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  1. Varlen II (Inactive)

    Thanks! I'll do that.
  2. Varlen II (Inactive)

    I haven't had any of those people yet but sure, it's for a certain kind of thick-skinned person. I realise most people won't appreciate this server but I'm reminding people that we're here just in case.
  3. Varlen II (Inactive)

    We're still here (three of us) Come be one of the first settlers of a hardcore, permanent server.
  4. Varlen II (Inactive)

    I have so many horses and cows now... if anyone wants to set up on the starting island (it is the large mid-north island), I can provide a breeding pair of both.
  5. Varlen II (Inactive)

    I hate to have to write this but something is wrong with the server at the moment. I think it is probably an issue with the host rather than our game files because I was the only person when it started and all I was doing was farming. Basically you can't seem to do anything in game. You can log in but if you move a few blocks or try to do anything it will teleport you back. It resembles minecraft lag on heavily modded packs. I am hoping it is sorted out by the morning. And we're back... that was about a half hour down time... as far as I know, no one else was trying to get online but apologies if you were affected.
  6. Varlen II (Inactive)

    Varlen is slowly but surely growing. There have been three of us consistently on each day this month.
  7. Varlen II (Inactive)

    Thanks Jaz, positivity is appreciated today
  8. Varlen II (Inactive)

    I am not banning anyone for macroing, no. But I was told by another server owner that there are mods that give players control of the server and that they can intentionally corrupt the data. I had never heard of this but I clarified that this wouldn't be allowed. Edit: I removed this from the post to calm down people like you. "I don't think anybody in their right mind would play on..." This server was never for people like you, so kindly refrain from attacking other people's more hardcore preferences. I *was* happily playing with 1,000 minimum mining hits until I discovered it was actually much more than 1.000 due to, I guess, 1,000 being too high a number for that setting to work as expected. Seeing as I am paying for the server and I was enjoying it, I am not sure why you feel the need to comment. I will also say that there aren't "other issues with the map". There was literally one issue that was inherent to the map, not enough clay. Manually adding clay is frustrating but not as absurd as it sounds as it is a small map with a lot of water and it is preferable to redoing the map.
  9. Varlen II (Inactive)

    Update: We are going to trial having free deeds for a couple of months. You still have to pay upkeep.
  10. Varlen II (Inactive)

    I'm afraid this server is just wasting my money at the moment. I have let it run for months and months with extremely low activity because I had promised that it would be permanent, but it has just gotten ridiculous. So, the loopholes I am using now are: 1. It is now permanent on Google Drive; you can download the full server files here and run it as-is (I recommend PingPerfect) to get exactly the same results. You are welcome to host it yourself. If we are being honest, even running it privately on your own computer is going to be the same experience as this server currently is. 2. It hasn't ended because I will definitely bring the server back online at some point in the future, either whenever I next have a Wurm phase, or sooner if people comment here letting me know they wish they could come back on. If the former, I probably won't advertise it here, so let me know in the comments if you want it back. Please only comment if you would actually rejoin the server when it is back.
  11. Wrong section

    You're right I will clear this and post it in the Mixed section.
  12. Aelbia

    Update: This has finally been fixed. You can no longer start as Mol Rehan.
  13. Aelbia

    NOTICE: This server appears to be totally dead so I am making use of it - changing settings to my personal preference. Aelbia is a 8192x8192 paradise waiting for you to tame it. Everything is possible, but none of it will be easy. Can you make something of yourself? A tour of the starter Freedom Isles town:
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  15. Moving this server thread, please delete.
  16. Moving this server thread, please delete.
  17. I was busily training my fighting skill to 20 when something occurred to me that I thought I would mention here: The practice doll could be for training your fighting skill when it is an odd number. When it is an even number, you gain fighting skill by sparring with another player. This would keep things a bit more interesting.
  18. Moving this server thread, please delete.
  19. I noticed today that when a character fasts, they don't lose a fat layer, allowing them to fast indefinitely. Perhaps this was a side effect of the cooking update? This is on a dedicated WU server, updated to
  20. Moving this server thread, please delete.
  21. Moving this server thread, please delete.
  22. Moving this server thread, please delete.
  23. Moving this server thread, please delete.