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  1. 1.5 hr affinity pizza

    How much would one of these cost me and how long would it last.
  2. Forgot login pw

    ok i forgot my pw, and my hint ? pw is there anyway I can still get my account back?
  3. Forgot login pw

    email sent just waiting to here what info you need ect.
  4. I bought 10 silver from the shop, i and part of a villiage, I have no settlement. will the 10 silver be at my village token?
  5. Kurson's Pizzeria (closed)

    1 masonry ifinity ingame now
  6. QL 8 Steel pickaxe c78 (38c),QL 10 Steel hatchet c88 (70c),QL ~15 Rake c79 (48c),QL ~6 Saw c83 (54c),QL 60 hammer c88 (80c),QL ~32 Carving Knife c88 (70c),QL ~8 Mallet, Oak c84 (58c),QL ~10 Stone Chisel c92 (100c),QL ~22 Butchering Knife c78 (38c),QL ~10 Scythe c70 (30c),QL ~15 Sickle c90 (80c),QL ~18 oak Grooming Brush c58 (12c)QL ~10 Trowel c80 (45c), so 763c total, if you could give me a bundle deal id like that also looking for a pelt around 70-90c if you get one, Thank you Gidian of Jolie Rouge s15 thank you.
  7. Ok I can launch dedicated server, online and offline, but when not using dedicated the launch fails and window closes. I'm trying to get a public server set up. Anyhow help?