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  1. Wonder if it is a Java issue.
  2. Not that I know of, they just take dmg and go away. you can eat them and I believe something like Snowcones for cooking!
  3. Thanks, Love the zombie event for Friday the 13th. We are slowly clearing them out of the woods so it is relatively safe again for the newer players on the server.
  4. Does this apply to the Traits as well @Warlander?
  5. Ok thank you very much. Also that the wiki was correct. I will make sure the Animal Breeders on the WU server I am on know it has been verified as well that only the female matters when breeding.
  6. I believe it is level 30 Blacksmithing to create a bee smoker.
  7. There is a chance from what I understand, however the chance becomes greater if both male and female have the trait or prefix(s) that you are trying to breed them for. As to a specific % chance for the trait to carry over I do not know.
  8. Did a small hunting trip last night with some of the new players, was able to find some rats that provided pelts and killed an angry scorpion with them. Was a great day with all the new players on the server yesterday. It would be a good idea if the kingdoms could have a rep in town with transport to their areas to relieve some of the population overflow in the New Beginnings town, also to recruit new players to their kingdom
  9. As of 1436 west coast US 107,144 sales of the bundle, and it was still increasing. The 1x server I play on hit an all time high in its normally small population. The GM had to replant trees, near the PvE starting town we built, and started spawning in rats for new players to hunt for pelts it was so popular yesterday. The other more populous servers were probably experiencing as large a population growth if not more so. Great day for Wurm if even 1/4 of the people that tried the game out keep showing up. Server clean up is going to be rough with all of the logs and felled trees outside of town, on the other hand I have a great supply of compasses now from new players leaving them behind for me Maybe be they can do this as a yearly event for Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online!
  10. Odd that you are having this cave texture and door bug. I have a stone cave door on our public mine, we have been in and out of it all night without issues and the caves have no missing textures. The server I am on is running no mods, so perhaps it is a mod issue or perhaps a bad patching for your server.
  11. Would love to find an online Wurm recipie listing with complete recipes.
  12. Thanks Jerone0601, I did not think of that part. so I asked over on the main thread for the Archelogy patch to see if they have any ideas on it.
  13. A question about the Archeology skill in regards to Wurm Unlimited. Yes I do know we will not have the patch there for awhile, I asked in the Wurm unlimited forums and found that out Once the Archelogy skill is released for WU. For the WU servers that are brand new or have not been out long time, how will the skill work in regards to finding old deeds? Will the be able to incorporate some of the main server databases that contain the old deed information? Will the be able to use other servers old deed information and incorporate that info into their own? just some thoughts.
  14. I am wondering how the Archeology skill will work for new servers that do not have any old abandoned deeds. Will there be any special items that can be found on them then? I would assume that the pieces that make up the statues would be available, but not certain how other things would be implemented.
  15. I play on a 1x sever that has a dedicated PvE area, while most of the world is a PvP area. In the PvE area we use it for teaching new players how to play Wurm without someone (usually) coming along and killing or stealing from them. Building a town, with all of its crafting areas, fighting off the various monsters, lot of mining and woodcutting while keeping an eye out for spiders in the trees, build your house the way you like it, actively hunt monsters, etc. What at you do in a PvE server is mainly up to you in the end. A PvE server does take away a lot of issues if you just want to relax and play the game without having to worry about the PvP aspects of the game.