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  1. Hello so I'm a bit stumped I have a few people that can't see server mods, but there live map work  for them with the modlaucher, they have the bag icon showing rather the actual item for example hitching post is a bag icon for them, I don't what they need to able to see stuff.

  2. I can't find it anywhere that says this but does this mod affect Champ unicorns?


    In mods we have added doesn't do anything to creatures other then this one, we have champ unicorns that are as big as a building and i don't what code that does that or thing anyways.


    I would like them back to being normal size so 2 people riding on them works.


    Also is there away to disable chickens from eating planted crops, normally you would drop food for them.


    If its not from here and others have had the same issue please let me know how to fix them thanks.

  3. Champ hell horses and Champ unicorns are 2setters. 


    The only downside with both are the "care for" you have to tame them to care for them.


    Best breeders are fo players, why?

    things don't attack them over 60 favor


    Sadly hell horses are better to breed why?

    #1 you can lead the babies


    Unicorns on the other hand are a pain to breed

    #1 once baby is born you can't lead it with out taming it.

    we found a mod to lead uni foals.

  4. I know there is a spell for dirt doesn't make a lot of dirt when you use the spell, not sure why there isn't a spell for sand


    facts I know

    Dirt is 100% used to shape deeds, so them 20 crates of it is nothing always will need more. gods blessed us with dirt spell.

    Sand used for building, need a lot to make mortar, most crafting and building is around mortar, more valuable then dirt I think, gods bless us with sand spell? no...

  5. does anyone know what - it bears the mark of the rift, has the mark of valrei mean? i never seen theses traits before tell i redeed a new spot on the server i play on - wurm unlimited

  6. I have a question on Granger how do you turn off auto coloring? when i add a horse to the list it auto adds the color of it, i am using a animal mod, so it messes up what i am doing lol i have to go and look for that horse to fix the colors.


    Also, how do you add in custom traits?

  7. it will not log the data of the horse into granger, I smile and examine it, nothing pops up and I have the herd checked mark, gonna try to redownload it again.


    not sure this should be happening

    [01:41:46] > Info > WurmApi > WurmCharacterLogs: Server could not be identified for character Luka at stamp 12/18/2017 7:49:44 PM

     [01:41:46] > Info > PrayerTimer > could not establish server for this server group, timerID: Prayer, group: Prayer, player: Luka

  8. On 3/26/2018 at 0:55 AM, Luka said:

    for Better Tooltips? will it have the new names for the new update? Hell horses now have new color names to differentiate them from regular horses.

    • Brown > Cinder
    • Gold > Envious
    • Black > Shadow
    • White > Pestilential
    • Grey > Ash
    • Ebony Black > Molten
    • Piebald Pinto > Nightshade
    • Blood bay > Incandescent

    anyone know if that mod will be updated?

  9. @AnimalMother you got all the textures to work? on our server when we added it, it replace a lot of textures for horses on deeds, like a lot of mine turned white or ebony, when I bred other ebonys, the babies come out white, my white horses been giving me some of them light brownish colors

  10. I tried to Genesis the "It looks unusually strong and healthy." but it told me this [01:33:21] The mature fat Saharbrisk was not possessed by any evil spirit.

    so i dont think it means "halves chance of disease", maybe something else maybe it gets idk 10+ strangth and 10+ on less diseases then normal?  just guessing on it.