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  1. Just happened to me now. I was logged in for 13 min, but on inspection i realized I never moved and was outside the client browsing. It only happens handful of times.
  2. I'm using Geforce 1660 gtx. My PC was made in late 2018. Looks like it's software maybe? I didn't notice until now but I only recently started playing maybe I missed.
  3. Just noticed this today near my forge underground.
  4. Here's the wiki for book: Interesting, but not mch iunformation. I looked att the wiki for paper sheet: So does that mean a maximum of 400 words, if everyting is quality 100? That's a solid amount of words per page, but only 10 pages in a book? And no question marks? Anyone who has used this can tell me how it compares to books in Ultima Online or, say, Asherons Call? i want o know how it compars to other MMORPGs. It baffles me it took this long for Wurm Online to finally have books. Writing books in Ultima ONline was easy. Sadly, not so easy here it looks like.
  5. Just want to add another note. It gave me a warning about using 32-bit java. The automatic installer doesn't give me an option to install 64-bit. I had to manually click on the 64-bit offline installer. Just another example how installation is thorny. It was much worse when I was using Ubuntu 14.10 (was that the version?). I had a hell of time getting that to work again when Wurm Online switched to Java 8.
  6. (This is a suggestion to change the homepage for Wurm Online) Ok, so the deal is I first played in 2012, so I'm NOT new. However, I haven't played since early 2017. Since then, I've got a new computer and Wurm Online has drifted away from my conscious mind. Lately, it has been drifting closer, and I was wondering how it would run on my current PC. I knew it used Java. My first attempt to install was to look for "Wurm Onilne" on steam. Wurm Unlimited was there, but not Wurm Online. Then I googled "Wurm Online", since my current browser doesn't have a Wurm Online favorites folder--although I do have that on a backup dvd. Long story short, I clicked on PLAY! to run it. It shows a dialog about opening a *.JNLP file, but it didn't show anything associated with it. I couldn't figure out what to do. I knew it needed Java, but doesn't Windows 10 already have that? Not out of the box. It's not installed. Moments later, I I saw the "The client runs on Windows, Linux and Mac! Wurm Online needs Java - get it now." at the top of the homepage for Wurm Onilne. It didn't happen immediately. I only glanced up at a later interval. I'm trying to give the impressions of someone who is NEW. That's why I"m here. My suggestion? Place the note about needing Java nearer to the PLAY! button. Somehow make the eye see both instead of seeing them separately. Or find a way to automatically inform the user they need to install Java. I say this because not everybody is going to know about it like I do, given I've played Wurm Online for years. Some of them will see the dialog about opening the *.JNLP and because nothing happens afterward, they'll lose interest and go on to something else. More than anything, it might leave a bad taste in their mouth, when accompanied by other loose ends. And I think that's a realistic way many players leave a MMO before giving it a chance.
  7. I wanted to create this thread before too much time passes. This bug or problem happened yesterday. The wurm client says "Wurm Startup 3.99zh". The latest news is "Hotfix: 24/DEC/16". Description of the bug: I run the client and log in. Then I go to sleep at my bed and the client shuts down. Almost immediately after repeated instances of the client are created and my computer struggles to keep up under the load. Eventually it's essentially unresponsive, but the mouse will still move after a long delay. This only happens with one of the two desktop configuration files I use to run Wurm Online from my desktop. I'm confident the buggy configuration file DID work before yesterday. I know I've clicked on both, but this is first time a bug like this happened. (These files are *.desktop for anybody interested.) This one I created after I installed hte oracle 8 java (on Nov 8). This is the one results in the above bug. Its contents follow: In the application tab->command in file properties for the same configuration file above: /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/javaws -localfile -J-Djnlp.application.href= /home/jon/.java/deployment/cache/6.0/41/5fef8269-4c5577a8 The other desktop configuration file works. It has existed since 2014. The contents and properties information are below: The application tab->command file properties: javaws "/home/jon/.cache/icedtea-web/cache/0/http/" Can anyone spot anything? Note I uninstalled all java before I installed java 8 oracle, including icedtea. So if icetea is not installed then how is the above configuration file still working?
  8. Sold thanks. I'm currently located on Inde. Asking 6.4s for referral and 95 copper per sleeping powder (6 total). PM if interested. For the sleeping powder I will deliver if desired since it can be traded. In both cases, I will expect payment upfront if using mail. Someone told me asking more than 6s for referral is greedy, but: 1) Paying 10 silver in-game for 30 days premium does NOT grant sleeping bonus; referrals grant 1 hour SB 2) Paying RL money in the shop for 30 days premium grants 1x sleeping powder (worth 1 hour sleeping bonus) 3) 20 days / 30 days = 0.666~ and 0.666~ * 10 silver = 6.666~ silver. 4) Using the in-game mailing system with COD will cost the buyer 1 copper (6.41 silver total) So you're paying 6.41 silver for what's worth 6.666 silver plus the FREE 1 hour sleeping bonus. If I sold these regularly, and assuming the points above are correct, which I believe they're, I would sell these at least for 6.666 silver because of the SB. EDIT: Ensure you have less than 4 hours sleeping bonus if buying referral. If it goes over 5 hours then you won't gain any SB if you sleep until it's below 5 again. Note you'll still get the 1 hour SB from the referral regardless.
  9. How do I receive mail and how do I send it? The wiki says I need to make a spirit container: But it also says it needs to be blessed by a priests of Fo, Nahjo or Libila. How exactly do I do that? And is sending/receiving instant?
  10. I want to sell a referral and 6 sleeping powder. Some questions: 1. I know that a player can purchase 30 days premium for 10 silver. But does this also grant them 1 hour sleep bonus? 2. Assuming spending 10 silver grants 30 days, and a referral is otherwise equal, is it fair to price a referral by 20/30 = 0.6666 and 0.6666 * 10 = 6.6666 silver--whilst deducting a small amount to make it worth the buyers effort and also to pay for any extra mailing costs? 3a. Do I need a mailbox to receive the payment? How do I do that? 3b. How much does it cost to use the in-game mailing system? What does COD mean? 4. Is there a anti-scamming policy if a buyer or seller cheats the other? See, I figure nobody is going to bother purchasing a referral for the same proportional cost they'd spend for 30 days, since it requires a few extra minutes and haggling with the seller, so it makes sense to ask something between 6 and 6.5 silver. However, if paying 10 silver for 30 days doesn't grant 1 hour sleep bonus then that means asking 6.6 silver price for referral is more than fair, since referrals have 1 hour sleep bonus. And what should the price of a sleeping powder be? I read it's 1 silver, but is that a good price? Thanks in advance! My in-game name is Prudis.
  11. I like hte suggestions but I like the current map. It's why I chose Chaos in the first place! It's the best map in my opinion. Maybe a few rivers could be added, but I like all the land and hte natural look. A reset might be good for the server though. It'd be hard to convince anybody who's built a deed on it though.... Maybe a better idea is to just do some of the things you mention but don't reset. If inactive things decayed faster on Chaos and if the landscape reverted to its natural height more quickly, it'd be similar. But I like hte fact things remain the same for long periods. Makes the map more mysterious. I can go out and explore and who knows what I'll find, since things stick around. I might find an old city. As usual the things we like can be problematic. Inertia can also be an enemy, as much as a friend.
  12. This is what I liked about the game when I started in 2012. Survival meant something. I went in the forums and supported it. But as usual the herd of carebears don't like it and they scream loudly. The farmers can't ignore the herd, evne if the very things they do to appease the herd hurt some of animals--like me. Because that's how it's. Removing these things is not and never was fun to me. I didn't come screaming to the forums for mercy. I was alone. I was on the PvP server. I lived it. I speak from experience. I'm not nostalgic or wearing rose-colored glasses. I'm too old to fall for that trick. Like I said, I came into these forums and supported those features when I was a new player, not years later, so that argument fails. Trouble is hte direction of this game is determined by hte herd, not just a few animals. It's trouble on the one hand and appropriate on the other. The herd SHOULD determine what happens. Evenso, I can still speak my mind.
  13. When I joined this game in 2012 it was all about survival. That was what was fun and why it appealed to me. It was incredible. Absorbing. Yet as I've grown in skill I've learned htis game is not about survival, it's essentially hardcore farmville. Everybody nested safely in their deeds grinding s*** all day.
  14. The problem with the economy seems to be the same one I see in almost every MMO. The overabundance of high skill or high level accounts is the problem. (Jack-of-all-trades issues aside.) Typically this means some kind of mudflation, taking different forms dependent on different factors. But it boils down to something simple: You can reduce hte power of the highest skill/level players or you can increase the power of the low skill/level players. The trouble is people who invest a lot of time in the game are unwilling to lose anything. So the typical result is making low skill/level players more powerful by speeding up skill gain or removing past obstacles, thus countering the overabundance of high skill/level players. While this might make high skill/level players feel somewhat dissatisfied because their past accomplishments are diminished, this is somehow more acceptable to them, especially if content is actively added and keeping them occupied. Ultimately mudlfation kills all MMO's unless htey receive major (expensive) funding. Mudflation can be done good or bad, but since it gets harder and harder to keep old games healthy, companies inevitably turn to making new games instead. Maybe it has somethign to do with complexity theory. Or bloat. Complexity theory might play a role because mudflation is like a band-aid. It's added on top of a design. Unless everything is fitted perfectly, it'll degrade. As more and more things are added, it tends to bloat. Quality falls. it gets increasingly expensive. EDIT: I will add my character has maybe 1 or 2 skils over 50 and maybe a couple dozen over 20. He's never bought anything through trades. He's never done a trade b4. I've done everything myself, although I've joined a few deeds and/or villages now and then. I think to some extent the game does have a jack-of-all-trades problem, but I think that's a side effect of players preferring to solo almost universally in MMO's. Wurm's economic problem is more complicated than that, since there're so many high skill/level players. It probably doesn't help though, since interdependence necessarily contributes to trade and interrelations.
  15. The biggest single reason people might quit right now is the enclosure rule change which allows more things to be bashed. Players who play on PvE want safety, more than anything else. That's why they play there. To remove that safety and not replace it with something is going to make players ragequit. Mostly it's just random changes causing some plaeyrs to leave. Some players come back and some players are new to it. It's like the give and go of a tide, except the game is getting older and less water is coming in. Mostly we're all here because it's a sandbox, but that's not the only reason, just the major one. But with the greater array of sandbox MMO's, the competition is stiffer. Wurm either has to become a clone of the best sandbox MMO out there or it has to fill a niche in the sandbox MMO genre. It can't dominate just by being a sandbox. And it's getting older. All aging MMO's tend to lose people. Most do not have a resurgence for very long. It's just a fact. The vast majority of aging games will never relive their glory days or make a large gain in popularity. The vast majority of succesful companies do not stay with one game either. They make new ones or sequels. Or break up or merge. I remember a conversation I had with soemoen on Epic when I first started. It went something like this: Person A: "Hey Wurm Online should be more like WoW." Person B "But it can't compete with WoW's resources and would fail miserably. It'd just be a sloppy cheap version of WoW and brushed aside. It should fill a niche instead. By filling a niche, it ensures its survival. WoW cannot serve every playstyle or fill every niche. That's where WoW is weak."