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  1. Thanks! I'm roughly online between 10.00 and 21.00 UTC
  2. Just sold your goods but don't want to spend your time delivering it to your client? Selph's delivery service will help you with that! I deliver to any PvE area reachable by ship for a cheap price. Pricing Any deliveries that cost over 40c will be discounted to 40c Item Price (per item) Backpack/satchel 2c Large crate 5c Small crate 2.5c Large barrel 4c Small barrel 2c Other PM me Payment will be done either when I pickup the item or I can send you a wood scrap with cod. Taxi If you want to move from server to server feel free to shoot me a PM, if I happen to have time or be around that area I can transport you for free. To order a delivery, PM me either in-game, on the forum or reply to this post