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  1. so after creating a new crafter i got this https://ibb.co/tCYVX53 even if i mark those skills with the numbers it says he needs to have 1 skill selected to not sure if it broke somehow
  2. think wyvernmod had the option to combine logs and also a leaderboard (meditation there is a mod also there )
  3. Thanks for testing the project i made will restart it will some mayor changes since i got several good feedback
  4. Update : mods added Unleashed Hitchingpost Sleepintent SacrificeMod Morecraftables( no aritifacts/summer hats) AddkingdomeItems Milkreset ( 2h /milk command) Minipets ( noncombat) Change all White light spells ( no black ones) (black gain some spells like dirt,humidrizzle)
  5. Hello i am looking if there is a way to make a mob that uses the tower guards ( well you can euip the tower guards with weapons and shield in vanilla wanted the same for it) graphic and inventory that is also tamable and trainable ( increased skill gain from server settings like if you set it to 5x it has more than 5x ( maybe 3-4 times the amount) It can also die thats wanted The most reason i am looking for something like that is if your playing alone or with less people it can be trained and euiped to kinda have a buddy for fighting uniques. Also is it possible to have like more than 1 tamed creature? Would something like that be possible to make such a creature? What i would kinda love if it would even be able to just tell you to follow and defend and attack what attacks you ( a tamed humanoid npc would also be good if you could give him armour and weapons) thanks for reading this
  6. yea i like your mods , riftevent i did test some time and increase the power requirment and adjustet the mobs a bit but it works perfect =D
  7. hello guys so...i am not good with words or making a fancy tread (yes the only sentence that stayed the same as befor ) and such but after some trying and testing bringing up the server now ready to be played maybe even just to try out the idea i had about a other playstart and progression. So to explain it in a short time half of the map is made via a focus zone (2 Pve faction island+1 middle PVP zone with hota and rift altar)Flat-with a dense forest. Those Island are at high slope and are connected via bridge ( no climbing) but there is also an area with water acess for boats and fishing and also a lot of small scattert islands where there can spawn uniques (but also in the middle).When you start kinda you can choose between Mol Rehand and the Hordes of summoned then you to use a portal to get to your starter town. There are allready several NPC like Buyers/seller (which buy for example crop/meat/shaft/nails ect) for a low price but endless (higher ql pays more), i planned on adding more as it goes on (is not hard to do).Money is kinda a big deal there cause with money you can do a lot more than just spending it on sleep powder and so ( there is no normal Salesman!) only buyers... For example in starting town are 2 crafter which can improve your tools/carpentry tools up to a maximum of 40 ( they start at 20ql and can learn once they do jobs) / (player crafters can imp stuff up to 70,but they cost money also),so best is to try to lure some monsters to the guards, get some bounty ,butcher them, selling the meat, and burning the corpse for extra money, then use it well...if you like mining craft a pickaxe and let it be improved for some copper coins but there are more ways to spend money...SKILLBOOKS! ( i love this mod) so as you noticed the skillgain is 0.2 but action 8 means you can still work fast but the gain will be much much lower once you past the 40 skill from there or befor you can spend your earned currency on skillbooks which help you increase the skill fast but there not cheap and you will require more the higher you get this kinda makes an alternative to just smashing thousand of arrowheads for example because you could just make an orchand...sell the fruits buy the weaponsmithing tomes...or breed pigs....kill them (bounty is much higher on breed creatures and there is also faster breeding with a spell to reduce it) and for those who kinda love pvp but are afraid of losing there gear..well no worry if you die in pve or pvp your gear will only get a heavy amount of dmg depending on ql (30ql tools takes 35-40dmg) they will only break if you die twice or 3 times in a row without repairing, and player kills yield a great bounty.Well at the moment there is also a costom made dungeon but it requires you to gear up a bit ( there still a fancy zone with a cool pre mission quest to gain entrance to the dungeon and a mission spawn/kill quest..if you got the goodies for it ( everyone needs food). Well that would explain it in short but there is sure more stuff i let out on purpose...or because i simple forgot ( bear with me ) anyway i would be glad if i would get some replies what you think of that progression and playstart and maybe even play a bit and see for yourself (Wish i could make also those fancy advertising) server: The hota wargames (live) (beta start was 23.10 (to see how things are) pve/pvp 2 factions mol rehan/Hots 40.000 Creatures (70% aggro) Characteristics starts at 31,other skills 5,fighting 20 Skillgain 0.2 (from 0-50 skillgain is 2x-3x after 40 its scaling to 0.2) Hota Zone/Rift Altar/scatterd water island Modlist: armoury AshProduce betterdig betterfarm Bookshelfs bountymod BountyOnBurn bulkmod buyermerchant crafter cropmod DisableFogSpiders Dungeon DUSKombat eventmod FireBurnTime fishmonger fishytweaks halloween hitchlimits hitchingpost increase-merchantitems meditatemod ModifyGestationPeriod modtreefarm MoreCreaturesMod movemod nobuildlimit riftevent SimpleConcrete Spellcraft StableMaster startergear taxidermy TreasureHunting waxedFood WyvernMods Changed a lot in the configs and redited most features to fit in the plan
  8. Hello! is there atm a mod outside that can alter the maximum amount of hunger/thirst you can have and how fast it goes down? else my idea was kinda to make the value for hunger 10x and for thirst maybe 5x and the hunger rate by 5-10x kinda + every action you do costs a little hunger/thirst ( maybe depending on how heavy the action is like mining/fighting) the idea behind this would be to make food more focusing because at the moment even if you have like a high lvl cooking the only reason is to get a good amount of time for the affinity food...with that settings good food could be finally eaten up and not just thrown away or packed into a storage once you eat like 0.10 kg because your allready full then would be nice if someone could also code it (also willing to pay something)