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  1. Astaria

    Was wondering if anyone was thinking of playing Asteria early access. No PvP, but what intrigues me is the idea of PvD: player vs. developer. It sounds like an MMO designed around unleashing Enki. :) From the site:
  2. LOL! I think I may be able to claim that nerf as a legacy.
  3. Ether, I think I'm in "personal" stage 4. :) I'm no longer playing, but haven't quite given up on what I did completely, yet, so I'm keeping what I built from decaying (i.e., spending silver on upkeep). Eventually I'll give up on that too. I don't think this Elevation reset is going to bring me back. Sure, it's a shiny new server, but even without skilling, the basic gameplay required (imping, enchanting, and all the repetitive unfunness required to get gear and build stuff) makes me feel sick now. :( At least from my perspective, Wurm was good to do once, but that's it.
  4. Yeah, I meant 150 per tile. I'd like to see it down to 40, but hey.
  5. The FoW looks cool! And only 150-slope walls: it's a start. :)
  6. Botanize and forage will shine on Elevation during the "roughing it, survival" phase after reset. The problem I see is that there is no regular "field" for the true strength of the skills.
  7. I think engineering and terraforming are the best of Wurm, and randomly destroying what players build is a really bad idea. The effort required to gather, engineer, and build -is- PvE, regardless of whether the E fights or not. Albion Online doesn't have anything like the engineering and terraforming possibilities of Wurm, but what you do build on your personal island won't ever decay or be destroyed, and I really, really, REALLY like that. I can leave Albion, come back a year later to try out a shiny new update, and everything I did will still be there. I find that respectful of my time and effort, and that builds loyalty.
  8. If you removed aggro from uniques, I'd be happy. Would give newbies on Epic a much better chance. Would also make the uniques harder to find, of course.
  9. And champs! If nothing else, it's a good opportunity to get the "let's disable everything!" meme out of everyone's systems, and maybe the developers will get some good data.
  10. Not according to the developers.
  11. I've -got- Truestrike. (And Continuum, and 70+ strength, and so on....)
  12. Home servers should be a good place for new players to start. Some will migrate to Elevation, and some won't. Trying to force the population that would prefer home server gameplay to instead play on Elevation isn't going to work, though. As to a skill reset, if we keep our skills, I'll probably give the new Ele a shot. If not, I'll probably pass.
  13. Could always just temporarily disable the creation of sorcery staffs on the new Elevation.
  14. Steel mine doors are now a pain to make. If an alt had one of those, that simply means there was a significant amount of prep work done first, which, as far as I'm concerned, counts towards making the deed. A quick-made rock mine door, on the other hand, isn't too hard to bash down with a handful of players. In either case, you can't hide the token with a mine door: you'll be able to easily drain it. Honestly, sounds like a bigger issue is the initial cost of dropping a deed in PvP: perhaps that should get more expensive depending on distance from chain, proximity to enemy deeds, and other factors?
  15. So, I saw this in the poll: Is this referring to Smoke from Sol? If so, that a huge change that actually reverses the desirability of the tome pair: I'd rather have the Red Cherry -without- Smoke from Sol in that case (extra resistance to fall damage is almost meaningless in PvP, but extra poison resistance can help). I don't mind see Smoke nerfed, but if that's a permanent change, I'd want the option to pull Smoke off my toon.