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  1. This worked just fine for years,,,then about a year ago it just stopped and no one could assist me really then. Just trying again. I have other Java apps that work just fine . UAC is fine and graphics are fine everywhere else. Also had run as Administrator When I run setup 32 bit I get 4 files: Wurm Online shortcut Wurm Online [Choose client] Wurm Online [Low Memory] Wurm Online [Test] ontop of WurmSetup32.exe I just ran Wurm Online[Test] and it went through and seemed to be installing things. Now I guess I run what,,,Wurm Online as its the shortcut for whichever version I previously ran, in this case none? Clicked on that, and its downloading a client again, goes through and finishes,,,without initiaing any game screens . ok in my NEW install directory I have a client_live.jar and a client_test.jar so I used the choose client option and choose test,,,it starts real quick closes and NOTHING except 2 Wurm Client entries all with 0% disk usage in Task Manager. So where is this Log file? I also am NOT getting any HS pids from Java not functioning properly
  2. Win 10 32 bit This is for Wurm Online just to make sure . I uninstalled from the control panel I deleted all the files I could find preserving the players folder I downloaded the 32 bit installer ran it. All looked fine up to this stage I had 3 files on my desktop a Choose wurm file, the installer and a launcher. I tried choosing different versions Live vs old vs whatever was in there, and go to run it. I think I get 2 quick popup screens then nothing,,,I check Task manager and I have the wurm client running 0 disk usage. Wait wait wait wait wait nothing happens. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  3. Hail Zexos, I used to be a member of HML before I stopped fact me and a few others rebuilt that bridge in that picture,,and my house was just off that, Island Escape or something of that nature, then the stable building and yard next to it. I remember Ultradude being the leader if Im not wrong.
  4. Anyone more suggestions? The 32 bit installer doesnt seem to install enough to get through to the login page where I would put my Uname and password. For it to create a uname folder
  5. Ok, the installer puts a 32bit setup executable in that location, and runs it. Which in turn flashes on the screen briefly then closes, leaving the wurm client still running and never closes. It does install items in App Data. Im pretty sure there is more than 15 seconds worth of content to install for the game, it doesnt seem to finish installing, nor indicate it is still installing.
  6. Im pretty sure the install didnt even get that far. But I will check when I get home
  7. I think it got the basics to get to the server, and was going to update to most current but it fails there...never get a login screen or nothing.
  8. Im not even fully sure it installed all the way, where would this console log be?
  9. I have tried all of the options,,,,I think there were 4 servers,,,live, test and 2 others I think, they all do the same. I never get a login screen.
  10. I used the 32 bit installer, as I am using 32 bit Win 10. It tries to launch and just goes away. Although the job is still open in task manager
  11. I uninstalled, and reinstalled everything fresh. The client closes immediately however the jobs are still running in task manager. 32bit OS 32bit Java
  12. sorry close this thread, I will post my original question in WO.