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  1. Problem solved. Latest modloader version solved the issue. Thanks DiWorm.
  2. release

    Problem Solved. Latest version of Modloader was not installed. Done this and problem is solved.
  3. Its at the latest version. As you can see in the console NVM. Youre right.
  4. release

    Hi Sindusk, I got a problem loading in Spellcraft on my server. Log:
  5. Hello Ulviirala, I got a problem loading in the mod Treasurehunting. Log:
  6. Did not found it yesterday.
  7. I will look for you as I am travelling over Xanadu.
  8. 4s
  9. Run out of food? Got any wounds? Medium wounds which couldnt be healed by bandaging?
  10. best enchanted items

  11. best enchanted items

    pendulum, gold 70ql LitDeep83 - 62c whetstone 99ql WOA96 - 1s80c exquisite meditation rug, cotton 10ql COC91 - 1s10c lantern, iron 90ql RGB245 (white) - 1s20c COD to Stonecutter please
  12. PM sent.
  13. I will pm you!