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  1. Looking for work J11 Xanadu

    ingame name?
  2. Looking for work J11 Xanadu

    Looking for work, I am not premium, so can not do higher QL goods. I have low digging, currently just a bit over 3, but willing to grind it to make it more workable, to obtain the skills needed for a digging job. I want mining skill, currently 7-9, so a mining job would be optimal. Also, bricks wouldn't be bad either, as I also wish to grind masonry, and stone cutting would help that. I don't have much woodcutting level, but willing to grind to get at least a minimum level to be able to provide a minimum quality logs or felled trees for jobs that may arise. I am almost up to 20 carp, so low QL bulk carp items could be a good job. I am willing to accept work for almost any job, but I also do not wish to travel too far from my village, as I have a house, and a decent area that I am liking. If the pay is good enough though, then I would be willing to travel anywhere, or if my travel itself is paid for, which I do not expect, not would think will arise.
  3. Make my Bricks - And Like It [filled- close]

    I am indeed looking for work, but I am a part of a village already, around J11 on the Xandu server. If you are nearby, I could supply the labor. I would include the rough location your at, maybe a general 'south eastern part of Independence ' for example. Also, what do you meant by you will pay by completion not final sale? How I would interpret that is, you will pay based on speed an or ql, but you are advertising to newbies who can do neither, except maybe speed if they are committed and your guidelines are not too strict.
  4. Foreverlands is closing down RL calls hope people had fun.

    how do i join servers such as this?
  5. SFA Sale --- Rares, Supremes, Hotas, Specials

    PC Rare BSB?