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  1. Have you tried changing the built-in audio settings in Ubuntu? Mine is currently set to "Analog Stereo Duplex" (I'm a simple man), and I know if I change my settings to one of the "Surround Sound" settings I can get similar errors.
  2. +1 for home directory. I'm on Xubuntu, and it only runs without sudo if it's run from that location (and maybe not the Downloads folder, because my install doesn't allow anything to run from that directory. Ubuntu might be the same).
  3. Doesn't seem to help. Unless I logout, and login again the memory use continues to increase. Easiest way to replicate this is to start 2-3 clients simultaneously. I've put the Task Manager on my top panel, and can watch as it slowly increased over the course of a couple hours play. Eventually the memory will be full and the swap will start to fill. Once both are full the computer freezes.
  4. How do you externally force the JVM to do garbage collection? I wasn't aware that was possible. I'd certainly try that if you let me know how you do it. I can relog, but I shouldn't have to (and didn't have to before two patches ago). I have to say that while the increased memory use is relatively slow, it's consistent enough that I suspect it's more likely some sort of memory leak somewhere.
  5. Yes, if I can close the client before it completely fills up the swap, or the game crashes, then everything goes back to normal on the rest of the computer as well. But if the memory and swap file fill up enough, the desktop and mouse freeze, and I have to manually power it off.
  6. Exactly the same for me. If I stay on deed, seems to be OK - or at least much slower growth. I just took a trip to do a mission and the memory use went from 1.8 GB to 11.8GB by the time I got back home.
  7. I'm not sure if this is a Linux thing, or a new client thing, but I'm running Xubuntu so I'll start here. With the new Linux downloaded client, the longer I play, the more memory the game takes up - and the memory reported in task manager used by Wurm gets larger and larger. Eventually, once the memory is filled I will see the swap partition fill, and then eventually the entire computer will freeze. Only a hard reboot will work. So I'm wondering, were there startup parameters set in the old JNLP client that constrained the memory the program could use, that we need to use with the new Client? I've been simply executing the WurmLauncher file that extracted from wurmlauncher.tar.gz.
  8. Oh chill... I was kidding.
  9. Are we just turning the game into a long, slow, less-pretty Battle Royal here?
  10. No, they're not. I have spent days with a very high ql pendulum trying to find a tiny traitor bird of some sort . Maybe the 4x distance will help, though it's still a pretty small area on a huge server. And I don't think there is any reason why traitor animals can't be set to wander in the same way the avatars do today.
  11. +1. I agree the pendulum has much too small a range, and the region identified in the mission is just far too large. Avatars wanders quite far from the deeds they start at, in fact by the time I get equipped and venture out to meet them they are often not even in local for the deeds they start at... but at least it narrows down the starting point a bit.
  12. I'm going to +1 this again. So I guess that's +2, really. But it makes sense to me, it seems like it should be a pretty straight-forward change, and I can't wait to see Wilczan's project completed.
  13. Java Web Start and applets are different beasts, but I'm glad to hear you got it working! And very securely, by the sounds of it. ? Happy Wurming!
  14. Can you download the jnlp file and then tell the system to "Open with..." and select Java Web Start? On Xubuntu I can just right-click on the file, select that, and it works. I've never been able to get it to run via the browser. And I did have success running Wurm on OpenJDK for a few months some time ago without issue, though I've been using strictly Oracle Java for probably the last year now, so your mileage may vary. The only way I can think of blocking the Oracle Java from the rest of the system would be to install in a Linux virtual machine, but I think, unless you had an extremely strong system, it would make the game unplayable. My suggestion would be to use Oracle Java and use the method above if you want to play the game.