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  1. Paypal verified, message me
  2. Alkhadis is the winner and dirt cheap! Pm me where i am to bring this and we will arrange paypal if thats what you will be using.
  3. Still sooo cheap, get that loot
  4. 20s minimum value in seryl alone!!
  5. Bump Rare Large Cart Merchant Form Spyglass Sleep powder Lots of nice Rares, Imbues, Rift Material, Gifts. Uber Archeology Trowel Buyout lowered to 75 Euro
  6. Auction is for everything pictured here! Rare Large Cart will be delivered (coastal) with all these items. Seryl Chain pants not pictured (Creation Ql) Weapons, Tools , rares, imbues, high casts, gifts. Its all here! Starting Bid: 40s/Euro Buyout : 75 Euros End in 3 Days 1 hr Sniper protect
  7. Now for Auction as a whole Lot ( Moved)
  8. Maybe they will keep it down forever!!
  9. Same, they are probably just having some hiccups.
  10. with all the changes looming, and 5 new accounts being sold daily, this start bid may be tough.. Good luck though.
  11. id take your lowest 6 for 5s cod to damine if you agree
  12. @Gwyn rune was mislabeled it is a wind speed rune!?!? Lol Sent everything else, sorry gwyn
  13. Here is my current stuff for sale Prices are firm but I do accept trades! I am interested in High enchant weapons, bulk weapons of 80+ Ql, sleep powder, Seryl and addy lumps or armor parts, Bulk Materials delivered, a Spyglass. Rare weapons, Smithing imbue potions of all kinds. PM any trade offers please! Prices: Seryl Basinet Helms - (First come first Serve) Sold Out Supreme Iron Torch Lamp- 5s Rare Fruit Press Oak- 3s Rare Fine Rod Willow-3s Rare Imbued Pickaxe 94ql- Sold Rare Exquisite Med rug- Sold Rare Saw-4.5s Pickaxe 1-75c Pickaxe 2-75c Pickaxe 3-50c Hammer W89- 60c 93 CoC Med rug-1s C84 STeel Hatchet- Sold Shovel- Sold Post here if you wish to buy and name to cod to! Message me any trade offers!
  14. Nobody puts prices anymore, just offer me...