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  1. Kiama, Stormguard Lv 2, Wind of Ages, Redmyst, 4 x Sleep Powder The Temple of Wind of Ages must be designed as shown in the below picture (I built it to test how it would look and destroyed it). You can decorate it but: You can't add or remove any walls to this design The walls must be made of Marble The ground must be grass There is no ceiling
  2. Procurement Offices Update: Procurement Offices pay 50% more for each other Procurement Office within 12 tiles (a gap of 12 or less tiles between them), to a max of 200% more (triple, requiring 4 other offices).
  3. Ah that's probably it then, thanks. Again, great job.
  4. It is working fine on the login server but still doesn't appear to be working on the other server I have tested it on... I don't know what is going on but it isn't a big deal. The login server has way more trees than the others so it was great to see it working there.
  5. Hey great job... I got this working on a standalone server, but have tried it on a non-login server in a cluster and it doesn't work. It will be enabled on the login server at the daily restart... is that going to make a difference? Does it need to be enabled on a login server to work on a non-login server?
  6. Prayer Update: You will no longer need to wait 20m between prayers (but still only 5 a day).
  7. Procurement Offices Revision: We are going to try using Buyers to automate the functionality of the Procurement Offices as Lowkey suggested. The building requirements remain the same. Place a "Ledger of Coin" on the upstairs table and a "Ledger of Custom" on the downstairs table. Then I will place the Buyer for you.
  8. I have the results from last month's Stormguard votes! I will tell you which ships are fastest on which islands then give you the breakdown and the additional results for 2nd, 3rd, 4th place. Stormfall's fastest ship will be the Knarr. Whitesand's fastest ship will be the Corbita. Redmyst's fastest ship will be the Caravel. Farmarsh's fastest ship will be the Cog. 16 Stormguards voted. Here's how the votes were distributed among the ships and islands: Corbita: 1 Cog: 1 Knarr: 5 Caravel: 9 Stormfall: 8 Whitesand: 3 Redmyst: 4 Farmarsh: 1 S W R F COR 0 1 0 0 COG 0 1 0 0 KNA 5 1 2 1 CAR 3 0 2 0 Using SuDoKu rules and first posts as tie breakers, the above results determined everything except whether the Cog or Corbita would be 3rd or 4th fastest on Stormfall or Redmyst (for this I used So here are the final results, with 1 indicating fastest and 4 indicating slowest: S W R F COR 4 1 3 2 COG 3 2 4 1 KNA 1 4 2 3 CAR 2 3 1 4
  9. I will leave it "up in the air" for a few more days but make sure to provide your thoughts in the feedback channel in discord if you want it to change. So far no one who has posted there has a problem with the limits.
  10. The benefits are (1) the Stormguard rewards (for example sleep powder, and eventually stuff like magical chests if you save up) and (2) this month, the huge amount of power you have in determining our collective future by picking which islands get which spells. And to be clear, you don't have to be involved in building the temple for the spell you choose.
  11. Example of a Stormguard advancement this month (please note this is NOT my choice, just an example): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kiama, Lv. 2 Stormguard, Bless, Whitesand, 4 x Sleep Powder Additional Specification (this is optional): Made of Marble With a gold altar in the center Shaped as follows:
  12. Hey onefox! Are you trying to advance here? Pick one of these spells and pick one of the four islands. (Sorry just realised your first post edited the specification to include that) So you are now Lv. 2, assuming you are going for 4 x Sleep Powder?
  13. The Storm moves from Farmarsh to Whitesand in 5 minutes. As soon as it does, you can advance a Stormguard level. Update: Farmarsh is open.
  14. I am posting this a day early because I want to discuss whether to remove the daily prayer limitation, but until people read this they don't actually understand how religion is going to work on this cluster. So read this and discuss on the feedback channel on discord. Note that you won't be able to advance a Stormguard level til September. ----------------------------------------------------- Finally, the way to Farmash is open, and finally the Age of Religion begins! There's only one problem. The Gods can't hear your invocations through the noise of the Storm. None of the Spells work, on any of the islands. Not to fear though, the Stormguards have designed Temples that amplify the frequencies of divine wavelengths. So long as a certain Temple is built on an island, a certain invocation will be heard there. Translation: Build a Temple of [Spell] on an island to enable that spell for that island. There are limitations however. Too many of these Temples would cancel each other out, causing the Gods to just hear white noise. So each Island can have a max of five Temples (for now). Oh... and each Spell can be on a max of one Island (yes, even Bless, so Silver and Gold altars may only be on one island for now). Otherwise the Gods get confused about where your invocation is coming from and misdirect the intended effect. So which Spells will be on which Islands? The Stormguards decide! For your choice this month, you will choose an Island and choose a Spell. Now, I believe the next part is the exciting part but it is also completely optional. If you don't want to do it, simply choose an Island and a Spell. If you are a creative type, you may also choose part of the specification for the Temple for that spell! Note that this is first come, first serve, so time is of the essence (if you are reading this in September). If you want to make sure you get a certain combination approved, you can advance a Stormguard level now and choose your Spell/Island combination, simply mentioning that you are going to edit it with the specification later when you have decided it. To ensure a slight degree of consistency, all Temples must be: A single room with an altar Between 2 and 4 floors high, but with the intermediate "floors" removed so that there is only one room with a high ceiling Between 5 and 12 tiles large at each "floor" Be named "Temple of [Spell name]" Beyond this, you can add more specifications for the Spell you chose (such as specifying that the Temple of Bless must be built entirely of Marble) or further limit any points of the specification above (such as prescribing an exact shape of the finished building). You can specify certain furniture, or even certain trees planted nearby. If you do not provide any specification, players will simply be restricted to the above points. Just remember this is more an opportunity for you to be creative than for you to make the task difficult for others. If part of your specification gets too unreasonable, you may be asked to lower or remove parts of it. But in all cases, I will give your specification a chance and see whether anyone can manage it. After all, building a Temple is expected to be (although does not need to be) a group effort as many will benefit from it existing and there is not any reward for having personally built it. When the Temple is built to your specification, a screenshot should be uploaded to this thread and the Spell will thus be enabled for that Island. If you choose a Spell for an Island then realise someone posted before you and chose the same Spell, or now there's more than 5 Spells on that Island, just edit your post and choose another combination. Notes: All Spells will still be restricted to whichever Gods they are normally restricted to. I have made it so that you don't have to wait a full month since you last advanced. You simply get to advance once each real-world month. The initial 5 Spells per Island limit is just so that we spread the Spells around the 4 Islands to begin with. Once those 20 "spell slots" are used up, there will likely be more opportunity to add more Spells in the future. Since Spells are limited to certain Islands, it is now fine to have Courier and Dark Messenger. However, remember that you cannot load any of the mailboxes, so mailing would be restricted to that Island. Stormguard Rewards Lv. 0: 4 x Sleeping Powder Lv. 1: 2 x Shaker Orb Lv. 2: Personal Merchant Contract Lv. 3: Ten 50 QL Sprouts of your choice Lv. 4: Small Magical Chest, your choice of wood Lv. 5: 1 Gold Coin Lv. 6: Large Magical Chest, your choice of wood The Stormguards use UK time. Example of a Stormguard advancement this month (please note this is NOT my choice, just an example): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kiama, Lv. 2 Stormguard, Bless, Whitesand, 4 x Sleep Powder Additional Specification (this is optional): Made of Marble With a gold altar in the center Shaped as follows: