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  1. best enchanted items

    hammer, iron 88ql COC74 - 75c whetstone 100ql BOTD73 - 45c pickaxe, iron 70ql BOTD70 - 55c Cod to Kokoyo please Cheers
  2. File (Iron) 77 Q - CoC 78 0.55 Silver Sorry I forgot to add this! Cod to Kokoyo aswell please. Cheers
  3. Pelt (Rat 0.2kg) 92 Q - CoC 97 1.20 Silver CoD to Kokoyo please Cheers
  4. All good! Thanks for the good service, as always.
  5. Hello Order for today: QL 68 Large Shield, Oakenwood c78 (45c) QL 80 Huge Axe LT81 Ms77 N73 C72 +any demise (3s) QL 85 Hatchet w82 c62 (105c) QL 88 Carving Knife w90 c74 (140c) QL 85 Mallet, Oak c83 w62 (100c) QL ~23 Butchering Knife c60 (10c) QL 75 oak Grooming Brush w73 c69 (71c) QL ~40 Sickle c97 (225c) QL ~50 Saw c92 (105c) cod to Kokoyo please Thanks!
  6. Hello! Please cod these to Kokoyo. Clay w69 c69 (50c)Clay c75 w57 (50c) Thank you very much Have a great day
  7. This looks great, gj! Is it possible and permitted to use in WO? Thanks!
  8. Thank you for the purchases everyone! All mortar sold.
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  12. Bumpy!
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  14. All sold, please close!