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  1. Wait, I have seal based moisturizer? I haven't received any commission on this product.
  2. Per title, just cod to Grifo ingame if you want to sell me some.
  3. Singing

    LOL yea, let's take it back to our og YouTube spam link.
  4. That would work too, considering most of us grow BULK wemp, and we arent crushing as we harvest, it is quite annoying since there is a 100 per cap with a emptied alt inventory to crush.
  5. Now that we are back to cordage ropes for favor, I suggest that we can crush wemp inside of a bsb. Allow us to right click the plants inside the bsb>crush>choose qty to crush> starts a timer to crush so its not a instant 20k are crushed, but saves from having to pull out crush, put back in repeat.
  6. Getting a bit ridiculous, supposedly "fixed" the lag we had before the change, but we had more and now the server down for several hours. lame
  7. I cannot tell the story of my name without getting in trouble. If you want to know my story, pm me and I'll tell you.
  8. Retro mention in his stream he wanted his name added to the pool for horse names. I am suggesting we add Bluto into it for him.
  9. +1 I want to punch some seals with enchanted knuckledusters
  10. [12:28:09] <Pandylynn> and lots of seals. terrible place 1/10 stars
  11. Secret thread

    This is a secret thread to make Gary jokes, don't tell anyone. Hi Gary
  12. I think its time we should be able to be able to grow cocoa beans. Everything else but cocoa beans and nettles(as far as I know) are farmable. Let us use the new planter boxes to grow the beans in. Edit: Shydow brought to my attention, sassafras+nutmeg can't be farmable. Why not add all four items to the farmable list.
  13. Jk has two because there was template JK, and then the PMK JKC.