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  1. Master Crafter Modifications

    Yes, that was my line of thinking too (based on how armorsmithing titles work now).
  2. Master Crafter Modifications

    Ya, I wouldn't try to come up with unique traits for all titles within a skill. I'd scale the bonuses, and maybe include multiple bonuses. So, for instance: Farming (while using title): 50: +1 crop 70: +2 crop 90: +3 crop 100: +5 crop Shieldsmithing (while using title): 50: 2.5% QL per imp, 2.5% less damage taken modifier on shields created (say, a sturdy large metal shield) 70: 5% QL per imp, 5% less damage taken (an improved sturdy large metal shield, or if that's too much, a rugged large metal shield) 90: 7.5% QL per imp, 7.5% less damage taken (a masterwork sturdy large metal shield, or a reinforced large metal shield) 100: 15% QL per imp, 15% less damage taken (a legendary sturdy large metal shield, or an indestructible large metal shield) The "modifier of a modifier" nomenclature is probably clunky (especially if you throw the rarity system on top of it!). But using different names to represent the scaling (sturdy/rugged/reinforced/indestructible) could also work.
  3. Master Crafter Modifications

    That's one reason I'd want to tie such a bonus system to titles. So, just for example, to build on the "Sturdy" modifier: With the 50 title, 5% less damage taken; With the 70, 10% less; With 90, 15%; With 100, 20%. (Or something like that.)
  4. Priest overhaul testing

    Roger that. So Venom will be useless against uniques (which is fine, I just wanted to know ). Thanks!
  5. Master Crafter Modifications

    +1 to the basic idea, but I'd consider implementing it via the title system: 1) Unlock title via skillgain; 2) Complete unique title goals so you can use title's unique power; 3) Start master crafting while using that title. This means the most powerful versions of the additions would be bound to the level 100 title, while the weakest ones would be available at title 50. It also means there would be something to keep shooting for after level 100 in a skill. Finally, you wouldn't easily be able to craft these powerful additions on more than one or two types of item (since we have two title slots): you would need to specialize. (I figure there'd be a cooldown for switching title powers.)
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    Cool! Does this mean Venom will no longer glance against creatures, including uniques?
  7. Priest overhaul testing

    What about Venom and glancing?
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    I agree! I hope that change stays as-is.
  9. Option to delete afinity.

    I wish we could extract extra affinities into potions and sell them.
  10. I did some work in Unity with 3D cameras and viewpoints and shifting the plane of viewing/mouse-panning to dynamically hug the normals of terrain, and for me, at least, it was -hard- (I learned more about quaternions and euler angles than I ever wanted ). And this was just for a rough prototype, nothing production, and I never really got it where I wanted. So, this is a problem I can respect, at least.
  11. Fireplace overhaul

    +1. Would also love some way to do this from within a mine to the surface (I has smokestacks poking out of the ground! ).
  12. Expanding End-Game

    That could be interesting. Would love it if it were trolls or goblins, smarter than their wild cousins. (Could see war trolls calling for help from wild trolls... Drums...) I like this, as long as it was restricted to the NPC faction. If general mob AI were buffed, I'd hope for something to balance the chores (step off deed and get swarmed by smart wolves is maybe fun once or twice ).
  13. Diagonal bridges

    I like the basic idea of diagonal bridges, but yeah, sounds complicated.