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  1. Valrei International. 068

    I'd rather allow anyone to be priests, and then add a bunch of priest skills. The true class distinction in Wurm is the time require to level up a skill; opportunity cost is Wurm's strength. I see no need for hard, static classes. So, if you wanted to learn all priest and crafting skills, you could do so, but it would take a very long time.
  2. Ship Building Legend Title

    Nautilus Waverunner Seamaster And my favorite: Ancient Mariner
  3. Everything that comes to mind starts with "Hold my beer..."
  4. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    My favorite method was to make needles: you use minimal resources, and for one action you get -two- items you can throw out (the needle and an iron scrap).
  5. QOL - Meditation

    I automate information technology for a living, so finding extra clicking desirable is extremely alien to me.
  6. +1 to better UI design (will be interesting to see how the new UI handles this).
  7. QOL - Meditation

    By the way, you can (or could) bypass the ten-tile requirement simply by relogging. At any rate, I don't see that moving ten tiles does anything useful; I'd deep six that mechanic.
  8. Hitched, cared-for bison vanishing on server restart

    Every time this has happened, my wagon has been in a cave during a server restart. I did a support ticket this time, and the GMs saw that the bison ID was still hitched to my wagon, but the bison no longer existed on the server. (And they kindly replaced my bison; thanks, guys!) So, if this happens, I recommend -not- unhitching the wagon until GMs can examine it and prove it.
  9. [No Bug]Odd mission difficulty

    Hmm. Because the materials are so valuable and hard to find, it just makes sense to wait until the mission expires (maybe push missions somewhere else instead), especially in this scenario, where Mag has the inside track to the win. Obvious "don't-do-me" missions seem like a bad thing, but I'll grant more people playing could change that.
  10. [No Bug]Odd mission difficulty

    Got a mission to create 16 sacrificial knives, listed as a 2/7 mission: If my math's right, creating 16 knives would cost 48 sapphires, 48 rubies, and 16 diamonds (not counting the silver/leather). By way of comparison, I had previously completed a 2/7 creation mission for 16 bookshelves, which cost 32 shafts, 64 large nails, and 128 planks. Are 2/7 difficulty missions supposed to swing so wildly in -actual- difficulty? Getting 100+ (specific) gems is far harder than getting 100+ planks. At any rate, I'm not complaining; I needed a break from missions anyhow. The balance here just seems odd, and it seems like maybe sacrificial knives are getting pulled into something they shouldn't have.
  11. Less smoke from fireplaces

    +1 to chimneys and fixing forges/ovens from poking up.
  12. Hitched, cared-for bison vanishing on server restart

    Lost another one, same way.
  13. Non-specific Fo creation mission

    Got another one: This applies to steel sabatons, but not iron. (Didn't try any others.)
  14. Fo mission on Serenity not respawning again

    Looks like it happened again, and this time I noticed a pattern: two missions had ended (for completion or expiration) near the same time, and both were waiting to be respawned. That's what happened the first time in this thread, as well. In both cases, the other god's mission respawned in fifteen minutes, but Fo's didn't. (The first time was Mag, this time was Lib, so it doesn't seem to matter which enemy god.)