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  1. For the little bit it decays in a given month I do not think it would be worth it.
  2. Heck, I would like some way of being interacting more with significant other. Me and my wife both play. However other then a few emotes there is not much for us.
  3. Yes this could easily replace account sells. Why grind your own account and just sell it when you can grind a soul stone and sell it. What makes this game is great is that there are many ways to enjoy it. People play for different reasons. Some people hate the skill gain and just want to build play and dont want to waste time failing at low skills. If someone is willing to pay so that they can get to the point where they can enjoy the game more why not let them.
  4. This is never something I though about doing on purpose as a way to gain skill and is not something i think the average new person would do. If a new person is doing this for skill I would bet they would be watching for skill tricks.
  5. If they are not watching for the skill ticks they are not worried about the skill gain. I am still a newish person. Only been playing about 5 months. My question would be why would picking up and dropping dirt be the preferred way to gain digging. I found digging clay to be better. Then you actually have something you can make. Mortar still useable and sealable at low quality. Though I did also find mt best gain in digging when I leveled for my deed and moving around. It's not that hard to figure out.
  6. Also an event pops up when you go off deed
  7. On problem is on how you view "end game". One of the great things about worm is your ability to change the world around you. Dig out that mountain. Create that city. Create that orchard of fruit trees. Build that 16 story mansion. Create that heard of animals. There is so much to do other than creating items and skills
  8. Alot depends on how you have them set. If you have everything turned to high it looks great Occasionally I have something not rendering correctly and end up with a big triangular like object that fills my screen. When I back up or turn around it goes away but comes back when I come to the spot again. Any idea what options needs to be checked so that this never happens
  9. The way it is setup is great for people who can gather lots of bulk items and find the connections to sell them. However just making 1k of a bulk item is a bit daunting for a new player as is finding the right people to sell to. Also for the directional challenges people like myself they will not want to leave their settlement to find a Wagoner if and will not even be able to make a bsb.
  10. I never said that Wurm lacked quality. The game mechanics for creating things is great. The only lacking quality part of the game is the graphics at times but it all depends on why the person plays. Wurm is for people who what to work hard and who want to feel that they accomplish something in the end. Not many games provide that.
  11. For better or for worse Wurm is in a nitch market. It is a a game that by design takes a long time to build up your skills or to build any almost anything. By design there is so much to do its overwhelming. Unfortunately this is not what most gamers want especially the younger the person you ask. I recently came back to play this game again. Last time I could not really get into it. Was more or less playing solo and having to build up everything. This time I already found a good settlement so I do not need to gather most of the raw materials. While yes I hope to earn enough silver to subscribe how hard or easy it is to do so will not be what determines if I stay or not. There is enough stuff to do starting out that I can probably play for months without hitting the skill cap on very many skills. Overall if the game is good enough people will find a way to pay for it. Or earn it in game no matter how hard it is. If you make the game appealing enough people will put in the time no matter how messed up the economy is or is not.
  12. Hello, I played on a free account a while back and am looking to start again. Looking for someplace with activity. Am hopeing ro get my wife involved this time around .