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  1. @AnimalMother you got all the textures to work? on our server when we added it, it replace a lot of textures for horses on deeds, like a lot of mine turned white or ebony, when I bred other ebonys, the babies come out white, my white horses been giving me some of them light brownish colors
  2. how do you find stuff? I've had a player say there meditation rug poofed, I popped over and didn't see it, is there a way to find it with a command?
  3. I tried to Genesis the "It looks unusually strong and healthy." but it told me this [01:33:21] The mature fat Saharbrisk was not possessed by any evil spirit. so i dont think it means "halves chance of disease", maybe something else maybe it gets idk 10+ strangth and 10+ on less diseases then normal? just guessing on it.
  4. do they replace textures? cuz we added the mod on our server and 2 colors poof, the pieboldpinto and bloodbay, well not sure they are here but alot of my horses changed colors when we added it, and is there going to be updates still?
  5. yeh, it's telling me it can't find my character on the server I play on, it worked before they updated WU now it doesn't like it.
  6. it replaces the texture or can you make it where it just adds in the colors then u have more horse colors to work with?
  7. on WO there called jet black on WU there ebony black don't ask me why cuz I don't know why they made it that way...
  8. all I know is are these's colors so far. and I think not 100% but I think there are gold and other colors for the fire.
  9. odd since the new update for WU I keep getting this error [17:38:45] > Info > PrayerTimer > could not establish server for this server group, timerID: Prayer, group: Prayer, player:
  10. @Maelux I see the same thing after it crushed me.
  11. that was about age, and they did say after its the same with the showing pregnant after u posted that
  12. where it shows female or male, coat color, be nice if it showed if a female was pregnant, that would help a lot as well with that mod.