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  1. Issues are always unavoidable. Appreciate you keeping us all aware and informed.
  2. Awesome person to buy silver from. Would shop with again!
  3. Gwyn immediately messaged when I posted in Trade chat and sent the items via Wagoner fast as heck! Amazing and will definitely be using again!
  4. WTB 4 Strongwall spells in NW Xana at D11 Thanks!
  5. Malena was a pleasure to work with and got me my houses without issue! Thank you!
  6. Close

    How much for the wagon?
  7. When playing wurm in fullscreen on a mac it wont let you side out like you would normally with full screen applications on a mac. I also have dual monitors and the second one goes black. This is not a thing that should be happening.
  8. Hey man, I'm a returning player, coming back from a leave, wanted to join but wanted some info first, will IM.