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  1. Hi ,

    I like some information about 

    How does it work.

    Or who I must contact for information 


    Greeting Aroma


  2. Hello reading people , please keep reading thanks The game that made my mind in order 99% friendly people everywhere I sometimes scream and shout to Wurm Staff Ca and other Wurm helpers , But its because i really love the game , So sorry if i ever hurt or misbehave (i did sometime), Here is something for you : I'm really impressed what you guys/girls are handling and still trying to make wurm grow and blossom. Keep Doing it please. Your a footnote in my life.! 1 Hour wurming a day takes your pain away Happy Wurming! Aroma
  3. youll see a boatload of boat , just put it ontop
  4. think i need a bigger bag , im never prepared if i bumb up a uniek
  5. Great hope i can be there . O wait .. i will!
  6. Cobalt is not that far off
  7. No don't ask me some dude named Q<d>l(a)t*y , asked me to do it .. i may not post his name
  8. yes roll on any (1 charge)tome also.
  9. That's a good one , i think ill just keep skull and bone , and roll on everything els , just don't bring a lot of alt's , and pls let me know if you want to be in the rolling of the items.
  10. Its near the rune's of Black castle in the desert P16 , it will start 10 April around 12:00 See the hand .. lol Hope to see you soon , can use healers
  11. I like the new fishing , with net and spear