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  1. I realized Rolf has been very quiet lately, so I went looking and found him. Apparently he has been hiding out in WU @ 1x - New Player Friendly - vanilla RPvEvP Have fun!
  2. I am still surprised there are no pack saddles in the game for horses, even Ultima Online had pack horses.
  3. And Nori!
  4. We are playing in a fantasy world, not historical Earth. Who says it would be the wrong era for it?
  5. Most likely the amount of oil used.
  6. It happens a lot when you are logged in and the next season begins while you are playing still. All seasons too.
  7. Could you add how to create pineapple to the Pizza Recipe at the end of the document please?
  8. Dear Santa, I would like two Straw Goats for Christmas
  9. Thank you very much Yiraia.
  10. Here is another thread along the same lines. good idea btw.
  11. Can only domesticated animals be sacrificed? Can any aggressive animals be sacrificed? Can humanoid creatures be sacrificed? Can players, probably by HOTS, be sacrificed? What are the guidelines for sacrificing animals, other than what is listed on the wiki? Does the QL of the Sacrificial Knife matter? How is it used? Right click>Sacrifice? Have to kill the animal with it?
  12. Stew and meat with dumplings, etc are all considered liquids. Had not thought about the sealed barrels, could do sealed wine barrels as well and bring some delicious beverages as well if you go that route. 5 sealed barrels at 45kg each filled with a well made stew should be enough I think. Take more if you think you might need them. Also the liquid foods can be placed in a water skin if you move away from the cart or wagon.
  13. A small collection of extra fishing lines and bow strings (if you use bows) as well for the list. You could collect some of the recipes from Goblins or Trolls, such as rare Eye Ball Stew. It does not take much to prepare it and most ingredients are received from hunting.
  14. Backpack full of Lunch Boxes? While I don't leave home for weeks, for a day trip 2 Tin Lunch Boxes is usually enough for 12 hours or more for me. Make a meal and some soup, to make it all stretch even longer. Also keep 2 frying pans and 2 Sauce pans as well.
  15. Include a strange device as a component for it as well as some chains to make it really cool looking.