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  1. I used my kiln 2 days ago, and it still looks like it's burning (while it isn't). I logged on and off several times by now, so that didn't solve the issue. There is no option to snuff either.
  2. This is still the case.
  3. Reminds me of this, altough they only lost colour back then and no traits.
  4. Got myself a cute little pony called Applejack.
  5. This is what I experienced so far: Horses will be either speed or draft. So far I have had no new foals with both speed and draft traits. The speed horses will show the new speed form if they have at least 3 speed traits. I assume the draft form will show when a horse has at least 3 draft traits. If I breed with the old 5 speeds, they will always result in speed traits (and ofc, negatives and misc traits). This is imo because the 3 speed traits are dominant over the only 2 draft ones. If you want to breed drafting horses, you will have to use wild horses, or horses with more draft traits than speed traits. This is based on very little experience, since I have gotten only one foal so far that has only one draft trait (strong legs). This foal has a wild horse and a zero trait horse as parents. I will have more info about this in a week or 2 with the next generation. Speed traits: Fleeter, Lightening, very strong legs and accustomed to water (total 55 AH) Draft traits: strong body, carry more, strong legs, ... After reading Eletari's post, It seems it's possible to get mixed speed-draft traits. I wonder if the draft traits do anything for speed now. If so, we now need 80 AH to breed the same horses we used to breed with 50 AH. How is this an improvement? I feel bad about the fact that the original horse form will have no use anymore. Even our old 5 speeds are transformed into the new speed model. I miss my old horses and I wish the new model would only show when they have at least 4 speed traits, so we could still keep our original 5-speeds that we cared for for so long, and the new speed model would be more special. I find that having HIGH AH still makes it harder to breed, despite the fact they said it wouldn't. It just makes more room for negative traits and other random traits you don't want. Having to breed again with wild horses is also a HUGE problem on Harmony (and maybe the other northern servers as well). I have only seen one wild horse since last summer, and that was a mission spawn. (It died soon after for no obvious reason) SO PLEASE FINALLY FIX THE HORSE SPAWN THERE. I have had no rare trait so far. This after about 100-150 foals.
  6. Maybe we could use bridles - collars to claim ownership to an animal on a server we don't have a deed. Max 1 per, at least once premmed, character.
  7. It seems having high AH is still punished when your HOTS and have no access to Genesis. Maybe its time to fix this?
  8. Bugfix: Ritual of the sun will now only repair things in the deity’s domain I have an off deed house and fences; we did a rite of the sun yesterday (after the update) and nothing got repaired even though it is all in influence of Magranon.
  9. I'll be there, since I'm already there
  10. The biggest challenge I see is 6 am *yawn*
  11. Please look into this, its been annoying for months now.
  12. This is not possible on pvp either. This is not possible either, I tried that on old Elevation and it didn't let me strongwall next to a building. I doubt this has been changed. Only thing you can do imo is deed the area you need, build the house/fences against the rockwalls; reinforce everything you don't want mined out/breached by others, Then disband again. You will still need to repair everything regularly, including the offdeed minedoor.
  13. Some Golden Oldie. A bit sentimental but I hope you'll forgive me
  14. Lunalong 2020

    Looking forward to bump into eachother again
  15. Platyna will give you all advice you asked for and some you didn't ask for on top! All for a very reasonable price.
  16. I hitched these horses yesterday. There are no roaming animals and no cave below. Now 2 of them are diseased. The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 112.36842. Optimal is 15.0 or more. This is a good figure. There are 19 creatures currently branded.
  17. I have the same. Every time the server restarts. On all accounts.
  18. And now someone is making a road in the middle of the steppe, they don't even know how to pave properly. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="kEfsd4A"><a href="">View post on</a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> And once they make it a highway we won't even be able to fix it anymore. Sorry for bad QL picture, its too dark atm.
  19. +1 Choosing what KD you want to be in should not depend on what faith you have as a priest on an not-connected server. It is discriminating and I can see many players being discouraged by this.