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  1. Hey I talked some people into buying Wurm however it's selling for 30$ on Steam and Humble Bundle. Anyone know of a site that's selling it at a discount as I might be buying multiple accounts for people. I know i know i missed the 5$ humble bundle sale...
  2. Hello good sir!


    I'm setting up my own server, and need a map.  I've been trying to use the Wgenerator buddha came out with even had a tech help and it works up to the point I start putting in Tundra.  My ram i'm using is 6144 so more than anyone else says they are using to generate in the forum.  Is that not good enuff for an 8k map?

    Anyways I've seen a lot of you posts and you seem a bit more knowledgeable with map generators.  Is there another Wgenerator you might reccommend?

  3. [BETA] Player attributes modifications

    true however you HAVE to have flint and steel to make charcoal piles and you need charcoal to make the steel for the flint and steel... so the only way to get coal is from butchering lava creatures, or following around a venerable to butcher it's corpse Also, you have to have the flint and steel for forges and ovens too aye, so it becomes a pretty long conquest if not the hardest thing to obtain as a caveman
  4. WGenerator - Wurm Unlimited Map Generator

    Guys I got a Tech from Pingperfect to help me with this issue they put that command in from the shortcut under properties in the target field. So take that jar file put in on your desktop then right click it properties and put that command in the target field. "R:\wurm Map Generator\WGenerator.jar" -xmx4096m This is how they wrote it in hope this helps! worked like a charm for me!
  5. [BETA] Player attributes modifications

    oh well if you move all the characteristics to 1.0 and take away all the starter gear except the steel and flint.. lol it's very useful XD
  6. lifesaver save me!!


    trying to get a server to run in the internet tab of the wurm launcher and have lots of people play publicly.  I opened ports on my modem router and my personal router.  I put in the actions on my personal firewall... however i probably did it wrong... but it's greenlit for wurm, wurm server, and wurm launcher... i've triple checked ports...


    If i go to an ip checker it gives me a completely different IP than what I find when i type cmd ipconfig under the ipv4...
    i got about 12 people that wants to join my server.  I will frikkin pay you to help me set this up lol I'm not even kidding
  7. Italian wurm community

    le donne italiane sono come l'odore fresco del mattino di un giglio che osserva le stelle
  8. I mean i guess it could be a benefit if you know like you aren't gonna be on the next day and you can sit and let it burn (inside a cave) thanks to jakerivers for that tip, then your coal ash and tar won't take damage aye?
  9. Guys the reason is bcz not all woods are alike and it's a different variety of wood that isn't a benefit and by not using it, it becomes a benefit. The reward of having it in the game is discovering that you shouldn't use it. Why should all woods have a benefit maybe some are bad for certain activity eh, ever think of that XD.
  10. no i think i have to set in the ports manually right like add an action? There looks like there's a couple ways to do it, i've tried but it seems like when you put in an action to add a port it almost overrides the previous action to add a port. In one action you can add several ports however it does not have an option to add a tcp and a udp type port in the same action....
  11. so if i click into windows firewall and advance security on local computer i can click Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules, Wurm and the dedicated wurm server show up on the list and everything is green lighted for private and public at this point i can "add a new rule" and add the ports the one port in particular the 8766 that requires udp and tcp there is not a both option in the firewall so i'm assuming i need to make a new rule for both udp and tcp for that port? Now so that's just the inbound, the outbound on the firewall there are no games whatsoever on that list. So I'm assuming the outbound is something i don't need?
  12. so when i go to my computer firewall there are 2 options for "setting up a new rule" inbound and outbound is it just the inbound and then i set up new rule for everything wurm for the new ports?
  13. Those ports are all filtered indicative of my firewall blocking, as you probably know, however does this mean I need to tell my firewall on my computer not the router or rather in addition to my router to allow these ports? Some posts on steam say it's just the router... Thanks for responding!
  14. hey Mr. Steve you on?  Those ports are all filtered indicative of my firewall blocking, as you probably know, however does this mean I need to tell my firewall on my computer not the router or rather in addition to my router to allow these ports?  Some posts on steam say it's just the router...  Thanks for responding!

  15. thanks bigsteve! Raynstorm says hi! XD