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  1. A New Elevation

    And champs! If nothing else, it's a good opportunity to get the "let's disable everything!" meme out of everyone's systems, and maybe the developers will get some good data.
  2. A New Elevation

    Not according to the developers.
  3. A New Elevation

    I've -got- Truestrike. (And Continuum, and 70+ strength, and so on....)
  4. A New Elevation

    Home servers should be a good place for new players to start. Some will migrate to Elevation, and some won't. Trying to force the population that would prefer home server gameplay to instead play on Elevation isn't going to work, though. As to a skill reset, if we keep our skills, I'll probably give the new Ele a shot. If not, I'll probably pass.
  5. A New Elevation

    Could always just temporarily disable the creation of sorcery staffs on the new Elevation.
  6. A New Elevation

    Steel mine doors are now a pain to make. If an alt had one of those, that simply means there was a significant amount of prep work done first, which, as far as I'm concerned, counts towards making the deed. A quick-made rock mine door, on the other hand, isn't too hard to bash down with a handful of players. In either case, you can't hide the token with a mine door: you'll be able to easily drain it. Honestly, sounds like a bigger issue is the initial cost of dropping a deed in PvP: perhaps that should get more expensive depending on distance from chain, proximity to enemy deeds, and other factors?
  7. A New Elevation

    So, I saw this in the poll: Is this referring to Smoke from Sol? If so, that a huge change that actually reverses the desirability of the tome pair: I'd rather have the Red Cherry -without- Smoke from Sol in that case (extra resistance to fall damage is almost meaningless in PvP, but extra poison resistance can help). I don't mind see Smoke nerfed, but if that's a permanent change, I'd want the option to pull Smoke off my toon.
  8. A New Elevation

    Picking fortress doors just seems OP silly to me! Also, saying it should be easy to break into fortifications that take many man-hours to make also seems silly to me. (There's a reason fortresses were usually sieged, not assaulted.) I don't have a problem at all with mine doors being as tough as they are, I just hate dirtwalls being essential to a fortress. I'd rather dirtwalls were impossible to make (max slope 40), the portcullis gate was impossible to pick, and fortresses were built around piles of masonry, not piles of dirt. I'd love to see tougher, more expensive walls, perhaps based on material type. At that, I'd also love to see traps, archery towers, and turrets actually be dangerous, plus defensive siege emplacements and additional guards to represent offline players. The whole "let's raid while players are offline" mechanic is silly too; as it stands now, mine doors give defenders a chance to show up before the raid's over. I wanna see this on a new map: Dirtwalls just wreck the landscape.
  9. A New Elevation

    I dunno, starting completely naked with a good toon could be interesting. :)
  10. This spell would work like "Reveal Creatures" or "Reveal Settlements", but simply find monuments. I'd also provide a rune equivalent. This would provide a good tool for certain missions.
  11. A New Elevation

    I'm still hoping the dirtwall meta will be entirely obliterated at some point, which would make mine door spam for dirtwall anchoring irrelevant.
  12. A New Elevation

    In my case, I'm completely burned out on Wurm skilling; I just can't go there again.
  13. A New Elevation

    I'd support that for a new Elevation. I'd also support the following: - Disable priests - Disable meditation - Disable moonmetal/drake/scale - Disable uniques - Disable transmutation - Disable dirtwalls (40 slope max terraforming for dirt and rock) - Disable item transfer from home servers - Disable Freedom and home server skills (locked flat 50 for everyone, except fight) - Disable Valrei missions - Disable mounts entirely (make a smaller map to compensate!)
  14. A New Elevation

    On skills resets, there's no way I'm grinding a toon again anywhere in Wurm; it's too painful now. The only way I see a skill reset working for me is if all prem toons that access Elevation (whether from Freedom, from home servers, or brand new toons) get flat 50 in all stats/skills (plus whatever curves), maybe 70 fight, with skillgain locked. -Maybe- make fight skill losable/gainable, but that's it. That would make Elevation all about building/fighting, and not about an arcane, frustrating skilling system.
  15. A New Elevation

    I really want to see dirtwalls nerfed to the ground (pun maliciously intended! ), so I'm going to harp on it a bit more: The reason mine doors are so powerful is that they anchor the dirtwall and prevent ramps from being made. If, however, the max slope of the dirtwall were 40 per tile, the mine door ramp-resistant meta becomes irrelevant, since the ramp is already there. That's a huge nerf to mine doors, without the potential bugginess of changing mine door mechanics. Mine doors would no longer delay draining deeds, and thus might not need direct nerfing at all. Additionally, make, say, portcullises unpickable, and you wouldn't even need rock layer to build a deed. (Mine doors really shouldn't be the only safe way in and out of a deed!)
  16. A New Elevation

    Another crazy idea: remove current uniques and unique spawns from home servers. I still see them as newbie-eaters and disruptors, not treasure troves. The long-term health of Epic would likely be improved if new players on home servers could play without getting chased across the map by hatchlings. I realize limiting uniques to Elevation could cause a snowball effect, in which case I'd say remove them from Elevation as well until uniques on Epic can be sorted better.
  17. A New Elevation

    I very much agree.
  18. A New Elevation

    Why not just remove ugly dirtwalls entirely? Nerf them down to 40 slope, like rocks. Would seem far cooler if the best fortifications you could build were stone walls! I'd look into the following: - Loosen the building restrictions on Elevation to allow bigger, true castles - Add a "huge door" that can't be picked, acts like a mine door hop, but -can- be catapulted/trebbed/rammed. - Balance strength of stone walls versus siege engines, probably to make it harder than now to punch through (but I'd leave that up to more experienced players) If we're going crazy, I might even add the ability for defensive siege emplacements.
  19. The "new" Food mechanic is horrible as well

    I went through the new Albion Online tutorial recently, and was pleasantly surprised at how well they introduced the player to the core concepts, without needing to dig through a wiki or help chat. In comparison, Wurm Online is bad, though I wouldn't blame the tutorial so much as the wonkiness of the game mechanics. Perhaps more importantly, blaming new players for noticing that is self-destructive. I can't say I really care any more, though.
  20. Patch Notes 25/APR/19 – Final Journal Tiers

    I have 144 Nomads.
  21. Patch Notes 25/APR/19 – Final Journal Tiers

    Just noticed that!
  22. Patch Notes 25/APR/19 – Final Journal Tiers

    On the journal tiers, I'm seeing an issue: - On "The Road Less Traveled", I have two goals sitting at 100%: "Complete 20 buildings", and "Travel 7500 km". I'm pretty sure the first can't be at 99.9%, and I find it hard to believe I somehow magically traveled 7499.99 km before the goal was released. I'm very thankful, however, the system knows some of what I've already done! EDIT: Forgot half completion only counts for unlocking next goal!
  23. Think like a Warmaster!

    I find Rifts repetitive, boring, and long, and I don't think I'm the only one. Standard procedure I've seen is luring as many trash mobs as you think you can handle, or archering the ogres/champs/warmaster to separate them from the crowd and defeat them. That's cheesy, and if I were a Warmaster, it would totally piss me off. So, to put on a Warmaster hat, here are some suggestions as to what -I'd- want. Perimeter discipline If any two-bit Wurmian comes trying to archer and lure one of my soldiers out of ranks, we send a rapid response squad of beasts and possible heavier units to the area. (You can never pull just one mob!) Summoners are responsible to replace beast losses, and as such are considered a rear unit. Protect the casters and summoners Spellcasters are powerful, and I want to protect them with my melee units. Every caster is assigned a jackal guard responsible for attacking and taunting anyone attacking the caster. The casters, in turn, cast spells as often as they are able. Caster squads may be called upon to respond to serious threats. If necessary, I may commit all available forces to an area. Personal guard I get my own contingent of ogres and ogre mages. I never go anywhere alone. Protect the altar A squad of heavy units is assigned to guard the altar from anyone thinking they can sneak in and burn hearts. This may simply be me and my personal guard. Shock reserves A squad of heavy units are on spawn standby for desperate situations. If I'm threatened, or the altar is threatened, I can drop my shock troops anywhere, anytime. Wrong side of bed? Depending on how I'm feeling, whether angry, scared, lurking, sly, etc., I may handle situations differently, or even organize my troops differently. Gotta keep the enemy guessing. If the above were implemented, I'd suggest reducing the number of waves to one. I think it would be less repetitive, deadlier, and far more interesting and fun.
  24. Two Birds, One Stone

    That's not my experience with the new players who've joined my village. They could tell they were leveling up very quickly, and they didn't want to go to Freedom, even though they knew Freedom skills would transfer. Also, I've heard multiple folks say the skilling system feels more natural and more fun (not just me!). F2P would help retain players who want to play sometimes, but not all the time (and I've seen that too). From what I've heard, the need to skill with low difficulty actions is unintended: all actions were supposed to be equal. I'd totally support making skilling at higher difficulties the same as it is now with low difficulty. Blaming the skilling system for people leaving Epic for Freedom when they had the chance is unfair, I think. I suspect that would have happened without any skill system changes. I could see some sense to woodcutting (felling/logging/kindling/etc.), but cutting trees down is really much more effective skillgain, as long as you have trees to chop (and on Ele, no shortage of them!). Arrowshafts sounds like a long way to grind fletching. Imping is much better (especially if you use a BSB/crate to convert imp-type to log, since you get double ML ticks, and imping with just a log is easy and can even be AFKd somewhat if your queue size is decent).
  25. Two Birds, One Stone

    Would love to know what they're grinding with creation spam. I suspect I've done the most leveling of anyone on Epic since the skillgain update, and creation spam isn't where it's at. (At a decent skill, fast actions mean you blow through creation and get even less skill for mats used, and you can't AFK it, even with a high queue size.) I'm assuming, of course, that "creation spam" indicates a skill that could be ground by imping, not something like locksmithing or metallurgy.