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  1. Then try to get a map the right way (Not by spawn) It dosnt spawn any maps in any settings on all my 3 servers. Uniques with 100% chance does even not get one.
  2. Hi. Im serching for a guy (or girl) who's able to help out on a some small jobs. #1 Have tried to figure out how to get live map to work, but it seems like im to stupid for it. #2 Setup the server for traveling to another world. (that world needs livemap too) Basic thats the work i need done, so please feel free to contact me with an price if you can solve those issues.
  3. Damn. is it not somehow possible to config the mod so it gives you a chance to spawn a chest og the same tile as you stand on ?
  4. I cant figure out what im doing wrong here. i want it to drop a chest on the same spot where i am. i have disabled all reasons for creating a chest exept for hunting. i got 0 in min tiles and 5 in max but gets : [12:29:59] Treasuremap creation failed, probably couldn't find a suitable spot within 100 tries. Try again. If i make max to 25 it will drop the chest as the normal hunt mod
  5. You are simply the best.... Thanks for your great work.
  6. Yeah. i have solved that one now. It was me that have done it totally wrong and did help with a fresh mod and a remake. Then there is only 2 "issue's" left
  7. Thnxxx Governor. i have probartly looked on the wrong stablemaster mod then
  8. I thinks its an easy job for any who knows how 1 i want a mo´d like the loot table or treasure chest hunt mod. The mod shall drop a chest on the spot where u are right now. It shall only be hunting that will create a chance for spawning a chest and you should be able to config what type of animals that creates that chance. 2 this i guess leads to 2 mods. i want a stablemaster mod configged so it wil cost money to use him. again it should be able to config the cost. the tokens should be able to be traded in a personal merchant. 3 and the most stupid i need help to set up the online map have tried to figure out how but it dosnt work at all for me. Give me a price on it all if its something you can handle
  9. i have comed to a point where i must admit that my knowlegde aint big enough and therefor i search for a modder to help. If you are a modder then give me a pm and see if we can make my ideas real
  10. Yeah was thinking of that idea too (Frya's mod) but did look a litle on it and could really not find out how to code it
  11. Searching for a mod to replace the normal spawn of treasure chests. when you go for hunting on mobs and only mobs you should have a chance for "spawning" a chest on the spot where the mob is killed. I know that the Zeneath server has been running with that mod but i cant find it somewhere at all. Can any help here ? In basic, i dont want anybody to have any benefits from using the esp mod.