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  1. Buoys are important for navigation (like recognizing canal entrances). It would be nice to be able to repair and improve them like we do guard towers.
  2. I know it isn't easy for some ppl to find a priest or follower if they are on at certain times of the day. Even harder to find certain religions like Mag or Lib (Fo or Vyn is sometimes easier). Travel time is a huge barrier as both parties may have to sink 30 minutes or more in travel to meet up. If an npc is too much to ask for, how about a certification a follower or priest can mail to the prospective person to use? No travel time for either party, just a script of acceptance to mail. Plus the priest or follower can be mailed a request for the script if they aren't online at the same time as the interested party. Win-win.
  3. My mayor lost some maps he had on his toon in a satchel when he crossed from Indy to Xan, so it would be interesting to know if they are gone forever (he is assuming they are).
  4. Maybe the duck you can hear in game but never see?
  5. Yah, I understand and agree, I was just trying to think of something in the meantime. It might take awhile for anything to be resolved, if they choose to act on this. By then you'll be buried in cute tiny rift doggos.
  6. A free box near a starter town? Someone is bound to find them charming (new or otherwise), or you may have a wood type they need for their collection. Seems better than the old "Davy Jones's locker" option.
  7. People writing suggestions to this topic just made me smile. Thank you all for making my morning.
  8. You can test by trying to plant trees or bushes to make sure your above the "too wet" mark. It does limit what you can do with the land it's too low, but everything is pretty correctable in this game.
  9. Goodness, Homestead, I didn't even know you could get bookcases to stack like that, and I love the "peek a boo" T walls that let you see the cave walls. Very classy library room.
  10. Until things move from the "considering" phase. I'll go ahead and put the remaining items into the LMC.
  11. I'm putting my affinity pizzas in the LMC, this is just heartbreaking. I had saved some 99ql snowballs in a satchel in the LMC, so I did replace the worst ones. The larder is going to end up being like my alchemist cupboard, just deco at this point.
  12. What a pretty spider! It has an emerald stained glass look.