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  1. Did not realise they were on Freedom, in that case NM then
  2. Use them to practice lock picking. Once the locks are off you can do with them what you want.
  3. Perhaps changing it so the object fired is destroyed instead? This would prevent it entirely.
  4. https://warlander.github.io/Wurm-Toolbox/#armor-calc
  5. Warlander has a great tool for this for the Armor values.
  6. And it would be better to correct it as the bonus is a 10% reduction to the normal speed penalty, which would now be a 0.9 instead. something similar.
  7. With the new changes to the metal properties, does this change apply to Studded Lether armor as well. The wiki has not been updated in a year, I checked that before asking the question in case it was answered there.
  8. @WarlanderI was looking through your toolbox and was wondering if you have anything for weapon damage calculations and comparison, especially with the changes to the metal properties. Thanks ahead of time.
  9. I understand what you are describing that you would want the new skill to do. Surveying would use a Range Stick and the Dioptra, same tools used to create bridges. Kind of surprised they do not use these tools more in the planning for any buildings, as it would make more sense to use survey equipment in planning a building than carpentry and masonry. Use the small bell (or perhaps a larger version) as the tool for the skill, as you would most likely be using the sound of it as it transmits through stone in order to detect nearby passages. This is a good idea though, especially on larger servers that have been tunnelled for many years.
  10. They are fun when you slip one into a friends forge when he isn't looking and get away with it a couple of times.
  11. There was a discussion today on the server I play on about Animal Handling skill over 50 and if it would be best to stay at 50 skill or not, due to an increased chance for negative traits to appear in your animals when your skill is over 50. No one in the conversation was certain if that applied to WU as it does in WO.
  12. You could open Steam and look there, also useful when a new player arrives and there is no steam login associated with them.
  13. The Pickled Ginger is listed in the Nexa Recipe Book, under ingredients item 46.
  14. Allow the roof to be made from the wall tile borders instead of the floor/ceiling plan perhaps? That would accommodate both preferences for ceiling or no ceiling or even partial ceilings to create a loft aspect for it. It would be similar to how current buildings can be built, for example build first floor, plan ceiling, build second floor walls, build roof, bash ceiling in the desired areas. So instead of building the second floor walls you would instead build the roof tiles from the tile borders you would normally build the wall at. probably would not be a massive undertaking for them to recode it, or some could create a mod for this if possible.