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  1. I guess there could be a number of preprogrammed sounds installed into wurm different for each instrument that we could play. Say, give us a piece of parchment where you could write down sounds you want to play in a loop and have it play on use with the instruments you have in your inventory. Just an idea tho. +1
  2. We have barrel racks and we have pegs to seal the barrels with. This is awesome, but I think w would need taps that you can bash into a barrel in order to use the insides whenever you want instead of unplugging it all the time.
  3. Great prices and awesome stuff, quick send also. I will definitely come back
  4. 76,51ql saw, iron - 89woa // 60c 13,46ql stone chisel, iron - 89coc // 60c 79,11ql pickaxe, iron - 82botd // 60c Please COD to Herbalist.
  5. It's working! All I had to do was to get into AMD Catalyst Control Center and under Games add settings for wurmlauncher64.exe (I reinstalled Wurm with the use of the Windows launcher). At the bottom there is "AMD Radeon Dual Graphics settings" and there I picked a premade profile (there are profiles for various games). I picked dishonored.exe. Then, I launched system monitor from AMD to see if the dedicated GPU works and launched Wurm. It's working. Please close the thread and thank you for your help!
  6. EDIT 4 (decided to write it as a reply): Tested everything with the use of a different game and system monitor from AMD. The dedicated GPU turned on and did its job. The problem remaining is I cannot make it work in Java environment AND I cannot make it usable manually (as in select which program uses which GPU).
  7. I did everything as you said. After all when I expand switchable dynamic graphics under active power plan it doesn't even show an option to use dedicated GPU. It's like it's not even there. EDIT: When I disable the 6520g and try to change settings under graphics settings for wurmlauncher.exe specifically it says "Windows basic renderer" under high performance GPU. EDIT 2: I deinstalled drivers with DDU in safe mode and installed AMD Catalyst back but without Internet connection. In device manager there were no GPU names next to the two positions. It just says "Basic Windows Renderer". EDIT 3: Windows Update downloaded the drivers it saw fit and now we're back to point of entry.
  8. So before reading your answers I reinstalled Windows 10 after formatting all drives. The ASUS site only has drivers up to Windows 8.1 for this model. The model of the laptop is ASUS K53TK and it has a dedicated GPU (RADEON HD 7670m) along with the integrated GPU (RADEON HD 6520g). I used driver booster 7.3 to get drivers I needed. While installing drivers for my 6520g I got a BSoD. After reboot driver booster had the 6520g ticked off as up-to-date, but not my 7670m. On AMD's website under drivers section I can only find AMD Catalyst Software Suite and Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta, but I noticed that AMD Catalyst is already installed on my laptop. When I enter it and select Info it detects both my cards. Now what's left is to get my GPU to run with Java I guess. EDIT: Why does it look like this? Shouldn't it show Radeon HD 7670m under "wysoka wydajność" (high efficiency)?
  9. It is possible. I'll look into it. I'll try unistalling drivers I see there and AMD Catalyst, then get drivers from ASUS and reinstall AMD. EDIT: Tried uninstalling the device - got a BSoD.
  10. So I bought a new (used) PC that has been cleaned out thoroughly and has had drivers installed. Everything seems to be fine except I cannot run anything using the dedicated GPU. I tried running Wurm to see how any fps I can get there and I just can't make it work. Specs: What AMD Catalyst sees where it should also see the dedicated GPU: What my manager sees: Basically I have a ghost Radeon HD 7670M. Please help?
  11. +1 for making a ship that can have a ship loaded onto it
  12. +1 but to make it work well you would need interesting rewards
  13. Please COD to Herbalist (I'll pick up in two or three days though). Saw Iron 69ql B80 - 40c Rake Iron 15-20ql C80-C86 - 30c each Mallet 69ql C87 - 40c Huge Axe Iron 59ql N95 LT76 C89 - 1.20s Horse Shoe 86ql W81 - 50c Horse Shoe 87ql W85 - 50c Horse Shoe 85ql W82 - 50c Horse Shoe 85ql W83 - 50c Saddle 65ql W95 - 1s EDIT: Not sent in almost a week so please don't bother, thanks
  14. +1 This would bring people together in an attempt to create actual towns and villages rather than grinding away solo in a cave.