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  1. Personally, it'd just be for private use, so it'd be easy for me to self-govern that. But, I can see how the desire to limit it's use would be useful to the larger public. One solution could be that instead of limiting what's not viable, limiting what is, ie, only metal items. But again, I say that not knowing how wurm keeps track of it's items.
  2. Mthec, would it be possible to request a trader that buys items at a certain price per ql? Same for enchants? And maybe a multiplier for material? As an example, a 60ql iron pick would be 60c. A 60 ql iron pick with 90coc would be 1.5s. A 60 ql steel pick would be 1.2s. I would think that separate enchants would have an impact, but I'm not sure if that's doable. What do you think? Is this something that the programming would support?
  3. I have an existing map, but once we've gotten into using it, we've decided we'd like a different ore percentage. Is there a way to replace this without breaking much? In the research I've done, I could replace the rock layer, but the resource layer is also needed? But it also determines things above ground? Is there a way to change the ore percentage on an existing server without breaking anything?
  4. I like these maps, but is PortSide missing veins? It doesn't look like the cave layer is anything but rocks.
  5. Ok, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't an 'in the forge' problem. Bad luck, I can handle. If I'm doing something mechanically wrong, then I'd want to fix it! Thanks all!
  6. Not sure that this is a bug, but more of a 'is this how it's supposed to work' sort of thing.I've done quite a bit of imping of tools for people (thanks everyone), and over the course of all the work, I've had maybe 5-6 different moments of inspiration on successful imps. None of these moments of inspiration have resulted in rare items. Zero. Is this a product of imping while the tools are still in the forge? Is it just an extremely rare chance of raring an item on imp even with a successful roll?
  7. That sounds like exactly what I'm doing. I get the pause in the command, but when I go back in game, nothing. Is there a way to verify using DB Browser and opening wurmplayers.db? I'll try it another time or two and see if there was anything different in what I was doing. Edit: Tried it one more time, with the only change being a: .exit at the end. That made it work. Thanks!
  8. Sorry, I'm SQL ignorant. What's the command to get the "UpdateSkills.sql" file into the "wurmplayers.db"? Could you add a quick blurb in the first post detailing how to do that? Other than that, the actual generation of the file looks great. Thanks! I've tried: .open wurmplayers.db .read UpdateSkills.sql in the sqlite3 shell, but starting up the server again and checking the skills doesn't show anything's changed. EDIT: .open wurmplayers.db .read UpdateSkills.sql .exit Seems to work just fine.
  9. I ended up rebuilding the databases as I wasn't that far along anyway. After that, I did try tagging and summoning, but found that if I got too far away (it seemed as though out of the area of influence was too far), summoning wouldn't work. I ended up flying along the ground backwards continuously right-clicking and summoning that way. It took awhile, but it was the only method that worked for me.
  10. I must be blind. I also destroyed the bone altar, thinking I'd just be able to create a new one. I keep reading that it's possible, but what do I select in the list? I even tried a regular "altar" made of bone, but it looks just like a normal wooden altar.
  11. Budda, how feasible would it be to add a "Rotate Heightmap" button? I've come across some great landmasses that work out great, but might be better situated rotated 90 degrees.
  12. Xeon, how did you get the exposed cliff sides in the WIP? Nevermind. lol
  13. Agreed. Who's going to answer my random questions now?
  14. Select "Smooth Height", the click on the first tile intersection (either the top or bottom of the line to be smoothed), then click the last tile intersection. Atleast, that's how I use it. As far as I know, it only works in lines, not areas, so if you wanted a 3 tile wide ramp, you'd have to do it 4 times. Someone correct me if I'm wrong?