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  1. December's Stormguard choices are going to be spells/temples again:
  2. I am pleased to announce that we have a new GM, Lowkey (Lackey), and a new CA, Grochar
  3. We have finally reached £15/month on Patreon! The £15 community goal, The Haven, will be added next month so that all Stormguards get to vote for the Haven map this month. I have decided that, from now, new Patrons can only choose the £1 tier. Eventually, I would like all Patrons to be at the £1 tier, but for now the two people who have pledged above that have enabled me to add the Haven, so they can keep their higher pledges and rewards until we have enough total Patrons to maintain £15/month at £1 each. Note that Patreon takes 10% so we would need 17 Patrons. Thank you for your support!
  4. Since Cat stopped playing when I couldn't help her and Farce with the crossing glitch, I have been thinking about how I can ensure that this cluster is less reliant on me being online. So I would like anyone who is interested in being a GM to let me know, even if you don't meet the first and last requirements below (I will still consider you for the future). You will need to: 1. Be knowledgeable of the details of this cluster 2. Value this cluster 3. Treat others fairly 4. Have played for a while consistently (probably about 3 months, both to ensure you have a broad enough understanding of our cluster, and to ensure you are likely to be present) I can help you learn how to use a gm character so knowledge of playing a gm character is not required. There wouldn't be any obligation to help me with anything, but it would mean that when someone does need gm assistance and I'm not around, you can help if you want to (once you've learned how to use a gm). And if you would like to learn how to do stuff like implement procurement offices, I can teach you how to do it. There will not be unlimited gm characters, so even if you do meet the requirements, please understand if I believe we have enough.
  5. Campfire Protection

    I like the general concept, but I wonder if it would make just as much sense, both in real life and in game mechanics, for individual campfires to have some warding power. EDIT: Perhaps less the case in real life than I thought, especially with bears.
  6. Today we add a mechanic for enabling further mods on our cluster. Details are found somewhere in the Library in the Celestial College on Stormfall.
  7. Here is a design that allows us to add islands to our cluster without lengthening the Storm or compromising our cluster's one-way nature. Each of the three islands that currently get the Storm passing over them would get their own "island chain". In the case of Whitesand, you could enter the first island in Whitesand's island chain, and each island in the chain would lead to the next. All islands in Whitesand's island chain would lead to Redmyst. And the same structure would be used for Redmyst's and Farmarsh's island chains.
  8. I will also say that my policy will always be transparency in moments like this. The more you respond privately to this kind of attack, the easier it becomes to misrepresent you. So any hard feelings towards me and my cluster should be posted here, publicly, to allow a fair and transparent resolution.
  9. I just received the following message from Pameow. I am posting it publically here in its entirety instead of responding to it privately because I have no intention of letting their claims and animosity towards my cluster spread privately unconfronted. --------------------- Hello Kiama As soon as you mentioned your intentions to get paid players I ceased playing on your server and told you so in no uncertain terms. My post was quite clear I thought. It has nothing to do with the data loss, as I said before I supported you through that incident. This reply is for politeness sake only. "All you are offering the paying players is rarity" you say .... well that is a big deal, a rare tool every month for paying players compared to some day never a rare tool for the second rate, barely tolerated non-paying players. But hang on, you are a smart lady, perhaps you already know this ? And I am glad you said "at the moment" it means I am able to rest my case. It implies that at some other, later moment, after they are hooked, get them paying more, or lose something else... Thank you, we will learn from the experience. Going to other servers in a cluster for different resources is something we will implement in the new year on our own cluster, because it provides a good challenge for all who want a free non-combat WU server. Best regards from Pameow. --------- My response: I pay now for five servers. I have been paying for four since the start. I have only now, when thinking of some fun ways to expand the server, asked for donations. The way I have implemented those donations is exceedingly fair to non-paying players, because literally every donation provides some more interesting benefits to them. This includes treasure hunts and additional islands to explore. Even the Strange Bones that patreons get, which is all they get, are not exclusive. I am giving away celebratory Strange Bones even today, which is something I promised to do on the 30th for celebrating restoring Stormfall. I have also made Strange Bones a reward for mentorship in the Stormguard system, which is completely unrelated to Patreon. And I will surely have other ways to gain Strange Bones in the future. On top of that, rares and supremes and fantastics are much more common on this cluster than WO. My players can attest to that. If I was rich, I would not have any patreons. I am not, and that means the only way I can implement any more of my ideas is to allow others to contribute. You are of course welcome to implement my basic idea on your own cluster. I suspect you brought this up as a threat with the implication that you were going to steal my players. I genuinely have no hard feelings about you doing this. If you were able to create an experience like mine but better, people SHOULD play on your cluster instead. What I am not okay with, however, is you spreading this notion that I am treating my non-paying players as second class citizens when in fact I am spending an absurd amount of time every day trying to make the experience rewarding for everyone, and indeed from the start have wanted to provide something wonderful for non-payers.
  10. Now that we have reached £10 in pledges a month, I will manually download the entire cluster every 2 weeks. Please note that this is on top of two other daily backup systems run by my host.
  11. Thank you so much Grochar.
  12. For this month's Stormguard choices, you will get to have input in the design of the Haven, when it is added to our cluster. The Haven is what I have set as the £15 goal for Patreon (I will add it when a total of £15 is donated by Patreons each month) : "The Haven will be a convenient non-nomadic option for those who otherwise enjoy our server settings but want to stay in one place. It will be possible to travel to the Haven from Stormfall, but it will not be possible to return to Stormfall. Even those who do enjoy the nomadic life may eventually appreciate the option of retreating there: you can think of the Haven as a kind of afterlife for your character to go to when they tire of endlessly running from the Storm; the final destination of your adventure. It will have all resource types and passive income." In other words, you are helping me design our version of Heaven this month. You will both vote on which map shape to use, and which resources will be more frequent. As I have stated, it will have all resources, but for each vote a given resource receives, that resource will be made 100% more common relative to other resources of the same type (additive not multiplicative, so votes will stack but won't compound). Resources include trees, bushes, ores, general terrain (dirt, sand, tundra, marsh), and resource terrain (clay, peat, tar, moss). Resources which spawn naturally like Reed should probably not be voted on. So choose any resource, and choose one of the following map designs : A B C D An example Stormguard advancement this month: Ellenie, Lv. 2 Stormguard, Iron, Map A, 4 x Sleep Powder Stormguard Rewards Lv. 0: 4 x Sleeping Powder Lv. 1: 2 x Shaker Orb Lv. 2: Personal Merchant Contract Lv. 3: Ten 50 QL Sprouts of your choice Lv. 4: Small Magical Chest, your choice of wood Lv. 5: 1 Gold Coin Lv. 6: Large Magical Chest, your choice of wood See the OP for information on how the Stormguard system works, and note that it is entirely optional for you to get involved. If you still have questions, feel free to ask in gl-freedom or the Stormguard discord channel.
  13. As I announced on the 30th (on discord), now that we have successfully recovered Stormfall, I am celebrating by offering a rare Coin of Lost Memories and a rare Bone of Lost Memories to anyone who wants. The former will be a 5-silver coin and the latter will be a Strange Bone that you can use to convert any item to rare. Let me know you would like this in the celebration channel on discord.
  14. I understand some people are going to feel that one of my host's two backup systems failing is my fault but in our case it turned out to be irrelevant. Because we needed the other back up system anyway. The user run backup system only backs up 5 days back. It turned out that the item database was corrupt all the way back to October 22nd and we just didn't notice. We therefore needed the host to provide us with their backend backup system which goes back 14 days, which was thankfully enough. On top of that I have agreed to manually stop and download the whole cluster occasionally, which is indeed what led to me offering ways for people to support me spending more time on the cluster. And I was able to successfully integrate your current skills with your past items, which is more than any backup system can do as it required knowledge of the database and how to correct the inventory ids. I'm interested that you consider me to be providing material support Lowkey - if you read the rewards you see I am only providing 1 thing directly for payers: rarity. The other things are available for everyone rather than just the payer. You may be misreading the rewards, but I also realise I wrote one of them badly - I should also have made clearer in the pirate tier that they wouldn't be the owner of the rowboat, they would only have access to it as a container for their strange bones, which only provide rarity. I also originally had an idea for providing a private island as the top tier but removed that last night as it just didn't fit my philosophy. If you consider rarity to be too much to give away for patrons, fair enough - it just seemed a reasonable balance to me.