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  1. Um
  2. 100 euros? Other than sotg, skills are poor. Let me know
  3. Would you take 20 euro for priest??
  4. 7s for addy spear cod to damine
  5. Melrose owns the account
  6. Offered buyout
  7. Pc 120 to 150 ?? With items... Body stats is all it has and lacks meditation, any pvp ability and very narrow scoped crafting
  8. Melrose, come in, over.
  9. Made a 220 offer on snoo without items. He says 600 Can someone tell me if my offer is as disrespectfully low as he made it seem. The account is good but by no means high end
  10. Like the skills and value on this toon. If anyone knows Melrose and can communicate to him. Let him know to check his pms please as he has been away 5 days with no response, thx.
  11. He says 600 euros for snoo.....
  12. looking...
  13. New player looking for a nice head start for around 100 to 150 Euros Would like to work towards some pvp so pvp + crafting skills would be good. Would like 40+ Body 80+ in a few smithing skills Open to anything in the price range though, so send away, thx
  14. Is this account sold?