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  1. I have the same. Every time the server restarts. On all accounts.
  2. And now someone is making a road in the middle of the steppe, they don't even know how to pave properly. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="kEfsd4A"><a href="">View post on</a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> And once they make it a highway we won't even be able to fix it anymore. Sorry for bad QL picture, its too dark atm.
  3. +1 Choosing what KD you want to be in should not depend on what faith you have as a priest on an not-connected server. It is discriminating and I can see many players being discouraged by this.
  4. Will the animals while being hitched to a hitching post be able to be targetted and killed? (on pve) Or will it be the same as being hitched to carts?
  5. Leather gear set + 80 QL large iron shield + 100 QL large rat pelt to Amaluna please.
  6. I very much like this song, soothing and relaxing. Reminds me of Sade. The video is a bit upsetting though, does she set herself on fire?
  7. Would be nice to have some kind of countdown.
  8. @Bloodscythe I will keep posting songs here, just because I love to read your reviews. You should be a poet or maybe a songwriter. Or maybe one day you will write this one book that everybody will love, but very few will understand Here's another great poet. He wrote this song after his mistress broke up with him. Feel the pain ! I hope this one will link all the way to merica. (with english subtitles for your convenience)
  9. Ah, too bad... Maybe this live-version, same band, same song, different singer, less quality, still awesome.
  10. I'm not good at introductions, but this song can speak for itself : - )