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  1. is the last update made to remove "mentally exausted" and the healing resistanse debuffs?
  2. rooting issue?

    so the server works as should, but i get these errors all the time in the console does anyone know what is causing this? Thanks
  3. This worked thanks alot you are my knight in shining armour
  4. Already have tried the 0.39-Beta and it doesn't work with that either, 0.38 still loads every other mod fine but the spellmod by ago and the "new portals" by xyp
  5. what ever i have tried i can't get the spell mod to work, i've added the line "depend.ondemand=false" to all the mods made by Ago, i've configured the httpserver, and i still can't get the mods to work, can anyone guide me? server log from startup: Thanks in advance
  6. i can't get the spellmod to work now after the update, anyone have a fix yet?
  7. Solved, plase close

    Issue solved
  8. changing items on a trader,

    not sure if there is a mod for this, but i can't seem to find one anywere, and with my lacking knowledge of db's i didn't find were to change the item table for the traders, appriciates any help i can get Kind Regards Zeafaw
  9. Please Close (Configurable Drake Mount Mod)

    is there any wat to make the butchered drops to drop the actual color of the dragons hide? now all hide is default green and scale if added to the list is red, this is for all the "drakes" no mater what color they are
  10. Please Close (Configurable Drake Mount Mod)

    i fixed it, had 4 on creature type still there, (invunerable) thanks tho
  11. Please Close (Configurable Drake Mount Mod)

    I do not get the attack optrion, this is what it looks like http://prntscr.com/j7bf8q
  12. Please Close (Configurable Drake Mount Mod)

    if i was to want to be able to attack the drakes, but having them still not agreesinve, (ofc they attack back when i target them) how would i do that?
  13. black scale for sale, pm me offers for the set PAYPAL only