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  1. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Public rift testing will be done next Saturday, 7PM UTC! More information: http://sklotopolis.freeforums.net/thread/2264/public-rift-testing
  2. They "improved" the command a while ago, so it will only take names of creatures and items now. The new command would be used as #changemodel deathcrawler_minion
  3. I've got a simple command that will show the names of all online players. Keep in mind that it shows the names of invisible GMs and enemy kingdom members as well: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xw9pail68jcxtt9/playersonlinecommand.zip Command can be changed in the properties file. Hope it helps!
  4. There seems to be no #who command for Freedom Isles, probably because there is only 1 kingdom on Freedom servers on WO. If you have only 1 kingdom, you could use the /who command instead.
  5. As with most servers, you can just jump in without the need to download anything special or registering anywhere.
  6. There are still several spots to deed depending on where you're looking. At the moment, the southwest part of the map is still pretty lightly populated and has a couple of good spots left. The starter town has also been moved to the south recently, so there are still some open spaces close to the spawn as well.
  7. After having played there for more than 1.5 year, I would totally recommend Sklotopolis. We have a great community, lots of unique features and starter deeds are free. (and there is no upkeep cost for keeping them). There is even an impalong going on at the moment if you are looking for some help on getting started or to meet a lot of the other players. Otherwise you may also be able to find something on https://wurm-unlimited.com/ , I believe the first few servers on the list are all PVE or mixed.