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  1. Little bit of atlas PvP eu

    OK, I watched the whole thing: - Lots of bow and arrow gameplay. Would be curious to know why: scarcity of guns/ammo? - The speeded-up bombardment sequences were quite funny. The chipmunks go to war. - Noticed the one corpse that couldn't be looted: couldn't blame the player for trying it over and over again. - Liked the look of the grappling hooks. - Coolest moment was when the video feed was deep in a massive fortress invasion melee, and someone on comms says, "the ship battle isn't going well".
  2. Been thinking about how fearful the developers are about macroing, and all the anti-exploit hoops honest players have to jump through as a result, as well as the developers' continued push for "engagement" that translates to extremely repetitive actions (see the new fishing system, and how many people haven't liked it), not to mention however much GM time is spent tracking down macroers (and the harm of community suspicions, etc.). My conclusion is that if I were designing a new Wurm, I'd attempt to eliminate macroing entirely, by meeting the following requirement: Make botting not only illegal, but also ineffective. At the same time, however, I'd want skilling up to still take a long time. So, how to do that? For starters, I'd balance the game around players' toons doing the heavy skilling while their players are offline. A couple obvious issues: - I don't want players creating a premium toon, logging it off, and coming back X year(s) later to a master weaponsmith; - If offline skilling is more effective than online botting, what is the player actually going to be doing? My solution is earned off-line skilling, via diverse action goals. For a possible implementation example, consider a hybrid of the new fishing system and the new journal system: - Create a journal just for fishing, starting with simple goals, such as catch a fish with a net, catch a fish with a spear, etc.; - Gradually increase the complexity and difficulty of the goals; - Instead of awarding sleep bonus, however, award offline grinding time. So, a player completes a simple goal, and gets, say, 1 hour to put their toon into a "study" state to think about their experience, in order to advance the fishing skill. The study state can run while player is logged off and doing something else, or it could run while the toon is logged in (say, sitting in a chair, or staring into space with a vacant expression). The player can also rack up study time as much as they want via completing goals, and then spend it whenever they want. I'm sure the devil's in the details, but ideally, each skill would have a huge goal tree, and the players would get to do the fun stuff while they're online, and while they're offline, their toons would do the boring, repetitive stuff. As the developer, it would be up to me to balance the goals to be fun, different, challenging, and expansive, while making it impossible for one toon to quickly become expert at everything (at least in a Freedom-like, long-term environment), and keeping the goal system more effective than someone who just decides to skip it and use a bot. I'm sure this would be too much for Freedom, probably too much for Epic, but not necessarily too much for a new challenge-like server. If nothing else, however, I'm curious to see what you all think.
  3. Little bit of atlas PvP eu

    I see bunny-hopping is totally a thing!
  4. What a misery :(

    Decided to try making a couple new experimental weapons with different sets of enchants, based on the priest update, but I always dread the imping/enchanting experience, and sure enough, no exception this time. Failure after imping failure at lower QLs, and then failure after enchanting failure (and I'm only shooting for 80). I've got great skill, Epic curve, lots of buffs, and it doesn't matter. All I'm doing is throwing away time and effort into this fracking one-armed bandit that is Wurm. Why? Why am I putting myself through this? Why am doing something that's so maddening? It can't be good for me. And you devs, why the frack are you putting customers in this situation? Why do you persist in telling me my time doesn't matter, that I should be doing something else than playing your game? Because that's really my only recourse: to leave your game, and stop spending money on it. All these updates and gifts are great, but this is the -core- of your game, it's utterly rotten, and you refuse to fix it. I'm tired of dreading imping and enchanting, I'm tired of the people who defend it, and I'm ready to ditch Wurm for the next pretty face that comes along. Devs, I'm loyal to games that treat me well, but you're squandering that; good job. Yeah, I'm complaining, but when I feel this way, I usually sit on it and cool off. Not this time. You need to know what you're putting your customers, your guests, through. Sigh.
  5. Moment of Inspiration

    I'm afraid so. Many suggestions have been made on this topic, too.
  6. Chance to spawn 10x+ cave bugs when mining :D

    I like that especially: sounds kinda like the archaeology caches. And whether or not you pursue the lair is up to you; it's not something randomly spawned on top of you.
  7. Sandstone, Marble, Slate equipment

    I see I +1'd this already. Phooey!
  8. Add Alpacas!

    +1. And include the guard llamas!
  9. It isn't a question of speed: a goal-based system could be balanced to be faster or slower (years slower!) than the existing system. I realize the existing, tiny playerbase likes the existing game, with all its faults. (Seems logical, eh? The people who don't like it aren't playing or commenting on suggestions! They're just gone. ) The real problem is the tiny playerbase, and the trends don't look so good. You'll note, however, I didn't suggest changing Freedom. I was thinking more along these lines:
  10. What a misery :(

    I don't mind the slow; I don't mind that at all! It's the random that drives me crazy.
  11. You both think a repetitive click-fest is "playing"? Do you really think most people enjoy doing ten thousand iterations of exactly the same mind-numbing task? Why are you so against the idea of relieving players from that burden, and letting them have fun with actual gameplay? Note the following: - The time required to level up a skill via goals could be exactly the same as the current mass repetition system; the goal system would just be less carp-tunnel inducing, and more fun for more people. - Real gameplay requires thinking; mashing a button over and over again does not. Thanks!
  12. Name Change Tokens

    For that matter, perhaps using a name change token would provide a title you can't hide yourself (though others could ignore it): "...formerly known as X".
  13. Name Change Tokens

    +1, as long as we get some kind of detailed character history to go along with it (as a chat command maybe: /profile "toon", or something).
  14. When designing a multi-story house, do the openings and floors you build count against the plan limit?
  15. I realized I completed all of "First Steps" except "Find a Route", which apparently don't exist on Epic. If I go to Freedom to finish it, I won't get sleep bonus on Epic (which is where I need it). Also, seems like it would be a sucky thing for a new player on Epic to run into.
  16. Chance to spawn 10x+ cave bugs when mining :D

    I'd also suggest that if the population of a certain kind of mob hits a critical state (more than X of mob in an area), some special kind of super-lair spawns, that can be subdued, perhaps like capturing a guard tower used to work, where waves of defenders are thrown at you until you win or are thrown back.
  17. Chance to spawn 10x+ cave bugs when mining :D

    Spawning based on fight skill smacks of rubber-banding, and I don't think I'd like that. I'd rather the scary monsters were always there, in a dangerous place, to avoid or explore as desired.
  18. What a misery :(

    It does, but probably not what you're thinking.
  19. Chance to spawn 10x+ cave bugs when mining :D

    Plenty to kill on Epic!