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  1. Close pls.

    Axe, steel 90 ql sent enchant CoC 90+ Please Selfhealer's Demise
  2. steel axe 80ql (medium) steel shield 80ql (medium) cod to Gurh please
  3. Xanadu Community Map

    Please add my deed Orbrekh 7056, -6286
  4. Something like Crystal Heart, Metal Heart Please, devs big NO to silly titles like Quivering with Excitement We are dwarves after all, not silly woodscrapers
  5. QL 80 Steel Spear MS90 C88 LT82 N76 +any demise (4.5s) demise against trolls Water c79 (42c)
  6. WTB rare large oakenwood cart, delivered to Esteron coast
  7. QL 80 Large Maul C88 LT83 N70 +any demise (3.2s) QL 60 hammer c88 (80c) QL 100 Wild Cat Pelt c88 (85c) Charcoal c87 (70c) tell me how to use it Steel Lump c82 (51c) Water c82 (51c)