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  1. Still hunting for these elusive items!
  2. Got a boot! Still looking for the other bits. Please, check out your alts and cold storage!
  3. Looking to complete my Supreme Steel plate set. I need: 1 x Vambrace 2 x Sabaton 1 x Sabaton 1 x Legs 1 x Helm (Great or Open preferred) I would prefer to barter a trade, but i will pay coin if necessary. Barter includes Platesmithing (99.78 skill), Blacksmithing (98.88), Cordage Favour (90.40 RM), Shields (93), Pottery (98.79), Vynora Enchants (97 Chan) Can also offer coalmaking and metallurgy. Send me a PM here or in-game as Dumbo, and let's make a deal!
  4. [16:46:57] <Emoo> I will throw my scale set into an alter and sacrifice it if we ever get a functional VR.
  5. Quite possibly the best QL player made Compass currently available (unverified), arguably a slice of Wurm history in the making. Bears the signature of the one and only Madnath. A true collectors item! Starting bid: 10 Silver Minimum Increment: 1 silver Reserve: None Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Private Bids: Yes
  6. With an activated item, have the ability to drop it to the mouse cursor location. Example: Activate mushroom, hover mouse over pottery bowl, "action drop" to drop the item into the bowl. Must be able to be keybound.
  7. Congrats @IkaDemandredon your win. Let me know who to COD this to :)
  8. Starting bid: 4s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Buyout: 25s