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  1. Thanks@Brash_Endeavorsfor making these banners! We now have a server entry on
  2. Beta starts in 8 minutes.
  3. The Beta starts on Wednesday at 6pm UK time. I realize that's a bit early but hey that's 3am on Thursday in South Korea. All who participate in the Beta will be added to the beta channel on discord and be able to vote on the settings that will make it into the final version of the Endless Isles. Thank you to everyone who has been contributing maps during the Alpha. We have enough to have a very full map. I will reveal it tomorrow.
  4. So I have finally learned to mod and my first two contributions to this server are: 1. Money is now given to all players regardless of whether they are online or not. As such, I am reducing the payment to about a third of what it was (70 iron instead of 2 copper). This is to balance out the experience of those who have more play time and those who have less. 2. I isolated the BankBalanceAction from sindusk's servertweaks mod, so you can now check your balance in game by right clicking your body. I hadn't wanted to add the whole servertweaks mod without needing it. This brings up what to do about alts. You will have two options. 1. You can have alts that don't interact with your other main characters (even indirectly, like trading with someone on condition of another trade with the alt). Do this if you are approaching your alt as a separate playthrough. 2. You can have servant alts. They must have "Loyal" at the start of the name. All players whose names start with "Loyal" are not credited by what I am calling the Universal Basic Income mod. I want to be clear that I don't allow macros at all in case this sounded like Loyal accounts were for macroing.
  5. I'm also changing this to a 150 border, I think that will be enough. Update: I'm not even sure we're going to get the amount of islands where it matters so send me any kind of island you like.
  6. If the map is irregular (not square) like yours (Ozma) then we can probably fit it together with others with a smaller border. There's also the option of me programmatically resizing some of the bigger ones if we need to. So feel free to send me anything and I'll see what I can do with it.
  7. For future islands, please design them with a border of 150 tiles. It looks likely, based on alpha polling, that we are going to try to fit 5x5 maps together with swimming distance between them.
  8. Polls are now closed and future votes will happen in the alpha and beta channels on discord. In about an hour, the Alpha will start (2am UK time). We have 10 islands to explore already!
  9. Today I noticed that the 1.5 checkpoint of Stable Diffusion was out and it was time to play with it again. It occurred to me to try heightmaps. Most of the time I got 3d maps, which weren't useful in spite of being pretty: I found that I was getting quite decent results when I left out keywords that would change it to grayscale: But of course I needed it to be grayscale. Then I thought about ways to salvage these images. I tried using this one: I loaded it up into GIMP and I: 1. Reduced saturation to zero (turns into grayscale) 2. Inverted colors so that lighter is higher 3. Resized it to 1024x1024 (would need to be whatever size the map will be) 4. Gaussian blurred it to smooth it out 5. Fixed the edges with a soft black brush 6. Saved as 16-bit grayscale And this was the result: All those steps were very straightforward and didn't require any careful thought. I put this into Wurm Generator FX: I didn't spend much time on this but I believe it is a solid proof of concept. If you want to try generating height maps, you can use Stable Diffusion either on your own pc (if you know how to code in python and have an NVIDIA graphics card) or on one of the sites that offer free daily credits, such as All Stable Diffusion requires as an input is words. So for example, the prompts I used were: heightmap continents grayscale heightmap fantasy continents grayscale heightmap fantasy island 16-bit grayscale heightmap, fantasy continent, 16-bit grayscale tangram heightmap, fantasy island continent, black and white Every prompt will create something different (and even the same prompt will create something different if you use a different seed, but changing the prompt is more likely to change the structure of the image).
  10. Second island submissions can be given to me as soon as it is Wednesday in the UK. There is still time until then to provide a first island submission if you haven't.
  11. What time would you like to start the Endless Isles Alpha? I have offered 4 times, shown in GMT and EST.
  12. 1. Regarding One Tile Mining: One Tile Mining is actually something I wanted to add but it threw server errors on server startup yesterday so it is currently gone. The rest of the mods I currently have seem to be working fine. Here are the interesting mods: Better Digging (Dig to ground, use vehicles to dig, etc) Crop Mod (No crop decay) Fire Burn Time (See remaining burn time) Harvest Helper (see upcoming seasons) Move Mod (faster movement) Timed Pay (get money just by being online as I mentioned in the settings) Wyvern Anti Cheat (anti Xray, the anti ESP module is not enabled for performance reasons. Anti Xray has been tested and it works.) 2. Regarding bulk separated and bulk transfer: Players will get to vote on many mods during beta but let me begin by putting my foot down on one matter: We are simply not going to be messing with the vanilla storage system: I consider the vanilla storage system to be nicely balanced with good tradeoffs between storage types I'm not sure Bulk Transfer even accomplishes anything anymore? In vanilla WU, you can transfer hundreds between crates, bsbs, and wagon crate/bsbs with a single click There's perfectly reasonably workarounds (like just crafting more bsbs if you need separation) and the remaining limitations aren't at all game-breaking Most mod bugs just result in lost functionality, an error in the server log and you simply remove the mod; meanwhile, storage mod bugs are much more likely to be apocalyptic, and it seems even the Bulk Transfer mod is not immune 3. Regarding Salves labelled with their power and Disable Fog Spiders: Up to Beta players. Not too bothered but I am not personally convinced these are necessary. There will be a vote on this during Beta. 4. Regarding AshProduce and SimpleConcrete: Up to Beta players. I have good memories of filling massive areas with Runescape-levels amounts of campfires to fund my rock manipulation activities. This provided a rare usefulness for the Firemaking skill. There will be a vote on this during Beta. 5. Regarding post boxes and religion: There will be a vote on both during Beta, and they aren't mutually dependant. We can have mail without religion with the No Mail Cost mod that places a Courier enchant on them when they are spawned, and we can have religion without mail by disabling the Courier spell via the Spellcraft mod. If you are wondering: Why the hell would anyone not want mail? The answer is that without it, the distances between places becomes more meaningful and ships become more used. But I'll leave that up to players in the Beta. And the reason for no religion is: I personally enjoy a more pure feudal simulation, and LowKeyTrixter can't take advantage of the in-game religion for personal reasons. But that also will be at the mercy of Beta players. Just remember: fun depends on limitations. Sometimes removing a limitation can make the game less interesting and sometimes adding one can make it interesting in a way you hadn't even considered before. But this server is not about forcing challenging gameplay on players so we'll just see what Beta players want.
  13. All who participate in the Alpha and Beta will be offered alpha and beta roles in Discord which will provide access to corresponding alpha and beta channels (as well as generally something to be pleased about having on your discord profile). These channels will be used for the Alpha and Beta polls, the result of which could be that everything changes, so please get involved in the Alpha and Beta if you want to continue to have a say in the server after Alpha starts.
  14. The OP now tracks the current state of the map but the exact positions of the islands will be randomised in Alpha, Beta, and the final Release in order to make it more interesting for those playing in Alpha and Beta.