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  1. just would like you to know  as this player psalamon  has continued to harass me even after quitting the game, as no one was going to stop his greifing my property  and being a general ass.  as much as i loved the game,  toads like him made it uncomfortable to play  and so  i took my expendable income to where the GMS actually stop folks from being bothered. i have since blocked it as far as i was able to  and would like something done for players still suffering its idiocies.

  2. same, fine before tunnel then were flying lol
  3. journal entry

    finding the path/// in part 2 is make a brass lump after mining copper and tin in description in making lump it says activate hot copper lump and hot tin lump to make brass, it does not. zinc makes brass
  4. ive lost a black silver as well gone grey hehe
  5. i wont bother with screenie as its same here as all previous lots of damage in so little time i dont think they will last a full wurm year at this rate
  6. but by all means keep ranting youre only proving the diagnosis of paranoia
  7. ooohhh thats what happened? glad you finally stopped calling chi that mexican kid his school was his time crunch not anything i may have done meddlesome? you personified that when you claimed to HELP granny by giving her horses then taking them back once bred with animals from my stables, would sure be nice you stop dropping names of folks no longer playing those toons like you knew what they were thinking when you clearly did not...and since you brought up the pedophile topic you showed an unhealthy interest in ages in game and seemed to gravitate towards those younger and perhaps impressionable....also seems to be covered in your claiming a relationship with a 21 year old when your age {as stated in your profile} puts you too old to play with that, i abandonded that deed near you and took the loss gladly as my next deed at least got me out of local toxicity range i still am friends with folks i knew from summerholt had no clue moving there was going to be such a drama riddled hot mess. i didnt take sides you created sides you are a bigot and a cretin psal we were only ever acquaintances and there would have been a truly laughable moment had you ever "hit on me" you are a toad and a troll
  8. you may have sold your toon because the environment became toxic but was only yourself to blame there, your reputation far preceded my coming to summerholt . you bigotry and hate was the cause of all around me to ask "what is he talking about".... and to leave to escape the never ending drama that came with being in your local.....the priests who deeded the empty wild behind you were in the full right to do so even if a few cows on your OFFDEED corral were involved in it Enki told you DEED it or LOSE it... your ranting in open chat was repulsive, toxic and totally uncalled for. as were the attacks you made in forums on a mine collapse you called priest to perform for you. another incident that the GMs told you YOU WERE IN THE WRONG if you feel you were sold out? you did it to yourself. you alienated everyone in the area not I as far as healthy relationship??? you are incapable. you have a deep need for therapy and i cannot say id relish being the therapist that would have to listen to your drivel. of the few times your name has come up in convo i got... oh him again. from CAs , from vets whom you love to claim did things to you. i didnt reach out to you i made a remark to my alliance in open forum it happened to be on your page so pull up the big girl panties and find somewhere to be that doesnt drive everyone away you spoke of ghosttown?> stop creating them wed have more players ingame were there less of YOU
  9. and by the way Aniceset wont have you in village so may as well delete the infiltration alt only so many people know me by name
  10. rofl is that what it was??? seemed more like the drunken ravings i came to know his passtime is talking crap and pissing folks off among other things
  11. and now bug is dirt picked up cannot be used last message before that was its in the mail!!!!! in my inventory????
  12. this is message i have gotten now 3 times from 2 different dirt piles only a portion of the pile has remained behind when dragging to bin in a wagon the rest thinks its being mailed somewhere