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  1. @DarklordsIs each kingdom still going to have a king. If so can we update the challenge for the king, because atm the challenge can take up to 6 weeks since the king has 3 chances to accept it maybe even longer than 6 weeks then it could take months to get a new king. Can we get it shortened to where once challenged the king has only a 24 hour period to accept the challenge. Doing away with his 3 chances since they can drag them out.
  2. The new raid system is awesome & will be awesome for the game.. Having that small window of your choosing will be great for the game.. No more night raids while people asleep & so much damage being done during this time that it forces people out off the server and leave a bad taste for them about pvpā€¦. Also with the off night raiding a lot of people lose what they worked hard for without even having a chance to defend because they had work to go too... and this is why the game is dead today... So if u guys really want to see the game take off do not change anything on the new raid system... because if u do, U just playing into the hands of what other groups want.. And not whats best for the game..... Because since this game started people always looked to take advantage of offline raiding knowing people are asleep & that most have work when they wake up.. And tbh this is a really shitty tactic & very toxic for the game. So to the people working hand on these updates stop giving into groups & grow a set of balls & do whats right for the game & not the groups wanting whats best for there egos..
  3. I would like to see hellhorse carts get removed from ALL pvp servers.. And before ppl say there is nothing wrong with having hellhorse carts on pvp servers... There is a reason the devs removed that option from the Epic Server restart... Because they get used as a massive safety net in pvp fights... Because they take no nerf to speed even with bardings on the hellhorses.. Which makes this a must for any pvp server to keep people alive..
  4. Sad thing is its a rly nice toon.. But no1 gonna pay what u want.. Steam has killed wurm online market.. All these great toons now worth nothing
  5. Sure it company with new ideas..pretty sure they have their own staff who does the same job as retro, but does the job a lot better
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    @RolfI want an answer I have paid prem on multi accounts never mind the deeds / upkeep over them years for 10years on the pvp servers... I want to know if im wasting my time & money on pvp.. all I ever see is things to help the freedom side.. I want an answer
  7. WO Steam Discussion

    so will there be a pvp server added to steam?..or we gonna be dicked again & see no new ways of getting new blood into the pvp side? @Rolf
  8. cant even login atm.. launcher not even loading.. telling me to check net conn or download from website..did both still not working
  9. WTS Olloch

    u can't leave yet we not even started on ur MR DEED yet BTW that account not worth 300e My alt Edlardo has more stats than that does & I would be lucky to get 200e for it
  10. so why are the ppl who are in champ places getting 70 faith? if u dechamp ur faith should be 50 reason for that is u only needed 50 faith to champ up, I have never know anyone who needed to hit 70faith to champ up so u saying about ppl working the system well gianna walked out with 70 faith for taking a risk 2 or 3 weeks ago on a champ up, he should be reset to 50faith @Retrograde
  11. @Retrograde& @Darklords Seems alot of info been left out of the patch notes is there a reason for this, cause im now wondering if there is more info missing that never got posted on the elev reset, pls update us with the full list and not one with things missing ty
  12. So u telling me that gianna did not take advantage of the champ place by champing up as a bl champ 2 or 3 weeks before the reset lol @Retrograde
  13. Well not to be funny but this reset of elev map been out for weeks and if some ppl want to wait right till the reset to login then thats on them. Resetting to much will have a massive impact on pvp, even more so if u reset faith reason why is it take about 2weeks or more to even priest up then once ppl priest up they all sit on deed doing sermons, how many ppl will u see roaming, answer not alot and since the devs keep saying they want to see ppl actively roaming they would be smart not to listen to u
  14. Why are ppl pushing for a faith reset, ppl have put time and money into getting there priests rdy for new elev map and it is also to close to the restart of elev map to just add a faith reset cause it seems some ppl want it because they waited to long to make up there minds if they was going to play on new map, new map about pvp not about having to worry more about lvling priest faith / making gear / building towers and deeds, resetting to much will have an impact on pvp