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  1. [15:13:34] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. @Angelklaine
  2. oh wow, can't believe this is getting some love from the community =). it was thanks to a friend of mine who joined the game and was like "im gonna go weaponless and use my fist!". a few mins later he dies to a crab......
  3. +1 i agree with this, i mean what is so good about toymaking? no one needs it except for maybe a few puppets and thats it. toymaking is literally useless in my point of view. either take out toymaking or make it useful
  4. for those who want to go into fist fighting instead of a weapon, we can have maybe something like spiked gauntlets or brass knuckles just to give those who want to go fist fighting a little more damage. i would also like to see monkeys and bananas in the game, would be nice to see them near/around sand areas or something
  5. See something you like? leave an offer here or PM me ingame. selling all for 10s