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  1. Finally I can wear a shimmering rainbow
  2. I agree that PvE could be made more interesting with mobs having different tactics and effects. Targeting a mob and positioning onto higher ground is about all it takes. So dull.
  3. I used to enjoy Masonry, then Farming, and have not found a new one to obsess over yet.
  4. Well, you got me there. The whole time I've been playing I've been doing it by shift-clicking to select the entire group! Alright, bad example. But I hope it at least got the... point... across. By making actions easier to repeat, would it not discourage the need for macros and bots? It does not seem like a bigger deal than using the crafting menu to queue up 3+ actions at once, at the very least.
  5. +1 I don't see why not. The models are all there, and I've tired of studded leather getting all the glory.
  6. I'm a Fo priest and I take ownership of any bias here. Cleanse: I love spreading grass quickly, and maybe it could also spread the biome of the tile it's used on at higher channeling. Useful for terraforming projects or spreading rare or otherwise difficult-to-spread biomes like tundra. Ward: Apply to normal monsters in PvE. And/or a temporary spell AoE damage reduction. Potentially useful in PvP and rifts. Quality of Life changes: Lawns could work like pavement, with the same ability to place on corners and make diagonal paths, as well as conferring the same speed benefits of gravel, and allowing one to make more natural-looking paths that even a priest of Fo can make. A timer when snuffing a fire. With the fishing update, we have seen interesting new details like the tacklebox automatically sorting items into its sub-containers, and fishing lines connecting the bobber to the rod. One could also apply these to things like leading animals and Bulk Container Units. Right-click someone to heal them normally using bandages. This is really nice to have with healing spells, but I feel it was not fully implemented where non-priests are concerned. A standardized way to repeat your last action. Whether it's firing a bow, using a ram, or healing a stubborn bruise, some actions just need an easier way to do again without having to set a keybind or queue in advance all the time. I don't know what else to call it, but clicking on the "meta-item" of a group as seen here: could highlight all the items in that group for easy combining. No need to scroll and shift-click!
  7. I would like to point out that Frankthetank's spatula picture does not appear on the relevant wurmpedia page. That aside, here are my screenshots for the day! With the help of my good friend Puay, we managed to get some decent swimming and drowning pictures: Swimming: Drowning (with bonus blood!): As well as some items that could use a touch-up: Fired Key Form Clay Shaper Crude Knife Crude Axe Crude Shovel Crude Pickaxe We hope you find these helpful.
  8. The client was already beginning to chug along at 10-20 FPS, with noticeable pauses between screenshots leading up to the crash.
  9. I found a possible contradiction regarding whether or not you can gain faith from praying at the favored tile of one's god. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Faith#Prayer "To gain faith (and also favor), a player can pray at an altar or upon a favored tile type of their particular god." And yet, https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Praying#Praying_Locations You can pray at other locations than altars, depending on your god. While these actions will still give you prayer skill, praying at these locations does not increase your faith Testing ingame confirms that faith is not gained from praying at an overaged/shriveled tree tile for Fo in particular.
  10. Sermons at Xanadu

    I may be coming to attend the sermons when you get back (this sunday it seems). Almost 40 Faith, definitely want 50 at least. 80 for Summon Soul is a ways off. I like forestry and some fishing. Got any digging or mining projects I could help with in return? See you all there!
  11. I think the lavender plantations are a good example of how nice the flower boxes and potted flowers could look.
  12. Summon Soul sounds really useful and convenient as-is. I imagine priests could set up a network for people to get around quickly. Could use a cooldown or drawback of some kind for how quickly people would be able to get around that way. A teleport sickness if you will. Might compromise the scale of Wurm if every priest has it, but it would make gatherings and events a heckuvalot easier to attend to at least. If not already considered, Summon Soul could also show how many tiles away the caster is for the recipient, to get an idea of what a return trip would be like, as well as whether they'd be arriving on land or in the middle of the ocean. Potential for grief or misuse there. Then again I suppose it's balanced around not necessarily having a mount or boat with you at your destination. Personally it sounds fantastically useful. Glad you're doing better Sindusk.