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  1. If automation is really that bad and lots of clicking is good, then we might as well remove queueing entirely, and add more clicks to every process. By the way, there -is- a sandbox game in development that does this much, much better than Wurm, and it's called Kenshi. (And I've put a lot of time into it!) Unfortunately, it's not an MMO, and doesn't include terraforming. Nevertheless, the automation (when it works) makes that game a lot of fun. I can play two chars, set my armorsmith going with resources, a workbench, and an armor chest to put finished goods, and go out hunting with another char, without needing to constantly babysit the armorsmith. You all's definition of gameplay and enjoyment is remarkably different than mine. At any rate, I'm certainly in the market for an MMO sandbox that knows how to do this. The irony is that Wurm is big enough to not need clicky, mind-numbing processes to disguise lack of content....
  2. We have a saying where I work (and no doubt it's more common that that), we can do the job well, cheap, or quickly. Pick two out of three. And that's very real. One thing I like about Wurm is that it can be real enough that I feel it when something real like the above is missing. That's why I made the suggestion in the first place. (I get a similar odd feeling when I'm being chased by something nasty like a spirit, but I can't command my horse to gallop, and it decides to plod sedately along. That simply isn't real, and yeah, there's another suggestion. ) Anyhow, I'm not stuck on the suggestion, and I do appreciate that you took the time to detail why you didn't like it.
  3. I fully agree. Right now the gameplay capabilities of non-priests versus priests is itself a huge imbalance. Priests need more skills that non-priests can't access, enough that they have hard decisions to make as to what to develop. In fact, I'd suggest as a future target that priests have as many unique priest skills as there are imping-required skills. (I'm assuming we're sticking with the model that priests can't imp/continue.) At the same time, I'm not sure that splitting what priests can already do into those hard options would be a good thing (like having individual spell skills for enchanting, attacking, healing, transmutation, etc.). In that case, something more would need to be added.
  4. +1
  5. Why is there a five hour limit in the first place? Would be nice if prem accounts just accrued it indefinitely.
  6. One of the first things I remember seeing when looking into Wurm was that playing multiple chars was encouraged, and I've taken Wurm up on that and started a premium alt. What I've discovered, though, is that due to how queueing works, I really can't play both of mine. Either I focus on one, and let the other sit idle, or vice versa. Yeah, I can swap and hit a button to queue up a few actions, but that's very inefficient. What I would very much like is to be able to tell my priest, "pray until further notice", or my crafter, "imp until further notice, and take breaks when you run out of stamina", so that I could do something active with the other character. I'd also set up notifications such that the client window would flash if the background character were forced to stop an automated task, for whatever reason (out of resource, attacked, etc.). For me, at least, that would free up personal gameplay bandwidth such that I could put more money into the game to play more chars at once. As it is, however, I can barely grind two. Would be nice if the game mechanics lived up to the billing and actively encouraged playing multiple characters. (Yes, this would make Mind Logic as-is obsolete, but I suspect we could find something else useful for it to do.)
  7. I agree. I'm grinding a priest now, and one obvious thing I see is that while my crafter/fighter has an enormous array of skill lines to choose from, my priest has almost no choices at all. You absolutely need Faith and Channeling (and the other religion skills, except Exorcism, just fall in line). Farming/Meditation are obvious skills to work on (and I suppose depending on priest Locksmithing could be good), and the Nature skills in general seem good. But there doesn't seem to be much, if anything, to decide between. A priest is a very "thin" character to play, simply due to the exceedingly small number of skilling choices. A priest inherently feels like an alt; if all I was doing was priesting, I'd be bored. Yeah, I could level up all the non-imping skills, but that's more a luxury than anything else; it's not a hard choice like my crafter/fighter is constantly facing. Long-term, I would definitely look at priests from the standpoint of giving them more choices. Fix that, and maybe more folks would play them as an actual class instead of an alt.
  8. You could also argue that aggressive/normal/defensive fight stances are already accounted for by player combat decisions (weapon, movement, choice to engage), and are thus a tad redundant. Not buying it. For instance, I was especially thinking of mining: fast actions for quick tunneling, slow actions to maximize ore QL. (I'll grant the need to go faster may be more of a thing on Epic, but on the other hand, if implemented on both Epic and Freedom, an action system like this could potentially replace the 2x action timer thing on Epic, bringing it more in sync with Freedom.) Your immersive/engaging comment seems odd to me. If I'm at a 1% create chance, and by "flipping a switch" I improve my chance to 2%, how exactly have I nullified all the systems you describe? The very idea that I shouldn't be able to decide how I work is itself more of an immersion-killer.
  9. Yeah, we're back around to the whole why are we being rewarded for using low QL tools. If it were me, it would take X base playtime to get to level 100 in Y skill, and tool QL, enchants, sleep bonus, and affinities would all decrease that, usage would equal skillgain, and I'd balance accordingly. It's the time taken that really matters, not the persnicketiness of the journey. Ah well.
  10. Yes, the deed has a templar.
  11. Hmm. Quick actions aren't something I associate with skill grinding (at least on Freedom). If someone is using high QL, WoA tools, are they really going to be using sleep bonus? That may be less of an issue than it appears. Anyhow, I really like the idea to make sleep bonus only be consumed during action duration. As to fighting, I wouldn't mind at all if sleep bonus just ran for the duration of melee combat, and then stopped once no enemies were in melee range. The game already tracks that, might not be hard to piggyback on it. HFC is definitely sticky, but I suppose you could do something like if you get a skill tick outside an action timer, each tick automatically consumes a minimum amount of sleep bonus (whatever that would be).
  12. I've noticed this as well on Epic.
  13. You all are comfortable with how Wurm works now, and I get that. I also get that the developers have to choose between pleasing the existing customer base and trying to change Wurm to attract more customers. Nevertheless, only a few thousand or so people choose to play Wurm in their spare time. Nearly everyone else who could play Wurm would rather do something else, and I can see why. Wurm is often frustrating, arcane, and downright fiddly in places it simply doesn't need to be. Wurm's strength is presenting an immersive world where there is so much that can be done it's hard to choose what you want to do. These quirks you all hold dear aren't necessary to make that work, and rather, they get in the way of more people enjoying Wurm.
  14. The deed of which I am villager has been overrun by inadvertent criminals. Even with lawful checked, you can still do illegal stuff that messes with settlement rep and makes you hunted, like leveling/mining, which are two things that got me. (I also went hunted on an allied deed when I tried to groom my own horse. Huh?) Basically, make the lawful button actually work. (I also find it odd that committing illegal activity against your own deed makes your deed get a bad rep. In PVP, that means if my own villager steals from my deed too much, another deed can declare war on me? I don't get it. )
  15. Might be interesting if we could have action stances they way we have fight stances: "quick and dirty" for quick action completion but lower QL/success, "normal" for what we have now, and "slow and careful" for slower action completion but higher QL/success. (I realize the skillgain system probably messes this up, but it might work on Epic.)