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  1. Not on Epic, please. I don't know enough about Freedom or Chaos to know whether it'd be a good idea there.
  2. There's a song in there somewhere.
  3. Congrats Stanlee! Wow, shattered indeed.
  4. Why not? Seems like it would. Means you have to decide when to take advantage of it.
  5. Could sotg be put on a timer, so upon player activation it's only on for a set amount of time once per day? That would provide the initial advantage, but make it maybe the less only obvious solution on pvp servers than the other options.
  6. Would this affect those on epic who travel to freedom, or is that different? I don't want to travel to freedom for some sort of event and then somehow lose my med level on epic.
  7. To be honest I don't have a great deal of experience with Fedora, but what version of Java are you running? That's been the cause of my pain every time I've had similar issues (Xubuntu here).
  8. Why not just uncap the level 11 perks as-is, but allow people to change more than once through the premium rewards system? Let players keep their meditation level, but periodically switch depending on what they're focused on. I think it'd be a fun mechanic and a nice way to keep the game interesting.
  9. This is such a great deed... and on a server with probably one of the most dynamic and fun populations. A great place for anyone to get established in, to explore from, and even to retire in.
  10. This is still happening. Not sure if it's just a Linux thing, though I don't see any comments about it under the general Technical Issues subject. Basically I have had to reduce my graphics to lower levels, but that doesn't solve the problem... just seems to fill up the memory at a slower rate.
  11. I have a different take on this. I don't see the harm in a straight-up skill transfer between Epic and Freedom. I think it would be great if Epic were a place new people could go to skill-up quickly. Opens up the game for a different style of play. And I don't see why length of time at the exact same grind must be the only way to succeed in Wurm. You look at many any other MMOs and they have a shortcut way for new players to move ahead quickly if they wish. You can out-right buy high-level characters in Wow and Everquest, you can pay to double your skill gain, even when you're offline, on Eve. It provides a way for new players to reach the high-end content quickly if that is their interest. Far more fun for those type of players, even if the majority still make a level 1 character and skill up normally. I mean, what's the argument against providing a way for players moving up quickly in skills? Doesn't matter for pve. It makes pvp far more fun to have more folks on equal ground, and may encourage a few more players to try it out while on Epic. Only downside I can think of might be the market on Freedom, but I think the type of player who likes to purchase things isn't going to care either way. I don't see a lot of overlap there. I think opening up a differents route to players who wish a different style of play is the most obvious way to grow and retain new players to the game overall. There are others on this forum with more experience in the game who can, and probably will , speak to this.
  12. I know this is an issue that seems to come and go, but it's currently happening again where the amount of memory used by Wurm continues to grow the longer I play. Typically when I start the game it uses around 2.5 GB, but this continually grows so after 6-7 hours it can be double that, and much more if I do any amount of travelling. Generally, unless I'm doing a group activity, it's not terrible and my work-around has been to just restart the client every 3-4 hours. Still, considering this has been fixed in the past, I thought I'd let you know. Thanks!
  13. I have had a few occasions where I had to restart Steam in order to launch Wurm, but otherwise I have had no issues here on Ubuntu 20.04. I did have to download latest stand-alone client (just put it in my home folder and ran it from there), which seemed to fix the stand-alone problem. If you're on 20.04, you might want to try and apt-get update/upgrade, because that's the only other thing I did this morning. But those two things fixed whatever issue I was having with stand-alone.