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  1. QL 8 Steel pickaxe c80 (45c) QL ~5 Steel Shovel c80 (45c) QL 77 hammer c71 50c) QL ~10 File c79 (47c) QL 82 Carving Knife c75 (70c) QL 91 Mallet, Oak c72 (70c) QL 82 Stone Chisel c83 (81c) CoD to Thorvar please
  2. large rat pelt 93ql 3dmg 0.2kg 77 coc - 77c whetstone 99ql 70 coc - 85c Cod to Thorvar please
  3. -1 Skill up =)
  4. Hello, I have a referral for sale (tried the trade chat but it didn't work). The going price is 6s and that's what I am willing to let it go for. Catch me in-game (nickname Thorvar) or leave a message here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I am currently located on Xanadu in the south. Only good rep please. EDIT: Sold.
  5. leatherworking

    60ql toolbelt to Thorvar, please and thank you
  6. EDIT: I took down my order because I need the tools
  7. +1 Basically for any kind of dual wielding. Make parrying more difficult in return but please give us dual wielding.
  8. +1
  9. I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement since technically you would be connecting different servers which in turn could lower their performance. Still it does sound like a good idea to not have to sail to a different server every time you want to change some settings. It would be also (probably) confusing for people owning various deeds on various servers so keep in mind that the permission UI would require some tweaking too.
  10. +1 to everything that eases out the beginning for new players. I still remember my first week and it was far from an easy beginning of the play through.
  11. Let us have tables like these AND books to use as our personal notebooks. I remember hating to write stuff down out of game. Also hello everyone! First post after returning to Wurm after a fairly long break hope it got better than it already used to be. I do have big plans for this play through