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  1. PvP Holidays

    You have certainly confirmed my suspicions. Seriously, though, your statements assume everyone is simultaneously getting away with it, without hindering each other. You don't think there would be fierce combat contesting any of above, given the "zero risk" nature of the combat itself? Curiously, based on your own comment, I can see that my suggestion isn't zero risk at all. Rather, the risk moves from potential item loss to potential enemy moves. The right answer is no longer sitting on deed; you've -got- to be on the prowl, otherwise, your enemy will get a leg up.
  2. PvP Holidays

    What I'm curious about is how many people would charge out to PvP, if they had nothing to lose. Do people -just- PvP because of loot?
  3. PvP Holidays

  4. PvP Holidays

    Was thinking it might be interesting, if on rare occasions, for a 24 hour period or so, we had PvP "holidays", in which looting of corpses was disabled, skills/affinities stayed put, and everyone who died always kept their loot. If only as an experiment, I'd like to see that.
  5. Minor Changes Round 2

    - Chaos is backed by Freedom. How much more loot would there be on Chaos if Freedom wasn't there to provide a safe haven (or a place to sell)? - "Reward" for a raid is other people's time and effort, and the easier it is to steal that, the more people will quit PvP or Wurm altogether. It -should- be extremely hard to get deed loot. Looting a deed is like eating the eggs out of a nest. PVP can be loot-driven, which tends to consume its own population, or it can be accomplishment-driven. World of Tanks is a good example of a PvP game with long grinds but no looting, and people ceaselessly throw themselves into combat. Bottom line, the easier the looting, the less the PvPing.
  6. Minor Changes Round 3 (Item Specific)

    -1 to bow damage; not interested in more chores. I'm not opposed, however, to item sinks of other kinds that would encourage people to skill up bowyery (everyone in your kingdom gets an archery bonus for X time if you sac Y number of 90+ QL bows...) +1 to bow packs. Or, as an inbetween option, simply ignore enchants on arrows and use demise and attack spells on the bow (Bloodthirst needs some competition). Oh, another possibility is making arrows free of creation QL constraints, like mallets/files.
  7. Minor Changes Round 2

    I'll grant the merchant suggestion seems obvious, and as to minedoors, a simpler solution would be to disable imping/replacement operations on them while they are being bashed (that seems silly too). Nevertheless, the general thrust of these suggestions favors attackers, and I'm opposed to tipping the balance any more in favor of offense. Let's see turrets and archery towers actually be useful/dangerous, and fencing in guard towers fixed. I also think we should have thick walls (an entire tile?) that would be -much- harder to catapult, and as well as massive barred doors that can't be picked. (Think the gate/walls of Minas Tirith. Why did the orcs bother with the huge battering ram Grond when they could have just picked the lock! ) Would also love to see fixed siege emplacements for wall-based, counter-battery fire (buildable on top of those thick walls).
  8. Crafting window - 3rd box

    I also like the idea of using a tool for everything, since it would mean enchants/imbues would be more useful.
  9. Tutorial grade resources at starter towns

    In all fairness, "instant gratification" is a broad term, that can range from wanting 90+ stats and all tomes now, to just wanting to cut down one's first tree. Perhaps Wurm really isn't the game for that guy, but even so, I'd focus on "zero gratification", those moments when a player trying the game, whether through failure or confusion, simply can't do something. The more a new player experiences that, the more likely they are to fail a "why am I playing?" check, and do something else. Using instant gratification to dismiss the effects of zero gratification is counterproductive. Rather, Wurm is a game of "gradual gratification", and doling out consistent small doses of gameplay gratification to draw in and retain players would seem to be a better strategy. (Hey, I started a fire! Hey, I made a mallet!)
  10. Tutorial grade resources at starter towns

    I almost wonder if there shouldn't be a tutorial instance per new player, so they can have all the resources they need to learn the basics. Maybe even have missions that will award a few skill points in certain skills (chop wood for +5 levels in woodcutting).
  11. Valrei map

    I'm impressed you can see the whole map; I always get a truncated half-map.
  12. Updates the current pvp community want

    If GMs can't PvP, doesn't that mean they will increasingly not understand the day-to-day reality of the PvP servers?
  13. Changing weight force re-checks horse speed traits

    Sounds like a potential exploit to boost speed when the horse is going slow. I thought riders preferred spurs, but hey, if rummaging in the saddlebags wakes up the horse.... I wonder if that works for a cart/wagon, if you add/remove weight from the cargo?
  14. I'd love to be able to view my character's statistics, such as base combat rating, damage, or resistances, broken down as needed by body part/armor piece, and see how they change as I, say, swap gear or cast spells. The implementation could be as simple as showing resistances/CR via a tooltip from hovering over equipped armor/weapon/body part. Or, it could be a new, RPG-style panel in the character window (the way you can select through seeing your wounds to seeing your outside appearance), and it could include tooltip breakdowns showing the effects from armor + strength + spells + tomes on the totals. I think this would help new players out quite a bit, and personally, I have a lot of fun watching the numbers. I may not know how 80% slash resistance translates to combat, but I know 81% is better than 80%.
  15. Updates the current pvp community want

    Huh? What I saw was a lot of people leave Epic for Freedom/Chaos (including, notably, the OP). We do have Freedomers popping over to Epic, and a few folks from Chaos, but the trend has been the other way. Really, though, I don't think this is an Epic versus Chaos thing. To me, the old timers sound -bored-, and neither Epic or Chaos can resolve that.