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  1. As title. Get in touch via pm.
  2. Still available? If so pm me please.
  3. As title really. (No cap needed) Please pm me options. Thanks. Sorion.
  4. Hello. Looking to purchase some iron lump. 2k or so at 80 plus quality. What have you got? Let's talk ? I am based close to summerholt on xanadu, delivered preferred but can be discussed. I do have a for sale thread up with many items on it.. so if a trade is more your thing. Sorion.
  5. Sooooooooo. .. Did the guy get his many corpses back? Was it ever actually clarified where up north he was or was heading to? Even a grid reference? up north can be fun to a hungry axe
  6. Looking to sell on this fine wurmian chariot! Roll in style with a fairly uncommonly seen wagon on the freedom isles. Strike fear into passers-by with the Black and purple monster grabbing hand designs proudly dis played Again, no idea on value of this wagon. Simply of no use to me as more happy on foot offers? Collection preferred from q25 xanadu but for right price I could possibly deliver as it all fit in the knarr if all the animals are kicked out lol. Sorion.
  7. Up for grabs the ultimate wurm deed garden decoration a few too many beers and your fellow wurmians make at a glance think it's real Open to offers as I am completely unsure of the current value of these. Collection (q25 xanadu) preferred. But for the right price deliver is potentially possible. Sorion.
  8. Long sword. Lt73.. would you take 1s?if so please cod to sorionfox.
  9. As title, referral up for grabs . 6s. Man of my word so first reply gets it etc. (Note cannot get logged into wurm to sort it until tomorrow gmt time, but we can work that out).