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  1. Hello, WTB 1x potion of tailoring pm with offer or in game "Karkas" Thanks
  2. Hello together o/ after a break from Wurm we went back to Siren's Call. Yesterday we start the work. Much work on the deed to do now. Complet new build. If the stock of vegi and herb filled up I start again make some delicious pizza. So be tune in for the progress
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    Sure, if I'm back I will cod it.
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    Close pls
  5. All 23 order's filled and send. Stay open for new order's.
  6. If I'm back, I send you the pizza. send to darrellbeaugez [09:28:09] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    still looking for
  8. The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Pizza send.
  9. Exil Affinity Cooking Service We offer affinity food for everyone. You get a test meal and let us know which affinity you get from this meal. Than tell us which affinity you want. After a short time you get the fresh pizza. The pizza comes wrapped to slower the decay. One bite gives 3h affinity buff and full CCFP. The pizza has around 6.5kg and cost 11 copper including Cod. Affinity pizza 16 copper including Cod. If you want a filler Pizza with 20 kg we can make this for 25 copper. Post here or contact me ingame Karkas. Any questions??? Feel free to PM If you eat the Pizza hot you will get up to 87 Nutrition. Nutrition give a passive skill gain + above 60 Nutrition for each 10 points Nutrition above 60 you get more % skill gain passive + 10 % Affinity skill gain from the food. *Now with 3 h Affinity buff first bite*
  10. send to Kain
  11. Hiya , two things on sale ..... rare large shield cederwood ql 13 3s rare lantern iron ql 44 2s i mail the stuff as soon i can