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  1. Yggdrasil! Watch out for the lava fiend!
  2. Early 90s eh? I wasn't even born then! I went with Hoseph because it seemed like your typical villager name.
  3. An improved set of options to expand things in the inventory seems like it would complement the current filter toggles. Right now Expand All seems to defeat its purpose by opening things in the inventory that don't really need to be opened. Additional options such as: Expand Categories Only Expand Stacks Only Expand Containers Only
  4. From the late-evening under-thicket, a lone figure brushes away pine needles as he steps into the open. Gaunt and rugged at first glance in the half light, yet fastidiously maintained and tidy are the many catchments and restitchings of a beast long-dead. Deadly familiarity gleams itself upon his shoulder in the brandishing of a long polished blade Fo-crazed wildmen such as he are not known for acting without a purpose, and this one is little exception. However, they are also known to be quite resourceful. They also possess a flair for the dramatic Will you accept him into the fold?
  5. Please consider emboldening the names of inventory categories. I would like to increase text size of categories too if possible.
  6. "A foggy dark wood with a ranger wielding a sword and a lit torch fighting a giant hellish spider"
  7. I appreciate the feedback. I suppose I went a little overboard with how it might work, so you're right that this iteration would have some issues with player agency, rewards, and sense of obligation. As I understand it, the issue is the lack of agency over how and when it should take effect, similar to why Sleep Bonus has a toggle. Which would probably help a lot here, but as you've pointed out the ways to affect it need work. Ideally the benefits of Comfort should go in tandem with the things that require it, and hopefully this would streamline it into something more sensible. As well, the direct buffs to rare rolls, creation chance, and skillgain would necessarily have to be left out for reasons as you've said; direct impact on core gameplay loops can make it feel obligatory. Reworked ways to lose Comfort: Reducing skill loss on death reduces comfort on player death Regaining skill lost on death reduces comfort when toggled on* *When recovering skill already lost to death, should it be a slow passive recovery as you "cash in" your Comfort points or should you train that skill specifically? As an alternative to re-training them using a different set of activities. If it recovers skill over time on its own, then it may be necessary to require active work on the player's part to maintain Comfort levels, rather than passively recover. The benefit here is that some skills lost that are a hassle to train would be supplemented with a different set of activities. That hopefully narrows its area of influence to those specific parts of the game. Though increasing Comfort might also need work, given that players will understandably look for efficiency in a given area of the game. As with losing Comfort, I will try to simplify how Comfort may be increased. A crude way to promote different activities would split them up between "Increasing" and "Preventing from Decreasing"; for example, once you're regained it to satisfactory levels you might have some options to keep it from decreasing while you use it. In my mind this may necessitate that regaining comfort should generally be an Effect Over Time, with retainment acting as a static buff over a duration like food affinities. Hopefully covering enough bases in regards to most common player activities; regaining Comfort might generally fall under: Consuming alcohol, baked goods, beverages(tea, fruit juice, hot cocoa) Variety of nutritious foods Meditating/Praying (Extra motivator for longer grinds?) Sleeping in a bed Retaining Comfort could involve stuff that's easy to bring around: Consuming alcohol, baked goods, beverages Wearing jewelry Standing by a fire Fair points that are most likely why I'm better off not getting into game development. It makes sense that making some activities drain Comfort without any real purpose behind it would feel like I'm being punished for not playing the "right" way. Especially when the benefits only involve player death; becoming a chore to maintain an appropriate level of Comfort just to remain prepared if something happens. Fair enough! Which brings to mind in regards to increasing comfort; what activities would be appropriate, if any? If they don't encompass enough areas then it can feel limiting and arbitrary. At the same time too many activities would be more work to balance and tweak. Should Comfort slowly recharge on its own as well? Would that be augmented in some way via the use of various items and activities? It's starting to look like a variant of the Favor system.
  8. What are some examples of what the citizens of a deed might vote on?
  9. Hello! In contrast to typical survival mechanics and rationale for balancing purposes, I believe Comfort may provide an appropriate alternative. Design philosophies: Avoid negative association Avoid sense of obligation Address long-standing issues of the game Create opportunities for role-play Create new demand for underutilized parts of the game What is it? Comfort is intended as a metric to fulfill various requirements through activities to reach various thresholds (and rewards). As thirst and hunger affect the regeneration of stamina along with other effects, Comfort would affect a character's ability to tolerate and recuperate from hardship. What are its benefits? Adequate amounts of Comfort may, in no particular order, and depending on how diligent one has been, grant the player the ability to: Recover skill lost on death Reduce skill lost on death Reduce the limitations of Fatigue Pending benefits: Slightly increase skill gain Slightly improve creation chance Slightly improve rare rolls How do you "lose" Comfort? By being uncomfortable, of course! Comfort may be reduced by certain things so long as the benefits of Comfort directly correlate, such as: Damage taken Time spent wounded Time spent without food or water Death Being without protection in seasons such as Winter and Summer, and weather such as rain and snow Traveling for long periods How do you increase your Comfort? In the same way that its benefits offer ways to deal with existing penalties and limitations, the ways that one would increase their Comfort may involve Comfortable activities, such as: Consuming alcohol, baked goods, beverages(tea, fruit juice, hot cocoa) Praying on favored tiles with adequate distance Maintaining variety of comforting activities Training a skill with an affinity Witnessing a Sermon Meditating How do you avoid losing Comfort? In the spirit of being casual enough that anyone can do it, while being just out-of-the-way that it doesn't simply get ignored, Comfort may be maintained by: Wearing clothing (other armors no effect) Wearing jewelry Being in pleasant environments (flowers, furniture, lawns, flowers, statues, etc) Standing near a fire during Winter while outdoors Staying indoors during inclement weather (tents count too!) Using polearms and bows during combat Maintaining one's needs such as thirst and hunger Why should this be added? A new Needs-based mechanic may be warranted for the added flexibility when providing incentives. Current metrics are inflexible for encompassing a wider area of the game; It can make use of aspects of the game that are ill-fitting for current needs-based mechanics as well as addressing long-standing gripes. Adding a new layer also disrupts current game balance the least if handled correctly. How might this affect the game? The parts of the game involved in increasing, diminishing, and maintaining Comfort will be affected. This is of course very important. So for your consideration here are ways that Comfort may impact how you play: Archery becomes a little more appealing for hunting Beverages and Baking become more distinguished skills and as a way to provide Comfort for others. As a necessary drawback, baked goods offer no nutrients. The Grind is broken up into soft breaks Death becomes more tolerable (good for PvP!) Clothing receives passive edge against armor Cosmetic objects provide a bonus beyond simple appreciation Skills such as Gardening, polearms, archery, enjoy greater purpose Prolonged combat reduces Comfort unless action is taken (big one, not sure how to address) Thank you for reading! What should be included? What should be taken out? What is wrong with this idea? I expect only the most scathing reviews!
  10. Some glowing mushrooms too, perhaps?
  11. I do see a lot of potential with more UI feedback and interaction elements being represented in the game rather than simple text or otherwise just on-screen. It would be a decent QoL change overall. Translucent wagons, and boats for that matter. Fighting sharks or fishing at the right spot is a hassle.
  12. The spell is aptly named Refresh. I like to climb too, and it is very handy for scaling entire mountains (eventually). The downside is that it can be interrupted while in combat. Same with eating or drinking stamina foods. For those occasions I have the Path of Love's Refresh as a backup option. The Love Effect is also handy for avoiding cliff fights altogether, or disengaging when things go south. A higher skill in climbing would also help. People tell me that Body Stamina has a greater effect, but that takes a lot longer to train up of course. In the meantime, Climbing reduces your stamina drain while climbing by 1% for every 2 levels.
  13. The ways to improve said economy have many forms, but I believe taking other games and models as examples can be a good way to move forward. Most MMOs have auction houses and virtual marketplaces to facilitate transactions. Mailboxes in Wurm are an example of faster and easier transactions. Without which the sale of tools, weapons, armor, etc, would be relegated to local markets, if at all. Wurm could provide something similar for bulk orders and services such as a bulletin in which you post your desired transaction and drop-off location. Screw the current system of "trusting" people to uphold their end of the bargain in an exchange; it will not scale well with the Steam release at all and the only reason it has gone relatively fine thus far is because of the smaller population of Wurm being easier to manage. I think I can agree that there needs to be some changes to encourage a more lively economy. Newer players need a way to participate and provide services with their fledgling skills that more established players are less motivated or able to do. This could be done by making the production of high quality goods intrinsic with that of lower quality materials. Take Albion Online for example: to craft the materials of a desired tier, you require 3 parts raw materials of that tier, and 1 part material of a lower tier. This format continues across the line so that even the lowest tier of material still retains some worth because it is tied with the production of higher quality materials. Of course, Albion is a very PvP-focused game where items have a chance to become destroyed upon player death. So the lack of consumption or decay of items is pretty high. Perhaps Wurm could take a similar approach; much like how priests forgo the ability to imp in favor of casting spells, so could players be incentivized to take on a lifestyle of higher consumption and decay of items in favor of some economic incentive. It could be free premium status in exchange for higher decay rate on using items, or a chance to lose items entirely on death. One could contextualize this ingame with Wurmians coming into contact with a wild and primordial energy that increases their vigor, with a side effect being a higher rate of entropy upon their surroundings; items decaying faster; animals aging quickly; food rotting before your eyes. Or something like that. At any rate, it is maybe a good alternative to making sweeping changes to the game by creating an alternative form of playing the game that does not directly impact everyone who does not wish to participate. Offering a system of incentives and reliance upon one another that naturally corrects itself. My 2c.