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  1. Would make swords more interesting and useful (in PVP at least) if you could deliberately switch between doing all pierce damage or all slash damage. (Also, not having control over such a fundamental aspect of swordplay seems odd.)
  2. Why do we need to prop up prices of 90QL weapons? If buying and selling is the be-all, end-all of Wurm, then there's a much more fundamental problem: every resource can be found nearly everywhere, and thus deeds don't have to specialize function based on location the way nations have had to in RL. That's why hard-to-make items are what the current economy revolves around. To fix that: - Make certain raw materials only available on specific islands, and no one island gets everything; - Remove mailboxes*. *As a bonus, force Freedom trade routes through Chaos. As an added bonus, make ship combat more interesting. (I wanna see ships aflame and foundering in the water! ) Presto, we have a much more realistic foundation for an economy.
  3. Combining rares to make supremes doesn't seem to fit the lore. I'd rather see more effort made to making all rares worth something. For example: - Rare statuettes actually do provide an enchant power bonus (1/2/3); - Rare shafts can be combined with rare longsword blades to make a rare longsword; - Rare quivers hold more arrows (1/2/3); If more rares had functional value, then perhaps the market for them would improve. At that, however, since we already have a saccing mechanic to consume rares, perhaps make saccing a rare provide a permanent skill bonus like supremes/fantastics (shift the supreme-size bonus to rares, the fantastic to supreme, and make something bigger for fantastics). That might take care of any rare excess issue.
  4. I'm not inherently against doing something more with tomes, but I'd like it to be lore-relevant. Simply crafting a tome out of a myriad of small pieces seems odd. My limited understanding is that a tome is both knowledge and a container charged with arcane power (that dissolves the tome when released, at least on Epic). Simply from a lore perspective, how would that be crafted? I can see three fundamental steps: 1) Acquiring the specific knowledge required to craft a specific tome; 2) Crafting the tome "container"; 3) Charging the tome. Step 1) could involve researching alchemical experiments to unlock knowledge. I'd love to see that require high levels of alchemy and natural substances, and log-keeping of the results of various reactions and reagents (perhaps with new alchemical gear: alembics, etc.). Step 2) could involve advanced papyrus/ink-making (perhaps it could even require rare paper, although I'm hesitant on that point; perhaps rarity would simply add potential charges to the resulting tome). Step 3) could maybe involve assembling rare ingredients (blood, moonmetal, or something else new) in "powerful" locations to charge the tome. It probably shouldn't involve saccing or favor.
  5. By the way, seems odd that a LitD pendulum can't find an underground traitor from the surface, when in its natural state a pendulum can find underground water from the surface.
  6. Thanks, Gary! When I'm suitably unfrustrated I may have to give that a try.
  7. Soul stats are around 24, I think. I do get failure messages, but not always.
  8. Starting new servers and then letting them linger won't solve the problem, for sure. The model I see is more like Challenge, relatively short-term islands that everyone knows up front will be replaced. One difference from Challenge would be that any skills gained during the scenario would be translated back to the source cluster, so players wouldn't be thinking they could be grinding on Epic/Freedom instead of playing the scenario. (I'd really only do these scenarios on Epic, though.) The key, though, is that these islands can't simply be rehashes of existing islands. Each time they need to explore something new: whether mechanics, weapons, items, biomes, etc.
  9. It's not the market, it's people. Wurm needs -new- people. Do you really think tweaking the market will do that? One real problem is that Wurm Online no longer presents a true new player experience. By that, I mean starting new on a new island with everyone else new too. That's a huge missing piece to this puzzle. For Wurm to attract new players, it needs to provide that again, somehow.
  10. If Wurm were ever so optimized for the "economy", I would be done.
  11. So, I went after another traitor mission, rode all over the area, and once again LitD never picked up anything. Was wondering though: does it look underground, or would I need to be underground for it to look there? Also, the only traitor mission I ever did successfully was because it was a tortoise (very rare then), and I had just spotted a tortoise in the area prior the mission. I went back, and it had been converted to a traitor. Does that still work the same way, so that an existing creature on the map gets changed to the traitor, or is a brand-new creature spawned now?
  12. +1
  13. But, but, think of the lore! Kitchen tables are -real-. Who ever in a RL estate prepared at the kitchen raft? (Now for long journeys, a chuck wagon makes sense, but we don't have those sorts of nomadic mechanics or pressures in Wurm.)