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  1. @Retro and Buddha. Remove ore cap and make mission changes today at the very least. Please and thank you! I will love you forever and ever. I hate to break it to you, but this is a forum. You start by making a post in the correct area and then you can tell everyone your ideas and start a conversation. They cannot hold your hand and tell you where to post. EDIT: Also, Retrograde is not Wurm Jesus and he cannot be everywhere simultaneously.
  2. It sucks to see all the past gifts that people have and I was happy to finally receive one. Then they were added to the crafting menu at the SAME time and on top of which are completely unfunctional. If this years Christmas gift is now a craftable item. Then ALL past gifts should be craftable. That's only fair , right ? Why not sell these items in the shop but with a different examination text saying that they were purchased there instead of reading as gifts from santa. I can only assume that you guys like money. You could create a " gift exchange " NPC that will allow to people to trade in this non-gift for an actual one that isn't already available in the game. E.g. the " older " gifts. Besides some miniscule advantages and a worse looking skin - the saddle sacks are the exact same as saddlebags - which due to taming being involved aren't even items. Also, can we get word on when the transfer will end? It's really sucking up all the players from Epic. We wanted more players and more balanced PvP. So far the update has been: First goal - step backward . Second goal - step forward. To the wurm devs: Your keywords for 2018 are........ " New Players", " Kingdom building", and " We Love Epic"
  3. Dear Santa, Please allow transfers to go both ways between server clusters and stop spoiling all your children on freedom with sleep bonus and premium time after you beat your second set of children with a baseball bat. Thank you.
  4. Wow, this guy. Thank you. No joke on the action timers. Please nerf the timing a good bit and finally bring the servers together by allowing skill sheet transfers both ways. Use the same system as freedom on epic OR use the new epic skill system on freedom. Just bring us all together already. But of course, keep the economy, meditation paths and faith separate and the curve can remain on Epic without affecting freedom.
  5. Haha 82 people voting ... Their is no way to get an accurate poll here. No to a server reset of any kind on epic. Having everything you played for destroyed by the developers is a great way to lose dedicated players who enjoy the game. Yes to skill transfers BOTH ways between Freedom/Epic and Epic/Freedom. Let us grind on any server; on all the servers; we want to without worry! Use the same system on both clusters!
  6. For the record, I mostly agree with the above predictions and opinions. But I believe one of two things needs to happen: Either ..... 1) The constant freedom to epic skill updating when crossing servers should be removed entirely and let the transfer be complete. That way epic can grind epic and freedom can grind freedom. Then there will be nothing to ruin the game by wondering where you want to skill gain and not having to remove yourself from the server you invested in. OR 2) Update Freedom servers with the new epic skill system and allow skill sheets to copy over, both ways when crossing. Leave faith, meditation paths, and the economy(items, gear, etc) separate. Leave the curve on epic only. This will spare Freedom any economic losses and continue to promote faster PvP activity on EPIC. If the skill gain is equal then we are equal. If we can cross and copy one way then it should be the other as well. There is always a solution out there. Let us know when you find it.
  7. I concur. Resolving these issues will help keep existing players in the game, returning ones and new players alike. I assume this would give PvP more stability as well. This is something that we ALL want. There are 100%, without a doubt, performance issues regarding memory consumption. In the meantime, can anyone confirm Low Mem Client is working? It's a bit difficult to explain why I cannot do this myself, but it would help a few players to be able to play now. Below is the thread in question I am referring to:
  8. I am currently trapped on a server that will not let me gain characteristics at a reasonable rate. I cannot transfer my character to the server in which I can gain those characteristic in order to help catch up to the current levels of body stats by the freedomers who have transferred over. My premium time is wasting away for this. I want the transfers to be one way, one time, for both servers. That is equality when you treat everything equally, or at least as much as it can be in this situation. This way, everyone on freedom would have the ability to play with their current characters and epic can play on freedom with their current ones. This opens up everyone to play everywhere, but still maintains the separate skill systems and the separation of server clusters. A one time copy is fair to everyone so we don't have a large number of people only coming to have a joyful weekend of raiding home servers on Epic only to go back to the safety of their PvE only servers. This also prevents people from grinding on Epic and copying over their increased skill set to Freedom. One for one. Eye for an eye. Freedom to epic - > One time. Epic to freedom -> One time. ~Enjoy your Wurm today and see you tomorrow.~
  9. All good on this. It has been taken care of and is understood. Thank you for giving us information that we can work with to better understand the specifics of the changes. The characteristic gains are still a huge mess. They desperately need an increase and I am sure this will be addressed more in due time.
  10. Well .... It's unimportant but the hotfix was posted on the launcher twice.
  11. Current state of the game for EPIC: Meditation was in fact fixed. Its better than before. I like it. I hope this stays. The shield gains were insanely over powered at first, but this seems to have improved toward an acceptable level. Channeling is still awful. I'm still losing 45% of skill gain than before the update ever started. Smithing is even worse with this hotfix. I'm gaining roughly 35% less skill than before the hotfix. Giving people sleep bonus who are logged out because they can't do anything is pointless since they are logged out and gaining sleep bonus. Premium time is what you are costing us. Rollback the skill gain and then do some testing. And then we can move on to the issues with your pseudo-transfer. It should be one way, for both ways. One transfer, one time, one way. Not one sided for freedomers. You aren't promoting equality between the servers.
  12. There is an easy fix to the skill gain. Just roll it back to the way it was. You guys were warned about the issues and decided to proceed anyway. At least attempt to do some adequate testing before you implement things. This was a disaster. As far as the creature movement goes. Roll that back too. This is a failure of service and a waste of our premium time.
  13. Roll back servers to previous versions already and try again with an actual OPEN test server before applying updates. Meditation: Broken. Channeling: Broken. Over powered freedom characters with 100 skill and high body: Very broken. Inability to gain any body stats at all : Extremely broken. How to destroy epic: Step one. Eliminate any way to get stronger. Destroy the skill gain!! Step two: Don't let anyone leave. Step three: Send the most powerful players in the game from another server over to the one where they cant get any stronger. Brilliant. Servers down. No warning. Fantastic job.
  14. What is the point in playing epic until the update now or even after that? If we grind right now or build, it will be wasted time if you are going to increase the skill gain out the wazoo. If we build, you may wipe it all away. (E.g. saying we'll visit this at a later time) Any reasons to play epic at this point in time? I had a ton of reasons to play last week, but I can't seem to find any this week. These updates are going to turn epic into a wasteland where no one wants to grind or build and anyone who does will only be farmed(RAIDED) by those who want to jump over and do so and then leave. These changes won't save wurm. You have to market yourselves into a new player base and not divide what is remaining.
  15. We are here to play Epic and not Wurm Unlimited. The skill gain on epic is already unique. Their are people literally waiting to find out if this is in fact true and going to be implemented. This change will result in the termination of many premium subscriptions. It really feels like a bad April Fools joke. Epic skill gain is easy enough. Don't change this.