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  1. Hi Arkonick, Thank you for all the information. With modding that makes a lot of sense, I imagine tracking all the differences would be nightmarish. I think we were primarily looking to see if new items get added to WO, they will (generally) get added to WU, which seems to be the case. I've earmarked your recommended thread for reading and it's been very helpful to me and makes it easier for me to wrap my head around. Thanks!
  2. Thank you sEeDLiNgS, I greatly appreciate the help. I'll make sure to update any wiki's I see as I dive into the new game. Thanks again for the help and I'm excited to begin my adventure,. I hope I'll see you around in the game!
  3. Hello all! I'm a new player and generally fairly active on wiki, so since I'm starting I figured I would make suggested edits as I go through the process of learning to play. However I noticed quite a few topics are not to be posted on the wiki (like recipes, meditation questions, etc) and I want to see if there is some guidance on what shouldn't be posted to protect the game play experience of everyone. Is that written down anywhere? Or just an unspoken rule of the land. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! A few of us are planning to get Wurm unlimited, but we are a bit confused about the differences between WU and WO. We know they are "mostly" similar, but we couldn't find a clear breakdown on what is different from online and unlimited. I know the wiki is designated specifically to WO, which is great, but I'm not aware of anything that can help us see what is actually in WU. Does that resource exist? We're primarily concerned about their being different items or skills or something like that that's a staple of the wiki.