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  1. The Gaussian Roll - Mathematical Analysis

    Thanks, Sindusk! Now I can hate RNG in detail. :) Seriously, I'd like to see the RNG generally tightened, to produce fewer outliers (and in some cases, removed outright, such as creation/imping failure).
  2. Mad Suggestions

    Quivers or no, I wanna be able to cast LT on bows! :) (Ideally, as a balanced, viable alternative to BT.)
  3. Unloading Crates from Crate Racks - Onto Ground

    +1. It would especially help when I make new crates next to a crate rack, and just want to load them in without having to load them into a vehicle first.
  4. Forum update complete

    Couple more things: - Emoticons don't always translate now. :) - Occasionally the posting form stops recognizing the arrow and enter keys. This never happened before, and while it's happening, I can open up a text file and have them working just fine. Reloading the page seems to clear it up, so copying what I'm posting, reloading the page, and pasting into a new post form is a workaround.
  5. Epic, Complete 180°

    Well, a developer asked, so... :)
  6. Epic, Complete 180°

    All right, here's my perspective (and since I didn't play much before the rework, this will not involve before/after comparisons): What's working: - Scenarios get people on home islands more involved in working together toward a single goal. - Missions are a logical draw to enemy islands. - The Valrei scenario concept feels more naturally "Epic" than HOTA. HOTA feels contrived to me, Valrei doesn't. What's not working: - Scenario wins seem largely determined by the initial RNG drop (and then by RNG spikes thereafter). Missions are often painful, require a great deal of dedication (and thus opportunity cost), and if it doesn't look like a god has a good chance, it's very easy for players to shrug, wait for the next scenario, and do something more important. - Missions do have good rewards, but they're often not enough to be worth it if you don't think you have a chance to win the scenario. (I wish you could accumulate more than 5 hours of sleep bonus via missions, for instance. If I'm at 5 hours, then I have less reason to work on missions.) - Mission difficulty ratings seem to have little resemblance to actual mission difficulty. Traitor missions, for instance, tend to be much harder to complete than their difficulty rating would suggest. - The missions themselves often feel contrived (how exactly does cutting down a tree aid my god?). I wish missions felt more relevant. I'll grant this is nebulous, and I don't really know how "relevant" missions would look. :) - As described by Alexgopen, the scenarios seem biased. - Gambling karma to commune is a downer. - Scenario reward distribution RNG can be a downer.
  7. Epic, Complete 180°

    Path of Exile does this, and it seems to work for them. Every new season/campaign brings a new round of rebalances, mechanics, items, etc. (I don't play it any more, by the way, too much RNG for me, but I did like the concept of seasons.)
  8. Complete EPIC wipe!

    I'd still like to see challenge-style maps on Jackal, Seris, or Valrei, with appropriate scenery and mobs....
  9. Forum update complete

    Looks like I'm no longer being logged out.
  10. blackpowder guns and cannon

    If we get cannon, I want coquina for walls. From Wikipedia: Also: I've visited the fort, and the energy-absorbing nature of its walls are quite impressive. You can see the places where cannons hit it, and simply scooped out a tiny bit of the coquina. With coquina walls, we could laugh at cannons. :P Note that it would be a time-consuming material to prepare to build with:
  11. Forum update complete

    I have the "remember me" button checked, but I'm getting auto-logged-out quite a bit.
  12. [Epic] Circumnavigation

    Player participation is inversely proportional to travel times. The more travel time required to accomplish a task, the fewer people will have time to do it. This may be good from a raid defense perspective, but I'd rather decrease travel times, and balance home server protection some other way.
  13. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    Why are shoulder pads only for looks on PvP servers?