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  1. Apologies for my absence folks, but watch this space because the pizzeria is reopening and as always we will be selling 10kg minimum pizzas for only 10c and custom affinities with 24 hour+ timers for only 20c!
  2. Just a little bump - If you don't catch me in game drop me a pm here on the forum to place your order!
  3. The thread has been updated with the new specs of our pizza range! All pizzas now come as standard with a 15 hour first bite affinity, Weights are around 15kg+ (Smaller food is available upon request). Place your orders today and for a limited time take advantage of our buy 5 get one free offer!
  4. Downtime bump ! Whilst you're waiting on the server coming back, why not place an order for some tasty pizza!
  5. Just a quick bump, updated original post to reflect that we do not charge for wrapping, nor will our prices be changing regardless of what the competition does to try and squeeze us out! So come on down to Cheesemans Pizzeria and support your neighborhood pizza dudes! as well as getting your fill on some good quality, extremely well priced affinity pizzas today!
  6. Taking orders for custom affinities, cheaper than any other pizza dealer! Orders will take slightly longer due to referrals not working properly at the moment, however I can still take orders and prepare them. 20 Copper for any affinity you want. 10 Copper for any random affinity pizza (These are available anytime!)
  7. Thanks for all the feedback everyone, the pizzas are proving more popular than I ever expected! Today I have updated my prices to an even more affordable rate, see main post for details!
  8. It tends to vary, long enough to make use of multiple at the same time though. I've seen 2 hours and 20 hours from a few bites, just depends entirely on the pizza. Affinities now tend to be at least 7 hours as standard!
  9. Not currently taking orders however will be very soon when my schedule clears up and I can get back to full time feeding the masses! Freshly baked pizza on offer at refreshing prices, whether you just want to fill your food bar or gain specific affinities, here at Cheeseman Pezzeria you can have both and the best part is, you couldn't make our prices up! We offer a very reasonable pricing structure as well as offering discounts live through the ingame trade channels. All pizzas will be mailed wrapped to improve their shelf life unless requested otherwise, all included in the price! Average pizza size: 10kg+ (Can make orders for smaller foods upon request, any size you like!) Average 24 hours of affinity from the first bite! Prices: Random Affinity Pizza: 10 Copper Custom Affinity Pizza: 20 Copper Best priced Pizzas in town and they come with free wrapping Prices for bulk orders can be arranged and discounts will be applied. You can either pm me your orders here on the forum, or contact me ingame. All pizza sizes are made up as close to 10kg as possible, quality may vary between 70-80, however this is high enough to fill all your bars as well as provide a lengthy affinity timer.