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  1. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    is there a new link to the mod? The 1st page will not let me view it anymore
  2. Hi, Just wanted to let you know cool mod, the unicorn part they add in where unicorns are bred by a player they now have random names like normal horses now.
  3. New Trait?

    I got a new one that says "It Bears the make of a traitor." anyone know what that means? and @koroth I am level 58 in animal husbandry
  4. Britannia Reborn - PvE, 16k

    I miss this map lol was a fun place, made a friend on it.
  5. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    some people cant get the file to change into the jar by renaming it, is there a download with it already into a jar to help others that cant get it to change?
  6. New Trait?

    never mind someone told me. Mark of the rift = Will not be attacked by rift mobs Mark of valrei = will age and die faster
  7. New Trait?

    does anyone know what - it bears the mark of the rift, has the mark of valrei mean? i never seen theses traits before tell i redeed a new spot on the server i play on - wurm unlimited
  8. Wurm Assistant for Wurm Unlimited

    I have a question on Granger how do you turn off auto coloring? when i add a horse to the list it auto adds the color of it, i am using a animal mod, so it messes up what i am doing lol i have to go and look for that horse to fix the colors. Also, how do you add in custom traits?
  9. it will not log the data of the horse into granger, I smile and examine it, nothing pops up and I have the herd checked mark, gonna try to redownload it again. not sure this should be happening [01:41:46] > Info > WurmApi > WurmCharacterLogs: Server could not be identified for character Luka at stamp 12/18/2017 7:49:44 PM [01:41:46] > Info > PrayerTimer > could not establish server for this server group, timerID: Prayer, group: Prayer, player: Luka
  10. ganger isn't working with the new wurm unlimited update will there be an update for it to work again?
  11. for Better Tooltips? will it have the new names for the new update? Hell horses now have new color names to differentiate them from regular horses. Brown > Cinder Gold > Envious Black > Shadow White > Pestilential Grey > Ash Ebony Black > Molten Piebald Pinto > Nightshade Blood bay > Incandescent
  12. Complete Mod List

    anyone know an Announcer thing to put on a server like a lot of servers have where u can do custom text? like you can put map info, discord, rewards, and so on? lol
  13. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    @AnimalMother you got all the textures to work? on our server when we added it, it replace a lot of textures for horses on deeds, like a lot of mine turned white or ebony, when I bred other ebonys, the babies come out white, my white horses been giving me some of them light brownish colors