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  1. Please add Friends with Benefits 27x 7y, southern half of map square. Guard tower south eastern corner of the square. Have mailbox.
  2. If you know your approximate coords on ingame map, i'd be glad to take my priest there to help. Pm me ingame at Blusteel
  3. After reading, and re-reading OP a few times, I find it difficult not to reply without sarcasm. I also read your first post. Miraculously, I can have my priest pray 3 times while I imp/build/mine/travel. If I could queue 10 actions, i'd run out of stamina on most after 4 with skiller tools. With speed tools my skill gain would equal maybe 1-2 actions anyway. If we remove stamina to make your idea work, we break all parts of the game from swimming to climbing(those massive dirt walls around deeds on epic come to mind). Maybe mouse batteries are costly so you don't want to click. I have a logitech that only needs a single AA battery every 3-6 months, was extremely cheap too. Or perhaps you want to do other things while "playing"(Google Idle games or 4x games)
  4. -1 at new island. I sailed to freedom market on indy from northern exo just last night, wandered around for 5 hours and never saw another person. My last trip on Xan I only came across 3 people. Sometimes I wonder if I logged onto an unlimited server by accident. +1 on period correct designs from other cultures.
  5. WTB 80+ quality willow long bow with 80+ coc(or botd), and Bloodthirst. Open to rares as well with above enchants. If you can't make the bow, I can provide a bow to enchant. Reply here or pm me ingame @ Blusteel or Ogden
  6. I was unloading some logs and noticed i had 6 with 0.20 quality in a crate. I picked them up and can't bsb or crate them, getting this: [04:08:46] No item found with id 3420650098132738. I can drop them on ground, pick them back up, relog, doesn't change their values. Screenshot below.
  7. Great seller, fast and friendly service. Highly recommended!!!
  8. I'm interested, but not sure how character transfers work, how do we do the sale? I can be reached here or as Blusteel in game
  9. Yes. Send it to Blusteel, please and thank you.
  10. [01:22:20] You have no mail. Blusteel [01:22:28] You have no mail. FoBlu So who did you send it to?
  11. I would like: 91QL green grapes -- 100 91QL maple sap -- 3 barrels Please send COD to Blusteel
  12. spear, steel 70ql NIMB88 LT75 COC76 - 2s75c (+any demise for free) SH demise Not sure if this can be mailed, if so cod to Blusteel. If not let me know what time to be at market for pickup.