up to 100, people who made significant (ab)use of exploits and whatnot. This all happens on Freedom often enough, and probably still will happen in the future. Rather than worrying about how for example my 100 HFC is not rare to be seen and thus of low bragging value to others, I personally think it's valuable enough as I know I gathered all the materials for it and did all the pan filling myself. If 100 people were to buy their way to 100 HFC over night, my own perceived value wouldn't change. Epic players joining the Freedom clusters are different though. Even if they had it easier to get a skill to 99 or 100 than if they were to do it on Freedom, it still took a lot of effort and I applaud them for it. Even with the increased skillgain it's a mighty impressive feat, in my opinion. They don't get the high skills just handed to them like some others in the previous thread seemed to think, the few hours needed less doesn't make it effortless. Granted I would probably be a bit annoyed if I would end up losing a "Wurm First" to an Epic player on a skill I am actively grinding to 100 because of the generous conversion, but even that would not be enough for me to be opposed to the ability for Epic players to retain their converted skills as per currently determined formula. My 99 carpentry is still impressive to me (I know it's very common on Freedom, that is why I use it as an example), I won't think less of my own achievements just because Epic players join Freedom with that same achievement. Not saying it is the case for you, but generally speaking, IF it's about bragging rights (let's face it, for some people it's just that and ego), it should be even easier to focus on the underlying effort rather than the number shown. If anything, having it done the Freedom way should add to the bragging rights.