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  1. WTS Eyerobot

    This account was banned some time ago. Toxic player syndrome case. How you got it out?
  2. Really loved to be a part of this. And i personally saw how he managed everything well very. Really a good guy and brought an awesome PVP concept. This is what really Wurm PVP needs. Thanks a lot mate.
  3. Epic was dead, is dead and will always remain dead. The real pvp server of this game is Chaos and no one can change it. Also freedom and chaos connection is the thing keeping this game alive. As people can enjoy both pvp and pve aspect of game this way easily.
  4. Lets start with 40-70 Silver. You guys can narrow down from here.
  5. Another year has passed away. Lets hope we get awesome WU mods in 2k18 Merry christmas to all.
  6. Awesome idea. Always wanted such a server where we can practice our pvp skills.
  7. Hey guys looking to buy a good PVP account. Account must have. 50+ Body SOTG 70 archery 80+ Weapon and shield skill. If u have any good toon around that mark, lemme know. Also please mention what you are loooking to get out of it. Will be selecting the best offer. Thanks
  8. +1 Like common man. All banks offer this service.
  9. +1 This new armour has destroyed CAS and PAS. At 100ql Steel Plate gives 75% DR at 100ql Iron plate gives 72% DR. So basically all PAS are destroyed by game. Also who will wear chainset if people can just easy grind PAS instead and have better armour. Wurm is cheating with old players as the years spend on grinding skills can now be achieved faster.
  10. If it changes now then people who have already abused the issue have a booost over people who will start this type of things. Like we no longer get better shield skill gains from afk training after changes. So basically people who grinded that skill before some time have edge over new players. Not saying its good thing to kill alt but sometimes making changes harms the new guy like me.
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