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  1. Hey! Couly you cod Crantor the QL 70 BOTD 68 - 88c (iron) trowel, please? Thank you!
  2. Could you cod Crantor a c70 trowel, please? Thank you!
  3. Hey! Could you add the following to my order (the dredge 2 posts above) please and cod all to Crantor? Hammer QL 70 BOTD 55 - 45c (iron) Hatchet QL 3 BOTD 59 - 49c (iron) Pickaxe QL 3 BOTD 54 - 44c (iron) Shovel QL 70 BOTD 57 - 46c (iron) Stone Chisel QL 70 BOTD 59 - 49c (iron) Thank you!
  4. Could you cod QL 70 BOTD 55 Dredge - 50c to Crantor please? Thank you!
  5. Heya, i rejoined after a long break and started from scratch so I'd like to order a whole bunch of starter tools Would be great if you could provide me with following tools (and cod them to Crantor) : Pickaxe 70's CoC Hatchet 70's CoC Shovel 70's CoC Carving Knife 70's CoC Hammer 70's CoC Butcher Knife 70's CoC File 70's CoC Saw 70's CoC Stone Chisel 70's CoC Sickle 70's CoC Thank you very much!
  6. Hey! Could you please send a random "Small CCFP single" to Crantor, please? Thank you!
  7. could you cod exquisite meditation rug, cotton 12ql COC83 to Thompson, please? Thank you!
  8. Hey, happy new year! Could you cod me please the following (to Thompson) carving knife 88 botd trowel, 97 botd hatchet 91 botd pickaxe 90 botd stone chisel 87 botd sickle 94 botd hammer, 86 botd rope tool 100 botd and the small anvil? Thank you! Thompson
  9. Please cod a 94 hatchet, a 94 pickaxe and a 93 rake to Thompson. Thank you!
  10. Hi Kurson, i would like to have - 2 Pizzas random - 1 Pizza blacksmithing (extended) - 1 Pizza Farming (extended) Thank you! Thompson
  11. Hey Asheram, could you cod me the clay, BOTD79 for 28c please? Thank you, Thompson
  12. Hey, could you Cod the following please to Thompson? large anvil, BOTD79: 28c, if possible imped to QL 70? pelt, QL100 BOTD80: 30c small anvil, BOTD78: 27c, if possible imped to ql 70, too whetstone, QL100 BOTD70: 15c iron lump, BOTD80: 30c Thank you! Thompson